Friday, December 29, 2017

Why People Wear Jade: White Jade for Dealing with Grief, Loss

During the holiday season, were "supposed to be happy" and enjoy.  And we do.  But during this time we also have memories of years passed, and people who are no longer with us because they died.  It's difficult for me to truly enjoy New Year's Eve fun and parties because a few years ago my father died on New Year's Eve, and of course that loss is on my mind and in my heart.

And I heard on the news today that one of my favorite authors, Sue Grafton died today.  She wrote a series of crime fiction books, all with titles starting with the first letter of the alphabet, "A is for Alibi".  The last one I read was "X" and her final book is  "Y is for Yesterday".  Her  novels always touched my heart, and I feel much loss and grief (she didn't finish her alphabet, "Z"). 

"Peaceful Spirit" white Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet #627
In fact, I was curled up this afternoon reading "X" again because I received the paperback for Christmas and started reading it yesterday because I was thinking about my dad and missing him and needed to just be alone and grieve quietly.  Then when I stopped reading to make dinner, I got a text from a friend that she had died.

Yes, she was 77 and had breast cancer,  but the thought of her dying before "Z" never occurred to me. 

Time to change jade bangle bracelets.  I need the healing qi energy of white jade.  White jade is related to the lung meridian, with qi energy for dealing with loss and grief, and compassion.  White jade soothes your spirit.  And it's icy cold, seems like it gives me that sense of peace and emotional isolation to deal with my grief and loss.

I wish you a very spiritual end of the year, remembering the good and the not so good but gaining the wisdom to know all your experiences brought you to where you are today and how  you can have a better, happy and healthy new year 2018.

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Why People Wear Jade Bangle Bracelets: Mindfulness is a Reason

When I check the search terms for customers who visit the websites, every day at least one person searches for "why people wear jade".  There are so many reasons as we have discussed in previous blogs!  If you read this, you are a jade lover who maybe doesn't even need a reason. 

This morning while I was doing my taiji and yoga, the reason of "mindfulness" made an impact on me.  I have been very busy getting jade orders in the mail in time for Christmas, doing my own Christmas shopping, baking cookies and other yummy holiday foods, enjoying all the parties and social activities.  Yesterday I was so exhausted I simply "sat" in a chair, too tired to even think about meditating while in that chair.  As I sat, I could feel the cold part of my jade bangle bracelet that was slightly away from my skin.  The feeling helped me focus on "me" and just appreciate the few minutes of "nothing".   This morning before I got started on my duties of the day, I did taiji on the screened porch in foggy but fresh air.  There were all kinds of sounds around, like the dogs next door barking at me (they are my friends and I sometimes take them to the dog walk when the neighbors have to work late). And people mowing lawns, pressure washing, walking and talking and I was enjoying the noise but not concentrating on taiji (or tai chi as we western people often write it).  Then as my arms raised, I could feel my jade bangle on my wrist, cold again and its good qi energy. I focused on it which helped me focus on what I was doing.  My taiji form felt so wonderfully better and wonderful.  And not just my imagination.  When I was done with taiji and did my first yoga pose, my jade bangle was glowing.  The veins looked deeper in color and the white part veins made the bangle look and feel even more icy cold.

I was wearing my classic round old mine Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet.  It's slender and I have noticed that I "feel" it more but not because it's comfortable.  Rounded jade bangles are often felt more, feel more hard.  Wide "cuff style" jade bangles also have a strong "feel" while you wear them.  JHBB259 is very similar to mine, and I probably purchased it from the same jade carver near the Burma border in China, because round style have been more rare and I bought that round style whenever available.

Classic round old mine Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet JHBB259
Of course, I have jade bangles of all sizes, shapes, width, thickness.  And I do change them when I need a different kind of energy.

When you feel your jade bangle bracelet on your wrist while you are pursuing your daily life, and focus on it, it does promote mindfulness.  And mindfulness plus jade stone helps develop intuitiveness.  As I have blogged in the past,  when a jade piece really attracts you, you keep coming back to look at it, and even feel excited, maybe even drool a little, you know that's the best jade piece for you.  It's not just for the beauty of the jade.  The jade qi energy pays you back.

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Sunday, December 17, 2017

What Does My Jade Mean: 2018 Chinese Year of the Dog

Chinese Lantern Festival is over, and we don't hear much about it because here in America, it's all about Christmas.  This is a photo a friend in Ohio sent:

It's a beautiful, cultural festival, lots of lanterns and light shows to enjoy.

After our Western Christmas and New Year, Chinese New Year begins February 16.  It will be the Year of the Earth Dog.  Dog. 狗Gǒu. Ranking as the eleventh animal in Chinese zodiac, Dog is the symbol of loyalty and honesty. People born in the Year of the Dog possess the best traits of human nature. They are honest, friendly, faithful, loyal, smart, straightforward, venerable and have a strong sense of responsibility.  And Earth element keeps it very "down to earth". 

There are still very limited quantity and best quality jade Dog pendants on the web site, the "old mine" good green with price to match. Customers have been buying them for several weeks now, gifting for Christmas to get ready to celebrate the Lunar New Year.   But we dog lovers usually don't scrimp when it come to our love of Dog.

Burmese jadeite Dog pendant

I was very touched when the customers buying these jade dog pendants told me that they were buying them for their dog, not for a person to wear as a pendant. 

But we all know jade is so versatile, interesting, and fun to wear, even for dogs.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

What Kind of Jade Bangle Bracelet for a "Mature" Woman to Wear?

I've been so busy the last few weeks helping customers choose their best jade bangle bracelets that I haven't had time to list new jade bangles and other items.  This seems to be the time that "mature" women are looking for their best jade bangle bracelet, or someone is looking to purchase one for a mature woman.

And that's me, too!  As a "mature" woman I have done research on the best kind of jade to wear at this time of my life, but it also must be jade that I love. 

You can see from former posts that my favorite kind of jade is the "old mine" Burmese jadeite,white with green veins.  White jade has qi energy related to the lungs, for wisdom, dealing with loss and grief in life, spirituality.  The green jade deeper green jade is related to liver meridian for health and wellness, and I definitely need that kind of qi energy now.

Last decade I purchased a lot of "sister" Burmese old mine jadeite bangle bracelets from a jade carver who made them all from the same jade rough he had purchased.

I have sold several of these in the past few weeks.  Some of them were my size and of course I wanted to keep them, but sold them in the "Ying Yu Jewelry Box Collection" where I sell some of my personal jade and some of the jade bangles I am very tempted to keep for myself. 

BB2708 "Breath of Green on White Burmese Jadeite Bangle Bracelet

This BB2708 is the largest of the "sister" set and has the perfect qi energy for "mature" women, or anyone who is attracted to it.  As I always say:  you are attracted to the jade that has the best energy to you.  Look at jade mindfully, and you will know what's best for you.

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Countdown to Christmas for Jade Shopping

I was at the locked mailboxes today to pick up my mail, along with other people getting their mail, too.  Some of them were compaining about the huge postcard from the USPS postal service in their mailboxes.  They were talking about how the post office wastes so much money sending these out, only to get thrown in the trash, which most were doing.

I'm keeping mine right on my desk in my office.  It has a schedule of the deadline to get get parcels in the mail in time to be delivered for Christmas:
     First class retail:  December 14
     First class mail:  December 19
     Priority mail:  December 20
     Express mail:   December 22

Those are the dates I have to have your order packed and in the outgoing mail pickup.

Yesterday was the first day this December I went out to do my own holiday shopping.  I left early and planned to stay out until mid-afternoon.  In the first store, Ross, I could hear my "cash register" going off.  I have an app for my stores that makes an old cash register "ding" when an order is received.  It was an order that the customer got free shipping, and didn't upgrade from first class to priority mail, so I decided it could wait until I got home, and if it was too late for mail pickup, it would be in the next day mail.  Then the "cash register" kept going off, so I decided to go home and get orders packed and ready to go.

I treat my customers the way I want to be treated.  And I know when you place your order, you want to get it as fast as possible.  That's why so many people join Amazon Prime, to get two day delivery service.  Do you actually get two day free delivery service on orders?  If they are over a certain price, they quality.  But two days doesn't mean two real days.  Maybe you have noticed that you place your Amazon Prime order on a Monday, and you actually get it Thursday or Friday, or maybe even later.  Your tracking shows "out for delivery", then around 5-8 PM you get a notice that it won't be delivered, and no date scheduled. 

I will pack your order with my 18 years of experience in packing jade.  And it will be in the mail on the same or next day.  That's how I want to be treated, and I do the same for  you.

And our beautiful jade has such good qi energy, it moves quickly and reliably from my office to you. 

Jade Heaven "Bi" Symbol of Heaven, Burmese Jadeite Pendants

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Giving Jade as a Gift - The Beauty and Versatility of Jade Bead Bracelets

Most jade lovers cherish owning and wearing a jade bangle bracelet.  And consider giving jade bangle bracelets as a gift.  But what if you don't know what size to buy, and if the person really wants a jade bangle?

Solution: jade bead bracelet.

Jade bead bracelets are usually easy to buy and wear because they are strung on stretch material, like elastic.  Jade bead bracelets can be worn alone, or with other jewelry.  In fact, if you own a jewelry box full of jade bangle bracelets (ahhh....what a wish!) you can wear a jade bead bracelet between two jade bangle bracelets as a "spacer", so the two bangles don't clunk together and risk chipping or cracking.

If you or the person you are gifting loves Burmese jadeite, it's important to purchase only genuine and natural jadeite beads, because the natural-ness of grade A jadeite will almost guarantee that the bead bracelet will look good with any other jadeite bangle bracelet.  Our jadeite beads are mostly neutral hues of green.

Grade A Burmese jadeite 13mm bead stretch bracelet, BJBEADS-11

These jadeite bead colors range for white with green hues to more "yang" deeper green color. They are very smoothly polished, 13mm larger size beads, so they look very good worn alone, but will look good with bangle bracelets, too.

If you are looking for jadeite bead bracelets that are very unique, the carved jadeite beads are larger and interesting.  I often wear the carved jadeite beads with the smooth ones.

Carved Burmese jadeite grade A bead bracelet JHBRAC-18

Burmese jadeite hollow carved grade A bead bracelet

If Chinese jade is the favorite jade, the green Chinese jade bead bracelets look good with classic Chinese jade bangle bracelets, the "river jade" natural color jade, black and white jade.

Genuine natural smooth Chinese jade bead bracelet

Chinese jade bead bracelet "happy" calligraphy etched

The "happy" calligraphy etched Chinese jade bead bracelet has been so popular it has nearly sold out since listed in November.

If the friend you are buying jade beads for is a special friend, consider buying two and keeping one so you are truly "jade sisters".

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

"My Jade Bangle Broke, I Replaced it, But it's Not the Same"

I had a special plant I loved, a Christmas cactus given to me by a friend.  I put it in a special pot,  "Winnie the Pooh", and took good care of it to the point of almost being obsessed.

During this past summer the weather was very hot, rainy, and several tropical storms and a hurricane were in the area, so we did our best to protect all of our plants and landscaping.  The cactus stayed in good condition until hurricane Irma.  Even though the Winnie pot is cement and heavy, it got blown away from its corner and flooded, killing every piece of it.  I tried to revive it, put jade pieces in the soil, but it was dead.  Gone for good.

I bought a new one, after searching stores for a similar one. 

It's basically the same kind of plant.  It's too big to fit into the Winnie pot, so I'm not sure what I'm going to put it in.  It's pretty, has red flowers, in very good condition, and one of the more expensive ones.  But it's not the same, and I don't love it...yet.

I get emails around this time of year from people who lost a jade bangle bracelet to breakage, or their hands/wrists changed and the jade bangle they had for a long time didn't fit right anymore.  They are looking for a replacement.  Most of them want a jade bangle bracelet that is similar in appearance, and they spend much time looking, and we spend time discussing the ones they are interested in.  They choose one, can't wait for it to arrive after their purchase, and love it when they receive it, but it's "just not the same".

Like my Christmas cactus, a plant, jade changes over time.  The older jade mined before the turn of the century is somewhat different than the jade available today.  There's nothing "wrong" with it, just different.   And like me, it takes awhile to "connect" with the new and feel as happy with it.  You went through life for years with the old, it has a special connection to you.  But as you wear your new jade, its qi energy and you body qi energy will connect, blend, and it will become part of you.  I need to give my cactus some special attention, cut it to fit the Winnie pot, keep it close by so I can see it often during the day.  Then it will become a part of my life.  And so will your jade.

But:  Buddhist teaching claims that "attachment" is the cause of many problems and unhappiness in our lives. 

We can probably agree with and understand that.   And know that's why that you probably can replace your broken jade bangle bracelet.

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Friday, November 24, 2017

Giving Jade as a Gift: What Does My Jade Mean - Three Legged Money Toads

This is the time of year I get many requests to help customers choose gifts to give during the holiday season. 

One of my favorite suggestions is the Chinese jade carved three legged money toads.

The photo shows my "personal" jade money toad.  It's an older one, carver in the 1990's.  And it's huge and heavy.  It's 13x12x8" high and weighs 18 pounds  I was buying some smaller jade carvings and money toads from my jade carver in China, and he included this one for me.  I was just starting my online jade business, and I have to say that I thing Toad contributed to its success.

Classic Three Legged Chinese Jade Money Toad

This is the "classic" jade three legged money toad that I sell.  They come in two sizes, a "little guy" and "big boy".  Some have a jade "coin" in the mouth, some have the old Chinese coin as shown in the photo.  They are "three legged" because the number "four" is considered an unlucky number in China.  You can be in an elevator and not see a number "four" as a floor option.  The Chinese word for four, "si", is the same sound as the word for "death" and no one in China wants a number four on anything: addresses, phone numbers, license plates. 

The money toad should be placed facing inward your home or office.  If it faces outwards, "money pours out" instead of in.  And make sure the coin is in Toad's mouth. 

These jade money toads are gifts suitable for anyone.  They are not only pretty and unique jade carvings, but symbols of wealth and luck.  And who doesn't want that?!

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

What Size Jade Bangle Should I Wear? Things That Have Impact on Jade Bangle Size

Your new jade bangle bracelets arrives in the mail, and you are so excited to put it on.  You unpack it, and make sure you are in a "soft" place so if you drop it, it won't break.  Yes, jade is one of the most hard stones, but it is stone, and stone will break, chip or crack if hit hard enough.

And you work at getting it on your wrist, but that jade bangle bracelet just won't go on.  Now what?

Wait until you are cool and quiet.  1) Raise your arm in the air for about 30 seconds, and try again.  2) Use a thin plastic bag, like you find in grocery store produce departments, put it over you hand and try again  3) Rinse your hands with cool water, get them soapy, and try again. 

But if it doesn't go on your wrist, here are some reasons.

Some women have hands and wrists that are different sizes, and you need to measure the knuckles on the wrist you plan to wear your jade bangle.

The measuring technique on the web sites is for standard size jade bangle bracelet that 11-13mm wide.  A jade bangle that is wide, like a "cuff" style will fit like 1mm smaller for every 2-3mm the width over 12mm.  And jade bangle bracelets that are thick inside-to-outside will fit like 1-2mm smaller, especially the newer jadeite bangle bracelets that have certificates of authenticity.  These are carved for every day wearing, with thicker measurements to hold up better in our busy lives. 

Another thing to consider is if the jade bangle is flat inside, or classic rounded.  Because classic round style is thicker, it might fit like 1-2mm smaller.

And there are other variations that can affect size.  The way the inside of the jade bangle is shaped, if the edges are thick and more sharply carved, the bangle may fit like 1-2mm smaller.  Rounded edges on the flat inside jade bangles go over the hand more easily.

If nothing works and you can't get your jade bangle on your wrist, we have a very easy exchange process, especially if you have a USA address.  International gets more expensive because of shipping costs.    We don't charge restocking fees for exchange if the jade bangle your exchange for is the same price range.  If there's a big difference, when we refund the difference we may charge restocking fees to cover the cost of what we have to pay back for refunding.

And sadly, we probably don't have another jade bangle just like the one you purchased.  Genuine and natural jade is all different in appearance. 

JHBB557 slender Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet fitsas described measurement
If you have a wrist size that is larger than 60mm,  you should especially take care in knowing the width and sizing details of jade bangles.  Sizes 60mm are usually made for export, women who are not Asian or Chinese.  Jade Heaven has a few larger than 60mm but most are made by jade carvers who sell in China and Asia, and are genuine, natural and better quality than "export jade". 

Questions?  Send an email to email address on the jade web site you are looking for jade bangle bracelets on, Jade Heaven, Ying Yu JadeJadeBangleBracelets.

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Should I Go Back to China and Shop for Jade Bangle Bracelets and More?

I started going to China in 1999.  My first trip was to learn about Chinese medicine and the culture.  I got addicted to jade on the plane flying to China when I saw a flight attendant wearing a jade bangle bracelet.  I was working, and saving every extra dollar I could for my "summer vacation" trip to go back to China.  I found a Chinese PhD student at College of Wooster to teach my Chinese language.  Even though I didn't become very fluent in Mandarin, the fact that I had learned enough for basic communication earned me respect, especially when I was shopping.  I met a Chinese doctor on my second trip and we became friends, associates, and worked together.  I also met a jade seller in northeastern China who was a seller of Chinese jade, and we also became friends and associates. 

At that time,  the ability to speak Chinese, respect culture and look professional made a huge difference in jade shopping.  When I spoke Chinese to the jade sellers, and they saw the excellent quality the jade bangle I was wearing, the would pull out boxes hidden under their tables or in storage to show me the best quality of jade they had.  And since I spoke Chinese to "bargain" with them, I got very good prices on the jade.  (Professional jade shopping from the jade carvers, there are no prices on the jade.  Every piece is "bargained for".)

One of the items you could readily find in every shop in China was "Bigen",  China's classic black hair coloring product.  Gray hair was for "old people", and almost everyone colored their hair more black when their gray became obvious. 

My height is 67 inches, and that's considered "tall" in China, often more tall then men.  My natural hair color was dark-to-medium brown.  When I was 19 years old, I started getting gray hairs, probably due to hypothyroidism, and I was "way too young" even in America to have grey hairs, so I colored to match my natural hair hair.  By the time I started going to China, my color was light brown/dark blonde.  And my height, slenderness and hair color gave me a "good standing" in China.  Chinese people were always wanting their pictures taken with me, especially because jade shopping, I was going to parts of China Americans usually don't go to. 

Then the Lantos embargo on jadeite mined in Burma (Myanmar) started in 2008 so I couldn't shop for Burmese jadeite and bring that back with me, or ship it to my home, going through customs.  My last trip in 2009 was to meet with my associates in China, the jade carver, and explain what kind of Chinese jade I would want, and the quality of carving I expected.

I really missed going to China.  Every year, something new, and oh, my:  the adventures I had!

I had "retired" my regular job early, and we moved from Ohio to Florida.  My natural curly hair got really frizzy in humid central Florida, and hair color looked very frizzy.  So I lightened my hair color very gradually over the next few years, to light blonde.  Then I let it grow out for a couple of months, and got all the colored parts cut off.  I had no idea what my hair would look like "natural", and was quite pleased with mostly silvery-grey with little darker still underneath. 

I wanted to go to China a few years ago, and realized I would either have to use a temporary hair color or wear a wig, because I would lose my reputation with my friends and associates if they saw me so "gray and old".  I never told my age and they thought I was about 10 years younger than I really am.  And I really am reaching a time in life when I want  more time for "me", time to retire.  When I shopped in China, I brought back enough for two years selling online. 

So yes, I want to go back to China.  But no, I won't.  China has become so modern now, the hair issue might not matter as much.  But I do need to consider "slowing down" and having more time for recreational activities.

Isn't playing with jade recreational?   It is, for me!

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Too Busy To Take Care of Yourself the Way You Want To? Stop and Start Pampering

This is  my excuse: since hurricane Irma I've been busy not only with cleaning up the outdoor mess, but the indoor mess has grown because of bringing outdoor things inside. And with internet off for several days, I got way behind on the web sites, getting photos taken, edited and new listings made.  Now it's almost holiday time, starting with my making Thanksgiving dinner. 

We were discussing with our friends about New Year's Eve.  None of us had made plans like we usually do in October, so we finally made reservations for dinner and festivities.  I need something new to wear, and new shoes, etc.  And a hair appointment.

I was looking in the mirror deciding about hair, make up and what I would wear, and I noticed the frown line wrinkles were deeper.  Yes, I've been squinting outdoors a lot in the brightness, and frowning about all that there is to do outside.  I don't know why I didn't notice that my "wrinkle kit" was not on my bedside stand as it usually is.  I warm the pad and put it on my forehead until it cools, then use the cool jade roller on the wrinkly area, then my entire face.  Easy to do, and good results.  I started again three days ago, and notice an improvement already.  Part of the reason is that when I'm focused on wrinkle repair, I remember to wear polarized sunglasses when I go out the door, and while I'm working I "mindfully" keep my forehead as smooth as I can.  And the mindfulness actually improves my mood. 

Ying Yu Jade FrownEase Wrinkle Relaxer Kit

I sell only what I personally like and use, and if it works for me, it will probably work for  you, too.  And it's on sale as the Today's Special today and tomorrow. 

If your days fly by too fast, and you're "eggshausted" from all you have to do, take time out to take care of YOU.   As I learned, you can't take care of other people unless you take care of yourself, too. 

And the qi energy of genuine and natural jade feels so good.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

My Home Filled with Jade is My Happy Place

Our short vacation last week started with driving from Kissimmee, central Florida,  to Key West,  "mile marker 0". It was heart breaking to drive through the Keys, especially the middle Keys where the major impact of of hurricane Irma was evident.  The devastation was the start of my not having a happy vacation.  Even though Irma was early September, the sides of the road were piled high with debris, including home and hotel appliances that were under water and unusable. We saw boats washed ashore and broken up, piles of shredded foliage. The beautiful palm trees were broken at the top, some fallen and not yet cleaned up, and many so bent over it looked like they could fall over.  The road was occasionally closed and we had to stop while a row of semi trucks was gather debris.  And this must have been going on every day since Irma struck.  I was tempted to tell my husband we should stop and help, but one of my goals this year is "taking care of me" more often.

Key West was cleaned up pretty good, and most of the shops and restaurants on Duval Street were open.  But some were very damaged, a couple were burnt to the ground.  We stayed in Simonton Court, an old cigar factory turned into a bed and breakfast, a block from Duval Street.   So many people who were homeless because of the storm were staying in hotels, bed and breakfast places,  and when guests arrived, we realized they were homeless again.  Another heart breaker.

Then we heard on the news that "something" was forming south of us, and by Friday it was named tropical storm Philippe.  It was possible it wouldn't be too stormy in Key West, but probably light rain for a couple of days, so we left early Saturday morning and drove through the bands of Philippe that were moving north.  The Keys has been flooded by Irma, and we were fortunate to get through, slowly but surely.

I had my black jade bangle bracelet on my wrist, along with the Hurricane bracelet designed and sold by a jeweler in Key West.  I rubbed them when I was stressed.

Although we missed out on some of the festivities last week in Key West, it felt so good to get home.  I could feel all the good, calming energies of the jade in my office. 

I usually run into a couple of women wearing jade in Key West during the week, but not this time.  Maybe people don't know how healing it can be.  I decided that it was time to get my "happy" jade bead bracelets listed online.  Chinese jade beads with symbol for "happy" etched.

Chinese jade bead bracelet with "happy" symbols etched on beads
I would like to retire soon, but if I do, I won't have an excuse for being surrounded by jade all the time!  What's an aging jade lover to do?!   I will probably have more sales and discounts on the online stores to sell off enough jade to turn it from "work" into "hobby".  If you see something you like, especially the higher priced jadeite bangle bracelets, and other higher priced item, let me know and make an offer.  I want  you to be happy with jade, too.

My Halloween Chinese "river jade" bangle bracelet. Honey color related to spleen meridian,
repair stomach after eating too many shrimp and Key Lime Pie in Key West

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Monday, October 23, 2017

Taking a Vacation - Jade for Travel and Pleasure

We're leaving in the morning and driving from central Florida to as far south as we can go: Key West.  Hurricane Irma was category 2 when it went through Key West last month, but it was much stronger when it went through the middle Keys.  We have seen photos and videos that show Key West ready for us tourists.  Duval Street looks cleaned up and open for business.  We stay at Simonton Court a block off of Duval Street.  It was a cigar factory that has been made into a bed-and-breakfast.  It's beautiful. There are several cottages, as well as some of the factory turned into rooms.  Some have balconies.  There are three pools for this small establishment, and one is right outside our two room suite. 

The weather here is turning from summer to cooler autumn.  And there's a high chance of rain every day.  I'm wear my deep deep green almost black Chinese jade bangle bracelet for the drive down.
My "traveling jade" bangles, the "black" Chinese jade is for protection

My carved "double dragons" deep green almost black Chinese jade bangle bracele
t with sterling silver "Hurricane Bracelet" I bought in Key West two years ago.

 We'll be back by the weekend.  Online stores will close tonight and re-open Thursday.  There's a coupon code on "closed storefront" you can use the day we open again.

And I'll be posting on Twitter.  Think I'll see women wearing jade bangle bracelets in Key West?  I also want to go to the Pandora store in Mallory Square to try to find a thinner bracelet I can put jade beads on.  I bought one that is really difficult to put on, take off,
and I can barely squeeze on some of the beads.

A similar type of bracelet for jade beads

You didn't really think I would be able to take a vacation and forget about jade for awhile, did you?

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Friday, October 20, 2017

Why People Wear Jade Bangle Bracelets: Life's Path and Journey, Mindfulness

This morning I was hand washing the tiled floor in a small room, on my hands and knees, and I remembered to move my jade bangle down my arm to wrist, and keep my hand over the cloth I was using so when I moved it wouldn't accidently hit the floor, and risk cracking or breaking.  Even though I always have a jade bangle bracelet on my left wrist, the jade is never "silent".  The qi energy of the jade reminds me constantly it is on my wrist. 

That's part of what mindfulness is about.

You may notice that many of the Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets and Chinese "river jade" bangle bracelets have messages in their title and description. For example:

"Keep Calm and Carry On" Burmese Jadeite Bangle Bracelet JHBB574

"Keep Calm and Carry On" is both a life's path kind of jade bangle bracelet. If you are mindful while you are wearing it, the white color will be calming, joyful and the few deep green veins will remind you that while you are calm, relaxed, feeling joy you have it within you to "carry on" to do what you need to do.  If you are dealing with difficult situations, the qi energy and your mindfulness will help you to stay on, or make a new path.

I have received emails from customers who tell me that wearing their jade has helped them get through difficult situations.  Some customers must attend business meeting, and wear their jade to touch it, play with it, during the long and sometimes boring period of time, and not only have something to enjoy during the time, but the qi energy seems to give them something positive that they would not have recognized without it. And protection is another qi energy people feel from their jade.  It helps on life's path.

Mindfulness is being in the "here and now", being aware of the moment.  When you practice it, your life improves.   Like not letting my jade bangle slide down my wrist unprotected and hitting the hard floor this morning. 

Mindfulness does not require daily meditation, workshops, and lots of work to "get it".  When you wear genuine and natural jade with good qi energy, you will feel it and it will be easy to become mindful of it.  Touching, handling jade while I'm listing it, for the past 18 years, has been helpful to my mindfulness, and I share the qi energy "feel" of the jade piece with you, as part of the description.

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Jade Eggs for Plant and Foliage Health and Wellness

We're still cleaning up from the mess hurricane Irma left.  I still have weeding, trimming and re-potting to do on our lot.

Today I repotted our "money tree" plant.  We had it for several years before we lost our home in the microburst hail and tornado storm in March 2016.  I kept it on our screened porch where it thrived.  Then when I had to put it somewhere while I new home was being torn down, I had so much to do that I just stuck it under palm trees.  There was so much to do setting up our new home, I didn't have time to take care of it and some of the other potted plants.  Then less than a year after we moved into our new home, hurricane Irma came right over us here in central Florida, and it was outdoors and got blown around the yard.  I've been watching the leaves turning yellow and falling off, and knew it would lose its beauty if it didn't get some attention.

When I pulled it out of the temporary plastic pot I had it in, at the bottom of the pot was a layer of jade eggs and ben wa balls. These are jade eggs that get damaged in shipping from China.  I think when they were inspected at Customs, they were dropped and cracked and chipped.  And some of them weren't made by YYJ standards, probably a jade carver practicing his work!  And not doing a very good job, either.  The tree is nearly five feet tall, and the roots and bottom part looked healthy.

When the home builders were working on our lot, we lost a lot of plants that I really loved.  I especially loved the impatiens because they were the only impatiens that wouldn't die in this unpredictable Florida soil.  I had been trying to add new impatiens for at least 10 years, but these old ones that were here when we bought the home were the only ones that lived.  I had pulled three of the impatiens out of the ground before they were destroyed by the rebuilding process, and stuck them under the palm trees, too.  When I replanted them, I had intended to add the jade eggs to their roots, but forgot until I was planting the final one.  And that's the one that thrived, grew new blossoms quickly, and stayed stabilized. 

So now I add jade eggs and/or ben wa balls to everything I plant.  Neighbors comment on how pretty and healthy everything looks!

This rose plant was dying until I added the jade eggs

I have a box of these not-so-perfect jade eggs that I will share with blog readers, customers so you can have some, too.  They will be available while they last, and priced low with most of the cost going towards shipping (remember, jade is heavy!)

Clearance jade eggs for plant and foliage health and wellness

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Do You Need to Take a Class to Get Yoga Right? And, Yoga and Jade Bangle Bracelets!

Yes and no.

If you have never practiced yoga, or used a video to learn yoga, a class is very beneficial so you can learn the basic  yoga poses, procedure, and learn how these poses affect you and your body.

I learned yoga from a video about 30 years ago.  I lived in a rural area and there were no yoga classes during the time I was available or nearby.  I liked it.  And  I continued to love it. 

I wanted to experience yoga class, and I found a nearby class which I attended for a couple of years.  I enjoyed the class atmosphere, the instructor was inspiring, and I cherished this time with other yogis. 

As I got older, and found out I had osteoporosis, higher risk of breaking bones, I knew the  yoga was good to keep my balance, but realized I had to change my form to adjust to my body condition. And as arthritis started in me, I also knew I had to keep the stretch, movement to keep arthritis from getting worse and stay flexible.  I found a book, Yoga for 50, and it showed some minor body changes for the classic poses.  And I found a book, Yoga for Bone Health, that showed me more modification.  For example, when doing Plank form, instead of placing palms down on the mat,  I put my hands into fists and the weight is more comfortable and stable.  Also, when one has osteoporosis, they should never bend over, touch the ground, without bending knees. 

I modified my form, but it caused problems in classes.  I was told many times that my yoga was just not correct.

But it was correct for me.  So I chose 10-15 minutes of poses that were helpful to me, and I do them daily.  Then I add a few poses that I do during every day activities.  My doctors are impressed with the flexibility I have at my age. 

How to I know that my yoga routine is best for me?   By my jade bangle bracelet.  When I wear a jade bangle bracelet that has green veins in the stone, and white color, I can see the jade "glow" when I'm doing yoga, and for awhile until daily life might sneak in some negatives. 

Genuine natural jade bangle bracelets "glow" when your body is balanced and feeling good. 

Last weekend I was talking with a 70 year old male friend who asked if I was still doing yoga.  He doesn't go to classes, and he follows a form on video.  He asked what I thought about not going to classes.  And my thoughts are that a class is usually once a week, but doing yoga in your home is more convenient and that's better than not doing yoga at all.

You will know yoga has become a true part of your life, lifestyle, when you're cooking out on the grill, and while you're waiting to turn the chicken breasts over, you're doing yoga "tree" poses or other poses that seem like it's the right time to do them.

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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Which Arm Should I Wear My Jade Bangle Bracelet On?

Every few days I get an email with the question: "which  arm should I wear my jade bangle bracelet on?"   And that's a very good question, because most of us would wear a different size depending on which wrist we wore it.  My best size for my right wrist is 55-56mm.  The best size for my left wrist is 52-53mm.  And if you have been buying and wearing jade bangle bracelets, you know that even 1-2mm can make a difference.

Another consideration about which arm to wear your jade bangle bracelet on is if you wear it as jewelry, or if you are wearing it for "medicine".  As we have discussed on this blog, jade has qi energy.  Your body has qi energy.  Chinese medicine is all about balancing your body qi energy, your qi flowing smoothly through the acupuncture points of the meridians.

The "honey" or "yellow" color in the jade bangle bracelet on my wrist in the photo has qi energy related to the spleen meridian.  When I have a week that I don't cook, we eat out often, I usually feel bloated, my stomach uncomfortable.  When that happens, I wear my genuine and natural color Chinese "river jade" bangle bracelet that has good yellow color throughout to help balance my spleen meridian.  And the base of the spleen meridian is on the left side of the body, so I would wear it on my left wrist, closest to the spleen meridian.  Then when I'm feeling better, I go back to one of my every day jade bangle bracelets.

Right now I'm wearing a slender, classic round Dynasty era older jadeite bangle bracelet with soft green veins and white because the green is related to the liver meridian and the classic green color is balancing for body, and the white color balances my spiritual side.   I also wear it on my left wrist, because it's closer to my heart.   I love this jade bangle!

Keep this in mind:   If you wear jade as "medicine", then that's a good reason to purchase several jade bangle bracelets!

When I travel, I wear deep deep green, almost black, jade for the protection qi energy.  And since I'm wearing my most pretty one on my left wrist, I often wear it on my right wrist.

But sometimes I like to wear them together, and that's when having a stretch bead bracelet is helpful, to keep them from "clunking around". 

If you are Asian or Chinese, your family might have a tradition of which wrist to wear your jade bangle on.

There's no "rule" about which wrist to wear your jade bangle on.   If you are sensitive to the energy of the jade, you will know what wrist you should wear it on.

And if you are very fortunate, both of your hands/wrists are the same size, so you can choose whatever you want.

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

What Kind of Jade Bangle Bracelet to Get? How About Chinese Jade

This weekend the classic round Chinese jade bangle bracelets were on sale.

Chinese Jade Traditional Round Bangle Bracelets
And of course I received emails asking about what I personally think about the Chinese jade bangle bracelets.  They were the first kind of jade bangle bracelets I saw when I went to Bejing for the first time in 1999.  While the international tourists were looking for Burmese jadeite, the "locals" shops and government stores sold the Chinese jade.  I saw young couples, the man buying the woman a Chinese jade bangle bracelet as an engagement gift, and brides-to-be buying one for every woman in her bridal party.  During our tour of Forbidden City, the concubine's rooms all had jade rollers, jade bangle bracelets in them.  I think from Beijing and north, that's still the kind of jade bangle that is cherished. 

Burmese jadeite was introduced to China in the 19th century. Before that the Chinese wore their own jade for centuries.

They were also the first kind of jade I started selling here in USA, on ebay and on my web site.  I always like them because they are natural color, and the same kind of jade that's used in Chinese medicine health tools, jade rollers, gua sha tools.  When I want the healing natural and basic Chinese qi energy, that's what I wear:  a Chinese jade bangle bracelet.

My personal carved Chinese jade bangle bracelet

I love the carved "knot" style, and mine is translucent and a good green, not to yin and not too yang.

I haven't purchased any in at least three years because to get the quality in the photo, the cost has become quite high.  I think the Chinese jade sellers used up so much of their lovely jade on commercial things to sell that the good green, translucent kind is getting scarce.

If you don't have one, the discounts will be active for awhile even though they won't be the
Today's Special.  When you need "a little energetic something", put it on.  Feel good energy for body, mind and spirit.  Yes, it's worth having one.

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

A "Spiritual Journey" with a Burmese Jadeite Bangle Bracelet

Jade lovers and customers often ask me about the kind of jade I personally love the best, and why it's so meaningful to me.  Here's an example.

"Spiritual Journey" Burmese jadeite grade A bangle bracelet #8536

First I want to start by telling you that jade seems to have an "inner life", a glow, the qi energy, that photos just can't capture.  We often photograph, then re-photo, again and again, often 100 photos to try to capture what is the best aspects of jade.

When I was handling this for listing, I had to take it outdoors in natural daylight because there was a note on the packet that if I'm working in my subtle-light office, I won't see all the beauty in this.  So I had it on my wrist as a reminder to go outdoors and examine it.  It's not my usual size, so it was on my right wrist that is slightly larger than the 53mm of my left wrist, where I usually wear my jade bangle bracelets.  And I wear jade on my left wrist because it's closer to my heart, and I believe the jade and I both benefit from that.  Anyway, I kept feeling an icy cold energy, my spirits lifted as I was working by myself, and because it was slightly too large for me, it kept getting my attention.  I had a note that there was a soft lavender color and I saw it on the photo, but when I went outdoors, it really came alive!

So it got named "Spiritual Journey". 

Lavender jade color is spiritual energy, wisdom and compassion.  The soft green is calming and healing.  The "yang" deeper color green veins are mossy to apple green color.  They add energy motivation to pursue your path, practice what you believe.Lavender jade color is spiritual energy, wisdom and compassion.  The soft green is calming and healing.  The "yang" deeper color green veins are mossy to apple green color.  They add energy motivation to pursue your path, practice what you believe.

This jadeite bangle bracelet, #8536, is also wider than "normal" so it fits like 1-2mm smaller.
And if it were slightly smaller, I would keep it, because it's special, one I particularly appreciate.  And yes, I do like the "spiritual" feel of it.  

And a reminder: when you receive your jade bangle bracelet, open the parcel, if you are indoors or with artificial light, you may at first wonder if you received the correct jade bangle because all of the photos are taken in outdoor light, that shows of their natural beauty.  They look lovely indoors, too.

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Natural Color Green, Lavender, "Hong" Red Burmese Jadeite Bangle Bracelet, Grade A and Looks Amazing

Last year when I received one of my shipments of Burmese jadeite grade A bangle bracelets with certificates of gemology testing, one stood out and I pulled it from the lot to keep it on my desk, so I can look at it every day.  If it were my size, I would keep it.  But it's too pretty to stuff away in a drawer with so many other bangle bracelets.  So here it is:

Burmese jadeite grade A bangle bracelet, green, lavender, "hong" red #3086

Amazing natural color green, lavender, "hong" red Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet.This is one of the most amazing color jade bangles I have purchased, and if I didn't have a certificate of gemology testing, grade A natural genuine Burmese jadeite, I would wonder if an artist colored it.  The green color varies, from deep green to apple-almost-imperial green. The lavender color also varies, quite bright in one large area and softer color like "clouds" at sunset.  There are a few veins of "hong" Chinese red (red with honey hues).  It has a very spiritual energy feeling, very uplifting and mentally, emotionally positive.  Icy cold to the touch.  
Another view of #3086 Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet

Very unique and special, and one of a kind.  And of course, only one.  I hope this one goes to a jade lover who will wear it all the time.
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Lady Gaga Has Firbromyalgia, I Do Too, and Jade for Qi Balancing Fibromyalgia

I read about Lady Gaga cancelling her appearances, and her hospitalization, due to her fibromyalgia.  I have fibromyalgia, also, and don't know how she could put on her great shows, the talent and energy that gets drained with fibromyalgia.

The Calm Spirit blogger recent postings are about how I am using cannabidiols (CBD)  from hemp and trying to get approved for medical marijuana in Florida.  The CBD is for the deep pain, and the THC in cannabis marijuana is for the brain to connect the pain relief with the brain functioning.

Chinese medicine considers that fibromyalgia is "liver and spleen disharmony" with neurotransmitter dysfunction.  That means jade can be helpful by choosing the jade color that balances the blocked qi meridian.

I have some jade bangle bracelets I wear for my fibromyalgia depending on what meridian feels unbalanced. My everyday carved Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet that I have featured in previous blog postings has the qi energy for keeping balance.  Here are some jade with colors that could help the "liver and spleen disharmony":

Burmese jadeite fibromyalgia qi energy charcoal and honey for liver and spleen

The charcoal jadeite color is related to the kidney meridian, and honey related to the spleen meridian.

Carved Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet green for liver meridian and honey for spleen meridian.
Dragon and Phoenix carving, yin and yang, body mind and spirit balancing.

I make a great effort to be mindful and positive, and need the qi energy for the neuro-transmission  functions that often aren't balanced.  Lavender jade has that qi energy, and the green is related to liver meridian for good health.  It's effects is like THC effects to the brain functions

The lavender and green Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet in the photo above was the third jade bangle bracelet I purchased in China.  It was part of the jade for sale in the hotel my qi healing group stayed in Guilin in the year 1999.  It seemed to "jump out at me" and I felt so blissful when I touched it.  But it was about $5000 and I I was reluctant because I didn't really "know" jade back then.  The Chinese doctor who was with our group kept encouraging me to buy it and I thought he was going to get some money from the hotel if they sold it to me.  But my qi master who is Chinese told me he was encouraging me because he thought the jade was healthy for me.  We were in Guilin for three days and every time we went in or out of the hotel I looked at it.  On our final day, the jade seller told me if I gave her all my clothes and cosmetics in my luggage, I could have it for under $1000.  We did the exchange. The next morning when our group came down to the lobby for breakfast, they were all wearing my clothes and makeup and smiling at me!  And I was smiling wearing my lovely lavender and green jade bangle bracelet

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