Thursday, September 6, 2018

What's the "Truth" About Jade Yoni Eggs? The Gwyneth Paltrow Jade Egg Debate

Gwyneth Paltrow's promotion of jade "yoni" eggs created a rise in women using the eggs for quite a few reasons.  Today there has been much news about the jade yoni eggs, and Gwyneth settling claims.

So what is the "truth" about jade eggs? 
   1)  Jade eggs have been used by Chinese, Japanese and Asian women for centuries to do kegel exercise to improve vaginal health
   2)  Jade eggs are "Chinese medicine",  using only genuine and natural Chinese jade.
   3)  The size of the eggs are important, because too large eggs cause damage to your pelvic area

Ying Yu Jade was the first seller of jade eggs in USA.  I learned about jade eggs when I was in China learning Chinese medicine.  I was also going through menopause, and had a consultation with a Chinese medicine doctor in Beijing, and what started as a horrible menopause experience, pain, hot flashes, irregular bleeding, was resolved using Chinese medicine for three weeks. 

When the jade eggs started getting popular in USA and western countries, I was surprised to learn that the "new" jade eggs were considerably larger than the approved Chinese medicine sizes.  I tried to promote the information about them, but still received complaints about my too small jade eggs. Consider this, women:  if you have had most of your sex with a man with a large, hard thick penis, then having sex with a "smaller" man will not feel as good, because you have become less sensitive.

Ying Yu Jade set of three jade "yoni" eggs

The medium size jade egg is standard for wellness.  When inserted you perform your kegel exercise for general health and wellness.

The largest jade egg 40mm is helpful after childbirth, or when the vagina is not tight enough to have good sex.  If you want to tighten, start with the large jade egg, and when you can keep it inside easily and push it out at the end of your exercise, then move to the 30mm jade eggs and do your kegel the same way, with your goal being the smallest jade egg 24mm, being able to keep the small one inside.

If you are older, gone through menopause, and your vagina is tight and painful during sex, start with the smallest 24mm jade egg.  Then as you become more moist and less tight, you can use the medium size jade egg, maybe even the largest one depending on your sexual situation. 

Why use jade, not other crystals or made of other materials?   As Chinese medicine, jade is "approved" because jade is often used for health in Chinese medicine, as jade rollers, jade gua sha tools and other jade for health and wellness.  And that jade is Chinese natural jade, not Burmese jadeite.  The best color for the jade eggs for regular use is a light or medium green, that is "yin" and has the best qi energy for women.

You can use jade eggs for the female  vaginal health, and perhaps when you reach your goal of feeling better vaginally, you might decide that your active sex life is healing, and you don't need the jade eggs anymore.  What to do with them?  Add them to your plants so they can have good qi energy, too!

Clearance Jade Eggs and Ben Wa Balls for "plant health"

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

What Does My Jade Mean: Monkey, Rabbit, Peach and Dog

Almost every day someone asks about about what jade means.  From the color of jade to the finished product, what jade means is a big question.  Jade carvings and pendants all have "meaning" and today we'll focus on Monkey, Rabbit, Peach and Dog.

Jade "Monkey" and jade "Peach" are very common combinations.  Monkey is symbol of protector and strength, and humor and happy life.  Peach is symbol of yin and woman, and longevity.  Together they are symbol of cleverness and long life.The best color of jade for Monkey and Peach combination pendant is a "good green" color to symbolize strength.  Yes, good green jadeite is more expensive, but this pendant will give you good qi energy for you life.

JHP135 "Monkey and Peach" Burmese Jadeite Pendant

"Rabbit" is also a popular jade pendant.  The rabbit, called in Chinese the Jade Rabbit or the Moon Rabbit, is a companion of the Moon Goddess who never grows old.Rabbits, especially ones with white hair, are also a symbol of longevity in traditional Chinese culture.
The jade rabbit in the pendant below is the best example, as the Burmese jadeite it is carved in is white 
The jade rabbit in the pendant below is the best example, as the Burmese jadeite it is carved in is white.

"Rabbit Brings Luck and Wealth" White Burmese Jadeite Pendant #JHP109

"Dog" is often gifted to children who like jade pendants and love dogs.  Dog is the symbol of loyalty and honesty. People born in the Year of the Dog  possess the best traits of human nature. They are honest, friendly, faithful, loyal, smart, straightforward, venerable and have a strong sense of responsibility. This is still the Year of the Dog, and it's very auspicious to wear the animal of the year.

"Loyal Honest Dog" Burmese jadeite pendant

Most of the jade pendants we sell have the "meaning" in the description.  We know you want to know "what does my jade mean" and do our best to provide that information.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Shopping for Jade in China -What an Adventure!

Jade has inspired me tremendously.  The first time I became aware of jade and how helpful it is used in Chinese medicine, I had to learn more....and more.  Previous to my first China venture in 1999, I had purchased a few pieces of jade to wear as jewelry because it was pretty and unusual, my favorite being a jade pendant from HSN online store.  While on the plane to Beijing, I saw flight attendants wearing jade bangle bracelets for the first time, and couldn't keep my eyes off them.

After my basic first trip to China to learn Chinese medicine, tai chi, and some Chinese culture, I decided to return two months later for a Chinese medicine treatment for my life-long fibromyalgia.  I was also starting menopause,  hot flashes so intense I felt like I would melt through Earth!  Three weeks of the herbal medicine the doctor prescribed, and miraculously the menopause was over.  And the gua sha treatment and acupuncture helped the fibromyalgia very much.

I fell in love with Chinese medicine, and jade.

The next summer when I had vacation time from my job, I made a reservation at a hotel in Beijing for another trip.   I asked the hotel if they could provide a Chinese doctor to treat my jet lag and fibromyalgia when I arrived.  The doctor was excellent.  Dr Li and I talked afterwards, and I learned he taught tai chi, the Beijing style their military does.  I told him I had been doing yoga and was a Reiki master, and we both wanted to learn more from each other.  He also arranged for me to go to Dandong to meet a person who worked with jade carvers to make the jade gua sha tools, jade rollers, and other jade healing tools.

We took the 15 hour train ride to Dandong, where I met with Mr. Ma who took us to Xiuyan.  We spent a day exploring the jade carvers, jade suppliers, and I made my first purchases.  The jade tools were made for use by Chinese doctors, not "souvenies" intended for export and commercial use.  So the jade gua sha and other tools were made according to Chinese medicine standards.

I won't tell you how much fun it was hauling all that heavy jade to the airport in luggage and home again!

But more adventure in Dandong.  Dandong is across the Yalu River from North Korea.  There is a bridge that is used for traffic across.  There is also another bridge that was bombed by the USA during the Korean war that is very anti-USA oriented.  I didn't know why both Dr Li and Mr Ma were trying to avoid it for me, but when I went out by myself to look at it, I sure felt the hatred toward us Americans.  They wanted to protect me from that.  Also, it was rare at that time for Americans to visit Dandong.  I asked about the boat ride that was on the Yalu River, and we decided to go. 

Mr Ma and me on the Yalu River with controversial bridge
This photo was taken before I learned you don't smile for pictures

I started the Ying Yu Jade website with the Chinese jade.  It's genuine, natural jade that has been used for centuries in China.  It's not a gemstone, so there are no "certificates of gemology testing" that are included with it.  If you see Chinese jade "with a certificate", be very suspicious because I have seen those mass produced for "foreigners" who want "proof" it's real jade.  And these certificate producers will sell you these certificates for anything green, including the quartz that is often fraudulently sold as "jade". 

Ying Yu Jade

All the items in the photos are Chinese jade except the Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet in the lower right, my personal jade bangle.  This photo is very representative of Ying Yu Jade, the jade roller, gua sha tool with comb, carved "double dragons" black jade bangle bracelet on Dragon, and the Dynasty style carved jade bangle bracelet in the center, that my jade carver made just for Ying Yu Jade.  We went to a government jade museum and saw very old and very new Chinese jade, and I learned a lot through that experience. 

Ying Yu Jade still sells the genuine natural and made to Chinese medicine standards health tools, as well as bangle bracelets, pendants, carvings and more unique items made by my jade carver. Jade selling has changed since I started,  for example jade eggs for kegel exercise for women are now often made too large and can cause health problems instead of what they are intended-vaginal health. If you want the best jade, you know where to shop:  from my jade carver in China, or for less adventure on Ying Yu Jade.

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Friday, July 27, 2018

A Reason Why People Wear Jade: Healing

A few weeks ago I was having a very stressful time due to a very serious illness of one of my family members.  The night before his surgery, I think I was walking in my sleep.  My feet tangled around an area rug, and I fell on a hard floor,  Of course that's when I woke up.  Right shoulder to right knee took a bad hit and I had bruises for almost three weeks.  I must have fallen on both my hands because my wrists were bruised and swollen, too.  My jade bangle bracelet didn't break*.  I took it off my wrist to make sure it wasn't damaged, cracked, and it was in its good condition.

*There's a Chinese saying:  When your jade bangle bracelet breaks while you are wearing, it's because the bangle is taking the injury and saving you from damage. 

I am glad it didn't break, but I feel it wasn't being "loyal" to me.  So in the morning, I looked for a different jade bangle bracelet to wear.

I couldn't get any jade bangle bracelets over my wrist because of pain, swelling, bruising.  I finally got one that was 5 mm larger than my regular size on.  But the hardness of it was very painful.

So I removed it.  And fretted about what to do.  I have been wearing a jade bangle 24/7 since 1999 when I went to China for my first visit and fell in love with jade.

I used to sell magnet and jade 30" long strands that could be worn as a bracelet or necklace.  Now I have only the magnet and pearl bracelets.  But I found the one I kept for myself and wrapped it close to my wrist.  About three days later, my wrist was feeling better, and the bruising and swelling going away.

Ying Yu Jade Magnet and Pearl wrap bracelet / necklace for healing
But it the hardness of my jade bangle bracelet still really hurt my wrist.  I didn't feel comfortable not wearing jade on my wrist, so I took one of the jadeite bead stretch bracelets.  It felt weird at first, but I quickly got used to it.  And it felt very comfortable.  I choose one that had lavender hues because it felt healing and calming. 

Burmese jadeite natural color green, white, lavender hues bead stretch bracelet

Burmese jadeite bead stretch bracelet, soft green with lavender hues for healing

I really like wearing the bead stretch bracelet.  And I really like wearing a jade bangle bracelet.  I decided it's time to wear both together for awhile. 

The lavender jade felt very calming.  I was able to handle the stress of brother's surgery, feel calm about it.  It helped me be more mindful, realizing there's only so much I can do, and I must stay in the present, not worry about past or future.

Jade is just wonderful for healing:  body, mind and spirit.

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Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Sad and Often Asked Question : Why Did My Jade Bangle Bracelet Break?

I often get an email from  a jade loving person who is sad because their jade bangle bracelet broke.  And they are looking for a replacement jade bangle.  They often tell me something about their jade bangle bracelet, and ask if I could tell them why it broke.  Last week a woman told me she had her jade bangle bracelet in her pocket, and it accidently fell onto a hard floor and broke.  She concluded it must be "fake jade" because it broke, and jade is supposed to be "hard".

Yes, jade is a moderately hard gemstone.  But even grade A genuine and natural Burmese jadeite will break if it is struck in just the right (or wrong) place. 

There's a Chinese legend that when your jade bangle bracelet breaks, it has protected you from getting hurt or even worse.  And there are physical reasons why it may break.

Jade bangle bracelets will break more easily than jade pendants or smaller jade pieces.  The round shape puts stress on the jade and if struck on a hard surface has a risk of breaking.  The reason I don't have a physical store is because I have personally observed in China jade shops that customers often drop the jade bangle they are trying on, perhaps falling on the counter top or floor.  Chinese jade bangle sellers want to make sure you get the smallest size jade bangle you can wear so it fits close to your wrist comfortably, and that requires using lotions, oils, soapy water to get it on. 

Yes, grade A Burmese jadeite will break.

Classic round style jade bangle also has a higher risk of breaking, again, due to the shape.

Jadeite that is C grade has been bleached with acid, then color added to make them the "good green" and translucent "icy" style.  The bleach makes the jade stone more brittle.   The Clearance section on the JadeBangleBracelets web site has some C grade jadeite bangle bracelets, including the classic round "fu lu shou" jadeite bangle in the photo. 

The Fu Lu Shou three color jade is often worn during holidays because of its meaning: happiness, health and longevity, wealth.  People who wear "real jade" most of the time often like to have one of the fu lu shou style for special occasions, so the prices are relatively low.  The jadeite itself is good quality, but the acid washing has made it less strong.

I have been wear jade bangle bracelets since 1999, my first trip to China and falling in love with jade.  I like to wear one all the time.  When I'm doing "real work", it helps me to be mindful, and I am aware of the bangle.  But yes, I have broken two excellent jade bangles.

Here's a hint if you are an active person looking for a good quality Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet on Ying Yu Jade or Jade Heaven:  check out the Clearance jade bangles, with reason for Clearance price in description of "clarification lines".  It might look like a "crack" inside, but the line formed as the jade was being formed in the earth.  The pressure on the forming jade was extremely high, there was movement, and the clarification line formed.  Now because of the formation, it actually has more strength.  If you see the line running through the circular part of the jade bangle, you know it's a true clarification line.  A crack runs up and down the width of the jade bangle. 

Jade Heaven #8560 grade A Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet with clarification line

If your jade bangle breaks and you are heartbroken, and looking for a replacement, I will be happy to help you find a good replacement.   I still have the "old mine" Burmese jadeite, mined prior to this century if you like the older kind of jade.  If you like newer jadeite, and want a certificate of gemology testing, these are also available.  Contact me with the item number using the email address on the web site, and I will do my best to help you get your next jade bangle.

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Saturday, July 7, 2018

What Kind of Jade Bracelets to Wear? Check Out Guan Yin's Style

People often ask me what is the best kind of jade bracelet to wear.  They look at jade bangle bracelets, jade bead bracelets,  silk cord bracelets with jade tied in. 

Everyone has their idea about what they like to wear.  Some people love jade bangle style bracelets, and some people aren't comfortable with the hard jade on their wrist.  They might choose the jade bead bracelets that are easier to wear.

My "altar" in the office started with a small statue of Guan Yin, Buddha of Compassion, sometimes called Kwan Yin and perhaps other Asian names.

Guan Yin is wearing both a jade bangle bracelet and a jade bead bracelet.  And Guan Yin is culturally very old, so the style of wearing both kinds of jade bracelets really does have a history.

I have always liked to wear my jade bangle bracelet on my left wrist, closer to my heart than if I wore it on my right wrist.  My left hand is the non-dominant hand for me, so my jade bangles gets less chance of hitting a hard surface and breaking.   And I love the jade bead bracelets, so I very often wear beads on my right wrist,  it seems "balancing".

Burmese jadeite bead bracelet 

Classic round old mine Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet, slender width
When I was shopping in a local Chinatown several years ago, I walked in a store and right next to me was a life size Guan Yin statue.  She had real jade bangle bracelet on one wrist, and the bead bracelet on her other wrist.  So this seems to be the traditional classic, and spiritual way to wear jade bracelets.

The jade bangle bracelet was classic round and slender, very feminine and comfortable.  All jade bangle bracelets for women were carved round and slender back in the Dynasty days, when women who wore jade were elite and didn't run the risk of breaking jade while doing physical labor.

If you are attracted to the qi energy of jade, wearing one on each wrist will not only be beautiful, but give you a very spiritual "feel".  Try it!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Jade and Nature: "Cloud of Bliss" Jade Bangle Bracelet

It was time to get a new computer with the most recent technology and features for the jade business.  Transferring all the data, photos, documents for this almost 20 year jade business was very time consuming and frustrating.  The work is still not completed, but I finally got logged into Jade Blogger today! 

Yesterday I spent the entire day working on everything.  When I looked out the window early evening, I saw the sun setting, and I love to walk at sunset.  The sky, trees, lake nearby are my natural "antidepressants" and mood lifters, and it's restoring, relaxing, motivating, and "blissful".  As well as good exercise without being too strenuous at the end of the day.  I often stop, stand still, and feel all the good earth energy cleanse me.  Ahhhh...bliss!

So of course I walked.  As the sun set, the moon was rising in the other direction as I headed home.  It has been raining every day, afternoon and/or evening, so there were white clouds in the sky, some of them puffy.  When I saw the white moon, it looked like one of the clouds.  I stopped, stunned.  The last jade bangle bracelet I listed before walking came to mind.  It is soft green with a "cloud" that felt so blissful as I held it to feel it, measure it, get it listed.  I described it as "cloud of bliss".  And that's what the moon, and clouds in they sky looked and felt like.

"Cloud of Bliss" Old Mine Burmese Jadeite Bangle Bracelet #BB2582
When I got back home, I decided to make the jade bangle a "deal of the day" on Ying Yu Jade.  After holding it again, I was very tempted to keep it for myself.  In fact, I was taking it to my "jade drawer", but the drawer was so packed with my personal jade bangles, that I knew I wouldn't wear it as much as I thought I would and hope it sells before I change my mind!

Jade customers often tell me how wearing their jade has made a difference in their lives.  If you choose a jade bangle bracelet or pendant that really appeals to you, you keep coming back to look at it, and maybe even drool when you see it, that's a sign that the qi energy is right for you.  And wearing your jade "medicine" can help with your qi balance.  It can help you become more mindful, with that piece of jade on your wrist that you feel, touch during the day.  

Genuine and natural jade has been used by Chinese medicine and Chinese people who are culturally attuned to the Chinese medicine even if they use western medicine.  I have heard stories about people who didn't even think about jade until they received a piece,  experienced the "feel" of it, and understand how special it is.  

And that qi feel is how I purchased most of the jade that is sold.  Shopping in China with a Chinese doctor friend, or a Chinese woman I hire to help with language and transportation gives me more insight into the culture of jade, and the qi energy.  Yes, it's "bliss".

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Guatamala, Jadeite and the Volcano Eruption

When I heard about the volcano eruption in Guatamala, I looked on the map to see where the volcano is in relationship to  the major jadeite mine and carvers   And they are quite close to each other.

"Real" jadeite mines are located in Myanman (Burma) and Guatamala.  The jadeite in Guatamala looks slightly different from Burmese jadeite, but it is very beautiful and the color, quality is similar.  We were on a cruise through the Panama Canal several years ago, and of course I took the bus to Casa Del Jade.  I wandered most of the day through the workshops and shops selling the jade.  While "business" is about the Burmese jadeite, of course I purchased a few pieces of Guatamala jade for myself.

This is a gorgeous and large jade pendant with silver bail that is made into a flower with a jade bead in the center.  The quality seemed to be the best of the jadeite.

I couldn't find a bangle bracelet my size, so purchased this stretch bracelet that alternates the light and dark jade colors.  I love "yin and yang" for the balance, so this bracelet is often on my "other" wrist, not the one I wear my jade bangle on.

I have been trying to get information about how the volcano has affected the jade mines and businesses in Guatamala.    The danger of the volcano and how it is affecting life is the priority right now.  But I sure would feel sad if that volcano has damaged their jade.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Jade Photos: The Photo You See Online and the Physical Jade You Receive

The photos of the jade we sell online are very important.  When you shop online, you expect the item you order will look just like the photo.  That's what I expect, and I treat customers the way I want to be treated.

All of our photos are taken in a screened outdoor room because natural light is needed to get an accurate photo.  Each item gets at least 50 photos taken so when they are edited we can get the photo to look like the "real thing".  And we can't "photoshop" because that program is so technically "perfect" that the photos look great, but they don't look like the "real thing".  Photos take days, weeks to capture what we need.  Photo editing takes just as long.  And then we spend a great deal of time checking the listing with the photo on 6 different devices to make sure they are "good". 

But the end result of the photo still doesn't look as good as the jade will when you receive it.  The "old mine" jade has a "glow" and translucence that disappears during the editing, although we try to keep as much of the "glow", translucence as possible.  For example, JHBB3270 in this photo was so gorgeous to handle during the photos, editing and listing process.  I got the "qi feel" of "wisdom and compassion", so that was part of the description.

JHBB3270 "Compassion and Wisdom" Old Mine Burmese Jadeite Bangle Bracelet

You can see some of that "glow" around the upper edges on the right, but not on the front area.  I fell in love with it and if it were my size, it would be on my wrist instead of listed for sale!

Keep in mind that all of our smart devices are slightly different, what you see is slightly different than what you get.  But we spend a great deal of time to show it as accurate as possible.

And when you receive your jade and open the parcel in your home or office, and it doesn't seem "right", take it to outdoor lighting.  Jade is a natural mineral, and the natural outdoor light is what makes it look like it's supposed to look.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Ying Yu Jade Birthday - 18 Years Selling Online

Ying Yu Jade has been online and selling jade for 18 years!

I have a feeling this is a "never ending job" for me.

In 1998 I built my first web site, Calm Spirit.  It was mostly online counseling.  Then I went to China in 1999 to learn Chinese medicine, and fell in love with jade.  The Chinese doctor I met in Beijing liked jade rollers, jade gua sha tools, and taught me about those.  We met a jade seller in Dandong, who took us to China's "Jade Capital" in Liaoning, China who introduced us to a jade carver.  I ordered a box of jade bangles, rollers, gua sha tools not much larger than a shoe  box,  and was quite scared about starting a jade business.  I started on eBay, and sold out!  So I ordered more and turned Calm Spirit into an e-commerce web site.  But it it wasn't really set up for selling,  and my associate in China told me "Ying Yu" meant "best quality jade", so Ying Yu Jade began.

Ying Yu Jade

I still chuckle when I think about how nervous I was about ordering a shoe box size of jade products.  At the height of YYJ,  I had a storage shed.  And I still have a lot of jade, but it does sell.

99% of the time it's been a great "job".  I love buying jade.  I can shop in China, or order the Chinese jade health care items from my jade carver.  I love unpacking it.  I love listing it.  But it is a big job because most items are one of a kind, require quite a few photos before editing and listing each one. Most customers are jade lovers.  And some would love to "close me down" because of the fine quality and good customer service offered.  As you know, the "fake" jades have added drama to selling jade, and when you look at YYJ and Jade Heaven, and you see what genuine and natural jade looks like, and read information about jade on the sites and the blog, it kind of puts a crimp into businesses selling "fake".

Check out the "Deal of the Day" on May 23 for some great discounts.  The more I sell, the more new jade I can buy!  Good for all of us jade lovers.

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Friday, May 11, 2018

Taking Care of Your Jade in Summer Weather

It's summer here in central Florida.  Really.  Hot.  90 degrees during the daytime already.

When summer comes, it's important to keep your jade cool.  I keep the jade that is in storage in a cool part of our home, where it is also dark.  That's what jade likes.  When I would go into very good quality jade shops in China, they were often dark, looking like it was closed, not open for business.  But if you could see a little light inside, you knew it was open.  The jade was stored in mostly dark.  And in cool temperatures, even in southern China. When I was in a shop like that, I knew I would get good quality jade.

I wear my jade bangle bracelet outdoors, when I go to the pool.  But since I don't spend long periods of time outdoors when it's really hot, it's safe for the jade.  When I go into the pool, I usually keep my jade bangle wrist above the water, but if it does spend some time in the chlorine pool water, I wash it with soap and cool water when I get home.  Sometimes if it seems sticky from sunscreen, I use furniture polish to clean it up.

Since I always have a jade bangle bracelet on, it's in the shower with me, too.  So it stays hydrated and clean.  I wipe lotions off, but don't use any harsh cleaners.

I love white jade with some apple green veins for summer.  The qi energy seems cooling, calming.  I know it's "right" for me to wear in the summer, a yin jade in yang heat, because it "glows" as I wear it.

JHBB579 soft yin green and white Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet for summer

Mother of Pearl jewelry looks good with my jade in the summer, and I really do like MOP pendants.  I was cleaning out a jewelry box last week and found a key chain I bought in Tahiti a few years ago.  It's mother of pearl with a palm tree near the ocean, and a little darker color near the top you usually don't see on mother of pearl.  It reminds me of how beautiful those islands are but there are also the dangers of tropical storms looming. 

I plan to remove the key chain clasp and replace it with a bail so I can wear it as a pendant. It's too pretty to leave in a drawer because I don't want to damage it using it as a key chain.

And I have to remind myself to wear all my jade bangle bracelets!  I get hooked on one, wear it for a long time, but when I "go to the drawer", I see another one that looks like "just the right one", and that gets to spend some time on my wrist.

Take care of your jade, so its qi energy takes care of you!

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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Jade at the Gem Trade Show

This weekend is the G&LW Gem trade show in Orlando area.  Yesterday was first day, and that's when I go.  There are two gem sellers who sell Chinese jade and Burmese jadeite, and know that I "know" jade.  If they have something special,  they hold it for me if I go to their booth as soon as it opens. 

One of the gem sellers had some vintage old Burmese jadeite pendants and carvings.  They were beautiful, and very expensive.  And I didn't purchase anything from him.  The other gem seller pulled out a tray of Burmese jadeite beads bracelets. The smooth beads were reasonable prices that I could sell online, but I have a sufficient amount in my inventory.  He still had some of the carved beads bracelet and was selling them for almost the price I have them listed.

Jade Heaven Carved Burmese Jadeite Grade A Bead Bracelets

We discussed that each bead needs careful carving, and using the more expensive grade A genuine and natural jadeite is risky because drilling the hole, doing the carving results in some breakage, which is total loss for the jade carver. 

He goes to Hong Kong several times a year to purchase jadeite.  Some of his contacts in Hong Kong who shop for jade go directly to the jade carvers near the Burma border to buy wholesale and then sell to gem sellers who buy wholesale from him.  He got very serious and told me it is extremely difficult to sell jadeite these days because of all the fakes.  He mentioned a company in Tianjin that makes beautiful fake jadeite, color treated aventurine or other gem that can be made to look like jadeite.  He is very experienced and said that sometimes it fools him, too.  He just shakes his head when I tell him all my sales are online.  We agreed there is so much drama around jade, and it is very frustrating to be a genuine natural jade seller.  I told him that when my inventory gets lower, I am not going order again, and that will be the end of my jade selling.  Sad, but that's the way it is.  My regular jade supplier in China who never leaves the country and works with my jade carver said the same thing is happening with his jade sales.  He said buyers don't understand why the prices for his jade is higher than some of the exporters, because we have worked together almost 20 years and sells only genuine and natural Chinese jade and Burmese jadeite.

So it's the first time at the gem show that I didn't buy any jade!

To cheer me up, I wandered through some of the other gem sellers booths and was very tempted to buy up some of the gorgeous gem jewelry.  I put my "gift list" in my mind, and purchased a few things for gifts for friends.  One seller had very different gemstone items, including small trees made with gemstones.  I have seen the trees with all the different gemstones as branches, but this seller had these gorgeous amethyst trees.

Genuine amethyst small tree

The photo just can't capture how beautiful it really is.  All the little stones making up the leaf clusters, and some amethyst stones coming through the stone base.  I bought one for a girlfriend who is a Reiki master.  It "screamed her name" at me when I looked at it!

And as I wandered I did see "jade" being sold as genuine and natural when it obviously wasn't.  But most buyers didn't know that, and were buying it because of the low price.

This morning I received an email from a customer looking for a certain jadeite bangle bracelet, and telling me about she always gets "cheated"  and ripped off buying jade in Western markets, China Towns.   And I have been hearing that from many people over the years.  It's so sad that has happened to the reputation of jade it probably won't improve.  If you are reading this, you know where you can buy genuine and natural jade. 

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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Does Your Jade Bangle Bracelet Hurt Your Wrist? Here's an Option

 Some customers tell me that their jade bangle bracelets hurt their wrists when they put it on, take it off, or just wear it.  Sometimes the hard jade stone hits those sensitive parts of the wrist under the thumb, especially if you have arthritis.

A previous blog this month was about too small jade bangle bracelets.  And the previous blog is about pearls, jade and pearls. That leads me to this solution that I have been using for 15 years. Magnets.  Pearls and magnets.

In the Barbara Bush pearls blog, I wrote about buying the pearls at the Beijing Pearl Market near Temple of Heaven.  When my Chinese doctor associate and I were shopping for jade for Chinese medicine and health, we went to the Pearl market because they also sell jade.  I spotted a very pretty bracelet, and stopped to look at it, try wearing it.  The magnets felt quite good on my wrist.

Magnet and Pearls Bracelet

 We were on our way to a Chinese medicine pharmacy, and was surprised to see that the pharmacy was also selling the magnet and pearls bracelets.  So of course, I bought a bag full. 

Chinese people often wear something with magnets for health, especially pain and arthritis. And as I have aged and my wrists and other joints become more tender, I wear this magnet and pearl bracelet often, sometimes along with my jade bangle bracelet.

Magnet and pearls bracelet worn with jadeite bangle bracelet
Health and Wellness, as well as beautiful jewelry

This string of magnets and pearls can also be worn as a necklace.  Visit YYJ through the link on the photos for more information and photos.

 You can buy beautiful jade and a few non-jade items like this magnet and pearl bracelet that is not just fabulous jewelry:  it's also "medicine".

So don't feel "guilty" about spending money on "medicine you can wear" when you buy from Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven.  Everything for sale is genuine, natural and good for you. And beautiful.

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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Earth Day-Yoga Day-Taiji (Tai Chi) Day and Barbara Bush's Pearl Necklace

It's Earth Day, international Yoga Day and Qigong and Tai Chi Day.  And I'm celebrating with body, mind and spirit practice.

I started with yoga this morning, then at 10 AM did taiji (tai chi) because that was the designated time for around the world.  And I did my yoga and taiji on our open screened porch.  It became very spiritual as I listened to the abundant birds that are here now and felt very connected to Earth.

Of course my jade bangle bracelet "glowed" with qi energy as I was absorbed in my practices.  The Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet I've been wearing since our weather turned "summery" it white with apple and imperial green veins, very yin and yang balancing.

My classic round and slender Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet

Yesterday was Barbara Bush's funeral and "wear your pearls" day.  Did you know that Barbara's pearls were not "real"?  She wore the three strands close to her neck to hide wrinkles.  Even though she was a very down-to-earth person, she still had her preferences for her overall appearance.  The necklace I wore was one I had made in Beijing's Pearl Market quite a few years ago.  I carried some around with me during the day, and when women told me how beautiful it was, I was able to offer them one to purchase.

JPNeck-650 Jade and Pearls Necklace

There are still quite a few for sale on Ying Yu Jade.  Some with jade, some all pearls.  And they are "real", genuine and natural pearls.  The Beijing Pearl Market is a huge building near Temple of Heaven, and when I went to Beijing, I always went to Pearl Market.  The pearl sellers would help me design a style, then they called in their  "workers" who made them up for me while I shopped on the other floors of the Pearl Market place.

I'm getting ready to take a long walk through the nature area.  It's a very satisfying way for me to celebrate Earth Day.

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Friday, April 6, 2018

An Option for a Too Small Jade Bangle Bracelet

The previous blog focused on getting a too small jade bangle bracelet on your wrist with the least amount of pain. 

But sometimes you just cannot get your jade bangle bracelet on. 

Some customers told me they are shopping for a new jade bangle bracelet because the jade bangle they wear every day is getting too small for their body changes in their wrist area.  And sometimes women who wear their jade bangle bracelet all day, every day for years need to have a procedure, perhaps medical, that requires removal of their jade bangle bracelet, and they have to get the bangle cut off because it won't go over their wrist.

I learn from my experiences with other people about what can happen to the body as it ages.  When I heard about jade bangle lover's "too small" experiences, I became aware that my hands also are getting arthritic, and I started planning ahead for what I might need.  I purchased three jade bangle bracelets that have been cut, and clasps added.

Three Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets with clasps

There are different kinds of clasps on these.  The round jadeite bangle bracelets have gold clasps with a chain to protect the clasp part that opens:

Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets with gold clasps

The "modern" flat inside jadeite bangle has a sterling silver clasp with an insert, and I have found it to be more secure:

Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet with sterling silver clasp

Another reason why women might want the clasp option is to get the very smallest jade bangle on their wrist so the bangle won't move around and bump tender, arthritic areas:

Jade bangle bracelet with clasp fitting right on the wrist

There are some problems you may encounter when you look for a jeweler to cut your jade bangle in half and add a clasp.   Some jewelers will not do it, perhaps because they don't know how to work with jade.  And the cutting process may cause the entire jade bangle bracelet to break.

But the biggest reason for not cutting and clasping is it changes the jade bangle.  None of the three jade bangles with clasps shown in the photos have high "chime", although they are genuine and natural Burmese jadeite.  It's like the qi life goes out of the jade.

These three jade bangles are my personal jades. The bangle with the sterling clasp is  51mm, and the other two are 56-57mm.  I don't wear them now, but I look at them, touch them often.  I did not have a jeweler cut the jade and make the clasp for me, I purchased them "as is".  And I took them to jewelers to find a jeweler who was willing to cut and clasp regular jade bangles, but no one was willing to do it. 

These aren't for sale on the web site.  I don't know what my hands, arthritis are going to feel like as I age, so waiting to see how "life" goes, whether to keep or sell them.   The small bangle with the sterling clasp really feels good, there's a lot of jade in it, it's thick from inside to outside (probably to keep it strong for cutting and clasping) and I love the heavy feel of it fitting right on top of my wrist. 

Cutting and clasping a jade bangle is an option,  and if your proceed be sure the jade bangle you are changing to a clasp is strong, has a lot of jade in it, thick inside to outside, like the Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets with certificates, the "newer" jade.  These are strong and grade A best quality new jade available.

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Friday, March 30, 2018

Help! My Jade Bangle is Too Small and it Hurts to put it on My Wrist

When customers receive their new jade bangle bracelet, and let me know how much they like it, sometimes they are very sad they can't get it on their wrist.  The "newer" Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets, the ones with certificates of gemology testing, sometimes feel like they are 1-2mm too small.  I respond with a link to suggestions for putting on your jade bangle bracelet when it seems like it is too small and hurts the wrist.

Most customers finds this works, and are happy again.

If you have wrists that are tender, wearing a jade bangle that fits as close to the wrist as possible minimizes the contact with the bone are at the base of the thumb.  For women who have arthritis or other pain conditions, the jade bangle moving on or over that part need extra help.

A long time "jade sister" and customer sent me an email with helpful information:
"I have a new way of putting on my bangles that might help other clients that have the frail skin like me.  I always use a plastic bag, usually, the plastic newspaper sleeves as they are more narrow.  But I add an additional step.  Part of the problem with my skin and putting on bangles is if the skin moves or is stretched even with a plastic bag that can cause it to bleed under the skin.  So, I take saran wrap.  I fold my thumb and little finger under my hand to make my hand as narrow as possible, then I put saran wrap on as that holds the skin tight and adds protection.  Then I put my hand in the plastic newspaper sleeve and put my bangle on.  No injuries that way."

If you are like me, send her a mental "thank you" when you use the technique.  Very helpful for getting on the smallest jade bangle bracelet you can wear with the least amount of pain.

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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Jade and Gemstones: Is My Jade Real? Is the Color Natural?

I really like earrings and pendants made from mother of pearl, and moonstone. I like the white spiritual color and "feel" of those stones.    I've bought  a few pieces of each over the years.  And they go good with jade. .  For some reason, I tend to lose an earring, wait a few weeks to try to find, then order another pair.  Last week I lost a moonstone earring, from a pair I've had for quite a few years.  I decided to search through my jewelry box(es) to find another pair I hadn't worn for awhile.  When I found them, the moonstone was dark and looked quite awful.  I bought them on HSN and assumed they would be "real" and good quality.

HSN has a disclaimer on most of their gemstones: "Gemstones and pearls are sometimes treated to enhance their natural beauty."    On jade, they have the notice: "Usually dyed and/or heat-treated to enhance color; occasionally wax-coated to enhance appearance."  

That last statement gives the impression that jade "usually" is treated in some way. 

That is probably true on most commercial web sites. On Amazon, EBay, Etsy I note that most is color treated.  And I previously posted that was the case in Macy's stores.  

Not on Jade Heaven.  

Yes, you can get your jade cheaper on those kinds of sites and stores.  And the treating of the jade does make it look beautiful.  And there's nothing wrong with treated jade.  But you should know all the facts about what  you are getting.

This week I had quite a few emails from people who told me about how their jade had changed over time.  They were unhappy about it, and didn't know why.  

Like I was unhappy the moonstone earrings I wanted to wear were obviously treated, but it was not stated when I bought them.  

But the jade, moonstone, are still "real" even if treated.

I inform people that the only way to know for sure if your jade is grade A genuine and natural is to get it tested by a GIA gemologist, or buy from a business you trust.

Like Jade Heaven.

I offer a guarantee that the jade is as described.  If you get it tested by a GIA gemologist and it is not natural color, you get refunded.   I bought most of the jade I sell in China, on long, hard shopping trips near the Burma border, so I can buy directly from jade carvers.  Also, the jade I buy from the carvers is usually not for export, it's cherished and sold to Chinese people because they want good quality, genuine and natural.

This "ring of sisters" is a lot I purchased from a jade carver 12-13 years ago.  He followed our bargaining sale with a tea ceremony.

 And if you really are concerned about buying genuine and natural jade, these jade bangle bracelets have certificates of Chinese gemology testing.  

#746 Burmese jadeite grade A bangle bracelet with certificate of gemology testing
The label inside matches the certificate

When I first started selling jade online in 2000,  I was one of the first jade lovers in USA to sell jade.  Most of the jade was sold on EBay from China.  If I had known there would be so many dishonest jade sellers now, I would have got certificates of gemology testing on all the jadeite I bought in China.  The GIA certificate testing costs $100-200 but I got certificates on the "China's Favorite" Grade A with Certificate Collection for a much lower price, so I can sell them for a decent price.  

If you are a jade lover, you are probably intuitive, informed about jade to make good decisions on your purchases.   But like I got color treated moonstone earrings, you do have to be careful.

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Wearing Jade for Happiness, Health and Wellness - How to Buy Jade

It's often difficult choosing your special jade.  On Jade Heaven and Ying Yu Jade there are so many good jades that sometimes you want them all!  But the reality is that you probably can't (unless you would like to purchase the web site!).

I encourage people who are having trouble choosing their jade to keep looking, and notice how you "feel" about the pieces you like.  Some may appear more desirable to you.  And some might make you feel that it's just right for you.  Most of the descriptions of the jade pieces include descriptions of the carvings, symbols.  Jade carvings, pendants have cultural symbols that can be meaningful as well as enjoyable.  And the colors of jade, according to Chinese medicine, related to the meridians of the body: heart, lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys.
So if you wear "jade as medicine", that's a good excuse to buy jade for your "medicine chest".

NJ2509 Chinese "River Jade" Bangle Bracelet with qi energy for Healing

People who buy jade just because they like it also get an indirect "good feeling" from the jade qi energy.  It makes you happy to wear jade!  And happiness is good for you. Maybe it's a "placebo", but it still is good for you.

So enjoy shopping for your jade.  Choose what works best for you.  If you find that it's not what you expected, request an exchange.  I treat customers the way I want to be treated and will do my best to help you get the jade that works best for you.

After all, I live and work in my "jade room" office.  And I know how good being surrounded by jade makes one feel.

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Here's a Tip for Taking a Break with a Jade Roller

I took my annual vacation at a time of the year that was not compatible with a jade business.
Valentine's Day, then the start of Chinese Lunar New Year means jade lovers are ready to buy their new jade either for themselves or a gift for a special person.  And since jade purchases this time of year have significance, customers want more information about the jade they are buying, and the qi energy of the jade for their purpose.

(I know, I know, I'm making an excuse for not working of this blog for almost two weeks!)

One of my major goals selling jade is customer service.  I want to answer your questions quickly and satisfactory.  And I can do a better job by email rather than phone conversations.  The business phones are strange to use, and I do get a better "feel" for what you want to know when it's in email format, sometimes when a photo is included so I can get a better idea of the issue.  And I want to get your order shipped as soon as possible, especially if you pay for upgraded shipping method.  On mornings when I wake up and see orders placed overnight, I set everything else aside to get them packed and ready for my daily postal pickup. 

And all of this takes place in my home office, a bedroom converted to office and storage for all this jade. 

I keep a small jade roller on the desk. 

Ying Yu Jade Small Roller for Face, Neck and More

When I stop to think about something, or make a decision,  sit for awhile and use the small jade roller on my face.  When I concentrate, I tend to "frown" and I have wrinkle marks in my "frown" area.  I roll the jade over this area, then across my eyebrows, then cheeks and round my lip area.  If my neck feels tight, I roll that area, too. It's very relaxing.  But the best part is that it seems to open my mind to new, better ideas.  There's the helpful process of rolling, as well as the qi energy of the jade.  Green jade is the classic color in Chinese culture as well as Chinese medicine, with qi energy for body, mind and spirit wellness.

I keep a couple jade rollers on my bedside stand and use them throughout the day and to unwind and relax at night. They are small enough to put in a pocket or handbag and take with you on those days when you know are going to be challenging. 

Our precious jade!  Not only beautiful, but "medicine" for our body, mind and spirit.

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