Wednesday, June 28, 2017

China woman faints after breaking jade bracelet in jewellery shop

I'm sharing this story I read on BBC News:

A Chinese woman fainted in a jewellery shop after accidentally breaking a jade bracelet priced at $44,000 (£35,000).
The tourist from eastern Jiangxi province was trying on the bracelet in a shop in Ruili in Yunnan province near the border with Myanmar, where much of the jade in China is from.
When she was told the bracelet's price she quickly took it off but in her haste dropped it, state media reported.

No agreement over compensation for the shop has yet been reached.
Shop staff attempted to calm the woman after the breakage, but she turned pale, began sweating and eventually fainted, a report on news website quoted the shop owner's son as saying.

She came round after other customers who had rushed to help pinched her under her nose, the People's Daily reported

Shop staff then told the woman she could pay $25,000 to resolve the matter, but she said she could only afford $1,500, the report said.

Police were unable to persuade the parties to reach an agreement and the matter may need to go to court.

A local precious gem association told news portal Sina that the bracelet was worth only $26,000.

End of News Story

"Gold and diamonds have a price, but jade has no price"  ancient Chinese saying.  The price is about what the buyer wants to pay and what the seller will agree to sell it for.  When you go to China to buy jade, there are no prices on the jade.  It's all about bargaining.  If you do see prices, then you know you are in a "tourist trap", oops, I mean "tourist shop".

And if you have ever dropped your jade bangle and it broke, you know you can faint from the agony of your loss.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

It's Summer Solstice. What Kind of Jade to Wear....With Your Crocs!

It's summer solstice today, and early this morning my order of Crocs Meleen were delivered by Amazon.  I wear these all the time at home, and sometimes even take a long walk without changing to my "walking shoes".  These Crocs are as special to me as my jade bangle bracelets.

And it felt like it was time to change my jade bangle for summer.  I like the one I've worn for a few weeks, the slender round style is very comfortable.  But the little "glow" of lavender was my cue that it's time to change for summer.

My personal jadeite bangle bracelet, classic round and slender, with
an area of "wisdom" lavender jadeite that "glows" when I need a clue
 White jade has yin qi energy for keeping body, mind and spirit healthy in hot weather.  White jade is related to the lung meridian, metal element, and if you have allergies, asthma or get depressed in summer, white jade is "Chinese medicine" to wear.

The oval small Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet I'm wearing today for summer solstice.
Oval shape with imperial green veins.   And my new Crocs Meleen flip flop sandals for summer
If you want to take advantage of Ying Yu Jade sale of Vintage, Estate and Pre-Owned jade, today a white carved jadeite bangle bracelet, #V1258 is on the Today's Special.  One of the features I like about it is that the jade carver didn't polish it very much, just enough to smooth out the carving.  That makes it very natural, as well as being genuine and natural color Burmese jadeite.  There are also so veins of honey, varied shades of depth, so the darker honey is related to the heart meridian and the lighter honey is related to the spleen meridian.  It's like wearing your medicine for summer weather.

Item #V1258 vintage pre-owned white carved jadeite bangle bracelet
Wear white jade for summer, take life more easy and relaxing, drink water,  eat light.  Wishing you all a happy and healthy summer.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

The Beauty and Versatility of Chinese "River Jade" Bangle and Bead Bracelets

I was sad when I sold the last two Chinese "river jade" bead bracelets to a customer in Malaysia a couple of weeks ago.  But when I was cleaning up the inventory, I found five more that had fallen behind the drawer they were stored in.

Chinese "river jade" bead bracelet

As of today, only five are available.  These have been the most popular jade bead bracelets on Ying Yu Jade web site.  Of course, I am keeping one for myself.

Chinese "river jade" is one of China's most famous jades.  The natural color is from minerals in the river water where they are mined.  Chinese doctors have used this kind of jade as "medicine" because the colors of the jade correspond to the five meridians of the body.  But most of us wear these because they are fun and lovely.
 This is how they look worn together on my wrist.  The green bangle in the bottom photo is a classic Chinese jade bangle bracelet.

My personal Chinese river jade bangle bracelet with river jade stretch bead bracelet
This photo shows how it "goes" with other Chinese "river jade" bangle bracelets.  The jade bangle on my wrist is my small size 53mm and I wear it when I feel really "out of sorts" and need balancing.  The green color is the main healing color, related to the liver meridian.  Black jade color is related to the kidney meridian.  The yellow honey color is related to the spleen meridian.  Honey with red hues related to the heart meridian.  And the white veins are related to the lung meridian.  The "river jade" beads have all five colors relating to all meridians and they were selected and made into the stretch bead bracelets based on Chinese medicine.

And we all need to "take our medicine"!

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Jade Bangle Bracelet and Travel

I wanted to "keep it simple" regarding what I packed and wore on our Ohio/Pennsylvania trip last week.   As I always do when I travel, I put on my deep green almost black double dragons Chinese jade bangle bracelet that has symbolism and qi energy for protection.  After flying and driving, I kept it in my hand bag, and wore my vintage classic round Burmese jadeite slender bangle bracelet on my left wrist, and two jadeite bead bracelets on my right wrist.  It was warm in PA, and I felt like I needed something significant on my wrist because my tops were very short sleeve.

Our flight home from Pittsburgh airport  was 4 PM and we had to check out of our hotel by noon.  We left before noon because Pittsburgh airport is our favorite airport in the US.  It used to be a shopping mall prior to the TSA requirement, and the restaurants and shops were required to have pricing no higher than their regular stores outside the airport.  And they have a good variety of restaurants, and very interesting and unique shops. 

The shop I spent the most time in was one that specialized in sterling silver jewelry, very unique and good selections.  I purchase something there every time we fly through Pittsburgh.  The woman salesperson and I talked a lot, and she commented on my jade bangle bracelet.  She said it was so beautiful, with the imperial green veins, moderate translucency that showed off lavender hues.  She was very familiar with jewelry and said she had never seen a jade bangle bracelet so beautiful.  And when I put my wrists together and she saw the bead bracelets with the bangle, she was impressed that even though the coloring seemed different and not compatible, because it is natural jadeite it looks good with all other jadeite.  

And we discussed how the newer Burmese jadeite and older jadeite are really different.

She was being converted into a jade lover!

Time to put on my "black" double dragons jade bangle for the flight back to Orlando.  When the flight got rough from storms, touching and playing with it kept me peaceful and serene.

Two Dragons Hold Pearl Deep Deep Green Carved Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelet

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

How to Wear Your Jade Bangle Bracelet: Loose on Your Wrist

Often first time jade bangle bracelet customers contact me when they receive their new jade bangle and tell me it was very tight to get on their wrist, and they used the "plastic bag" method.  But when on the wrist, the jade bangle seemed too large because it moved almost half way up their forearm.  And they knew they could never get on a smaller size.

That's the issue I have with jade bangle bracelets, also.  My forearms are slender and my tight-to-get-on jade bangle moves up and down often. 

I was cleaning the kitchen yesterday and wanted to really clean the counter tops.  My jade bangle bracelet hit the counter really hard, and fortunately did not crack or break.  I didn't want to remove it.  It occurred to me that I might be able to keep it from going all the way down my wrist to my hand if I could use another jade as a "stopper".   I put on the Pandora style bracelet with big carved hollow jade bead, and amazingly it stopped my jade bangle from hitting the counter top.  I'm keeping it in a kitchen drawer so I can wear it when I'm chopping produce for salads, kneading pizza dough and cleaning up after making the mess!

Hollow carved jadeite bead on Pandora style bracelet to protect my precious jade bangle bracelet

I chose one of the beads I don't want to sell because it has a crack in it, but the beads for sale are varied shades of light to medium green.  They are genuine and natural color, so they will "go", look good, with your jadeite and you won't have to be concerned about "matching" the jade colors. 

Short blog today because I want to scrub the cement steps outside with Comet and a brush, and and will wear my "protector" jade bead bracelet conveniently located in the kitchen drawer. 

PS:  It also seems to make me more mindful, enjoying the beauty of the bead bracelets plus the jadeite bangle I'm wearing for the energy at this time.

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