Friday, March 30, 2018

Help! My Jade Bangle is Too Small and it Hurts to put it on My Wrist

When customers receive their new jade bangle bracelet, and let me know how much they like it, sometimes they are very sad they can't get it on their wrist.  The "newer" Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets, the ones with certificates of gemology testing, sometimes feel like they are 1-2mm too small.  I respond with a link to suggestions for putting on your jade bangle bracelet when it seems like it is too small and hurts the wrist.

Most customers finds this works, and are happy again.

If you have wrists that are tender, wearing a jade bangle that fits as close to the wrist as possible minimizes the contact with the bone are at the base of the thumb.  For women who have arthritis or other pain conditions, the jade bangle moving on or over that part need extra help.

A long time "jade sister" and customer sent me an email with helpful information:
"I have a new way of putting on my bangles that might help other clients that have the frail skin like me.  I always use a plastic bag, usually, the plastic newspaper sleeves as they are more narrow.  But I add an additional step.  Part of the problem with my skin and putting on bangles is if the skin moves or is stretched even with a plastic bag that can cause it to bleed under the skin.  So, I take saran wrap.  I fold my thumb and little finger under my hand to make my hand as narrow as possible, then I put saran wrap on as that holds the skin tight and adds protection.  Then I put my hand in the plastic newspaper sleeve and put my bangle on.  No injuries that way."

If you are like me, send her a mental "thank you" when you use the technique.  Very helpful for getting on the smallest jade bangle bracelet you can wear with the least amount of pain.

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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Jade and Gemstones: Is My Jade Real? Is the Color Natural?

I really like earrings and pendants made from mother of pearl, and moonstone. I like the white spiritual color and "feel" of those stones.    I've bought  a few pieces of each over the years.  And they go good with jade. .  For some reason, I tend to lose an earring, wait a few weeks to try to find, then order another pair.  Last week I lost a moonstone earring, from a pair I've had for quite a few years.  I decided to search through my jewelry box(es) to find another pair I hadn't worn for awhile.  When I found them, the moonstone was dark and looked quite awful.  I bought them on HSN and assumed they would be "real" and good quality.

HSN has a disclaimer on most of their gemstones: "Gemstones and pearls are sometimes treated to enhance their natural beauty."    On jade, they have the notice: "Usually dyed and/or heat-treated to enhance color; occasionally wax-coated to enhance appearance."  

That last statement gives the impression that jade "usually" is treated in some way. 

That is probably true on most commercial web sites. On Amazon, EBay, Etsy I note that most is color treated.  And I previously posted that was the case in Macy's stores.  

Not on Jade Heaven.  

Yes, you can get your jade cheaper on those kinds of sites and stores.  And the treating of the jade does make it look beautiful.  And there's nothing wrong with treated jade.  But you should know all the facts about what  you are getting.

This week I had quite a few emails from people who told me about how their jade had changed over time.  They were unhappy about it, and didn't know why.  

Like I was unhappy the moonstone earrings I wanted to wear were obviously treated, but it was not stated when I bought them.  

But the jade, moonstone, are still "real" even if treated.

I inform people that the only way to know for sure if your jade is grade A genuine and natural is to get it tested by a GIA gemologist, or buy from a business you trust.

Like Jade Heaven.

I offer a guarantee that the jade is as described.  If you get it tested by a GIA gemologist and it is not natural color, you get refunded.   I bought most of the jade I sell in China, on long, hard shopping trips near the Burma border, so I can buy directly from jade carvers.  Also, the jade I buy from the carvers is usually not for export, it's cherished and sold to Chinese people because they want good quality, genuine and natural.

This "ring of sisters" is a lot I purchased from a jade carver 12-13 years ago.  He followed our bargaining sale with a tea ceremony.

 And if you really are concerned about buying genuine and natural jade, these jade bangle bracelets have certificates of Chinese gemology testing.  

#746 Burmese jadeite grade A bangle bracelet with certificate of gemology testing
The label inside matches the certificate

When I first started selling jade online in 2000,  I was one of the first jade lovers in USA to sell jade.  Most of the jade was sold on EBay from China.  If I had known there would be so many dishonest jade sellers now, I would have got certificates of gemology testing on all the jadeite I bought in China.  The GIA certificate testing costs $100-200 but I got certificates on the "China's Favorite" Grade A with Certificate Collection for a much lower price, so I can sell them for a decent price.  

If you are a jade lover, you are probably intuitive, informed about jade to make good decisions on your purchases.   But like I got color treated moonstone earrings, you do have to be careful.

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Wearing Jade for Happiness, Health and Wellness - How to Buy Jade

It's often difficult choosing your special jade.  On Jade Heaven and Ying Yu Jade there are so many good jades that sometimes you want them all!  But the reality is that you probably can't (unless you would like to purchase the web site!).

I encourage people who are having trouble choosing their jade to keep looking, and notice how you "feel" about the pieces you like.  Some may appear more desirable to you.  And some might make you feel that it's just right for you.  Most of the descriptions of the jade pieces include descriptions of the carvings, symbols.  Jade carvings, pendants have cultural symbols that can be meaningful as well as enjoyable.  And the colors of jade, according to Chinese medicine, related to the meridians of the body: heart, lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys.
So if you wear "jade as medicine", that's a good excuse to buy jade for your "medicine chest".

NJ2509 Chinese "River Jade" Bangle Bracelet with qi energy for Healing

People who buy jade just because they like it also get an indirect "good feeling" from the jade qi energy.  It makes you happy to wear jade!  And happiness is good for you. Maybe it's a "placebo", but it still is good for you.

So enjoy shopping for your jade.  Choose what works best for you.  If you find that it's not what you expected, request an exchange.  I treat customers the way I want to be treated and will do my best to help you get the jade that works best for you.

After all, I live and work in my "jade room" office.  And I know how good being surrounded by jade makes one feel.

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