Sunday, October 23, 2016

Changing Your Jade for Your Body Balancing: What Kind of Jade Should I Wear?

The "snowbirds" are back in Florida, and they brought much cooler weather.  Last week the temperatures were in the 90's during they day and 70's at night. Yesterday our temperatures were mid 70's during the day, and 50 last night.  I woke up feeling achy, tired, and generally out of sorts.  Maybe it was time to change my jade bangle bracelet.  I have been wearing a carved, soft neutral color, the "Pamela Favorite".

I took out one of the three boxes that holds my personal jade bangle bracelets. I took the lid off, and without looking, felt through the box.  Since it was cool in our home, they all felt deliciously cold.  I got a "tingle" and good feeling inside from one, and took it out of the box.
I usually don't wear "good green" and was surprised that was the "one for me" today.

Green color jade is related to the liver meridian, for overall health and wellness of the body, mind and spirit.  The element is Wood.  It will help my feelings of anxiety and frustration (probably due to the past 6 months of losing one home and have another built). I also have some other symptoms of Liver meridian imbalance including dry and brittle nails, headaches, sinus congestion and abdominal distress.  I'm going to continue to wear it while we are taking a few days for vacation next week.  (Online stores Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven will be closed October 25-27).

While I was "searching" for the right kind of qi energy in the jade bangle box, my fingers kept touching an unusual color jadeite bangle bracelet that has a "mysterious" feel about it.

 Indoors it looks like soft lavender with some "clouds" of lighter coloring.

Outdoors in daylight it doesn't show as much variation in the color.

I bought it in 2003 while shopping in China near the Burma border.  I kept coming back to it, and when I was done shopping and bargaining for jade (no prices on jade, it's all about bargaining) I had money left over to splurge on myself.  When I got back to Beijing, my Chinese doctor friend told me that this color of jadeite is almost like the rare blue jade, and although I didn't understand all his Chinese language description, I understood this coloring is related to the "extraordinary" meridian, sometimes called "Big Heaven" that is circular in the center of the body, from bottom of spine to head, then back to bottom of spine.  It relates to spirituality, intuitiveness and the nervous system.  I'm going to put it on Ying Yu Jade web site in the "Ying Yu's Jewelry Box" collection, put a sale price on it, and if it doesn't sell by mid November, take the listing off and keep it for myself for the holiday season.  I promised in a previous blog to list some of my personal jade bangle bracelets, but I have to say it's difficult to think about parting with jade I bought because it felt like harmony with me.  The item number is BB2869 and will get listed when the YYJ site goes back online next Thursday.  You can see it fits my wrist well, and my size is 53-55mm.

Back in the year 1999 when I bought my first jadeite bangle bracelet, I intended to have only one very good jade bangle, wear it all the time, and have only one.  I didn't know at the time I would be starting a jade business. And learning Chinese medicine, the meridian healing system, I appreciate that the colors of jade are as healing as the jade itself.  Sometimes when I go through my personal collection, I truly do not know which one I would choose if I had to have only one.  I change every day, my body changes, health changes, and my jade is "medicine" for body, mind and spirit.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

"Bamboo Knot" Carved Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelets - Pretty and Meaningful

Look what I found buried in the storage locker.

"Bamboo Knot" Green Translucent Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelets
These were designed and carved for my by my jade carver in China at least 10 years ago. I had them listed on the old Ying Yu Jade web site, but for some reason, they didn't get listed when we changed to the new, mobile friendly web site.

The jade carver chose some of the very best quality of Chinese jade from the mines.  The jade is a good green color, and is nicely translucent.  It's the best kind of Chinese jade I have seen in high end stores in China. 

The design is "bamboo".  There are knots spaced around, like bamboo ties, and a bamboo leaf is etched between each knot.  Bamboo is a classic Chinese symbol.  Bamboo is flexible.  It bends instead of breaks.  It represents ability to deal with adversity in a positive way.

The green color jade is related to the liver meridian, with qi energy for health and healing. Green jade is classic color used by Chinese medicine doctors for health tools, like jade rollers, jade gua sha tools and jade "needles" for acupressure.  The beautiful translucence is spiritual, with a "glow" that makes the jade more pretty.  This kind of Chinese jade is genuine and not treated with color enhancing dyes. 

If you wear "jade as medicine", Chinese green jade is good to wear this time of year.  If you don't get a flu shot, and want to stay healthy over fall and early winter, the qi energy in the jade will help your qi energy flow smoothly to help keep you well.

Of course, I kept one for myself, and have been wearing it during the photographing and listing on the web site.  I feel relaxed, cheerful and positive while wearing it.  And I'm wearing it along with my every day jadeite bangle bracelet.  The size is slightly too large for me, so I'm wearing it on my right wrist, which is slightly larger than the left wrist I wear my jadeite bangle on all the time.

These are in various sizes, and just listed today, and on sale as Today's Special.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Giant Jade Stone Uncovered in Myanmar (Burma)

This is a story on BBC News about a giant jade stone uncovered in Myanmar (Burma).

It was discovered near the border with China. 

When you see the jade rough, it's amazing when you see the final product, polished and beautiful and green.  Of course, it's impossible to know what's underneath: what is the color of the jadeite.  If it's mostly imperial green, the stone is worth a fortune.  It will be carved into mostly pendants, that will sell for high prices, perhaps some bangle bracelets.  Most of it will stay in Asia because people outside China are used to paying low prices for color treated jade that's sold as "natural".  If it's not good color, spotty, then it will probably get color treated by bleaching with acids, then adding polymer coloring and sold outside of Asia.   When jade carvers purchase rough jadeite, it's called "gambling", because there's usually a small window cut in the rough, and the buyer looks at the color and "gambles" if it will be worth millions, or practically worthless.

It's quite a "surprise"  that this discovery of the uncovered jade stone comes the same week that President Obama finally lifted the sanctions and embargo on jadeite and rubies from Burma. 

Who wants to go with me to Burma to try to "gamble" on this huge jade stone!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Chinese Jade Classic Round Bangle Bracelets Perfectly Matched "Sister Sets"

One of the things about getting my "jade office" set up in our new home is discovering the many jade pieces I have hoarded.   I like them, but not my size, but they are unique and special and I wanted to keep them for myself.  When I packed everything to move out of our old home, the newer jades went in the boxes first, and the older pieces were at the top, so when I unpacked again, I discovered many beautiful jade pieces I had forgotten about. 

Finding them again was like running into an old friend!

Perfectly matched classic round "sister set" pair of Chinese jade bangle bracelets

I found three sets of Chinese jade bangle bracelets that are perfectly matched in size and color because they are carved from the same jade rough.  "Sister sets".  All three are different sizes.  I remember purchasing them prior to moving to Florida in 2004, so they are really older jade.  My jade carver in China made them as a surprise for me, and included them in one of my regular orders from him.  When I looked carefully at my invoice, I saw they were not gifts, and I was charged for them and he intended that I sell them.  He knows i wear a smaller size.

Now that we are getting cooler and brighter sunny weather, it's the perfect time to get accurate photos of jade.  Jade is so difficult to accurately photograph.  It's easy to get very excellent photos, but all the photoshopping can make them look much different than they actually are.  So photos are taken outdoors in sunlight, and minimally edited. They were listed today on Ying Yu Jade.  There are only three sets, so if this is something you have been waiting for, now is the time to get them.  And since new listings get sale prices, they will have lower prices for a couple of days.

"Sister sets" of jade bangle bracelets are fun to have, and wear both together, but if you have a sister, sharing the jade's qi energy can be a very spiritual bonding experience.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Passing Through - Jade Protects the Person Who Wears It

Thanks to all of you who sent good wishes and energies for getting through hurricane Matthew storm.  We're in the middle of the storm effects now.  So far there's been more than 8" of rain because neighbors who have rain gauges reported their 8" ones had overflowed.  The streets are slightly flooded, our lawn is flooded, the power flickers but comes back on so we're preparing for a power outage if the 40+ mph winds increase.

It was forecast that our area would be at the edge of the high winds, but overnight Matthew shifted slightly to the east so we avoided being in the strong bands of wind gusts and rain.  Maybe all that good energy from the jade pushed the negative energy of the hurricane away.  There's a Chinese belief that jade protects the wearer, and when your jade breaks while you are wearing it, the jade has taken the damage to keep it from hurting you.  The best story I heard about this was a woman who was in the hospital ICU and she kept getting worse and the family came to her because it was expected she would die.  Suddenly, for no reason that could be seen, her jade bangle bracelet cracked and split.  And suddenly her vital signs started returning to normal.  She said that her jade bangle was one of the Chinese jade "blood red" ones that are color treated with vegetable dye.

I wore the jade bangle I've been wearing for weeks and put a carved deep green almost black two dragons protecting pearl Chinese jade bangle on my other wrist.

Guan Yin Buddha of Compassion Jadeite Pendant

Today I'm wearing a Guan Yin jadeite pendant.  Guan Yin is Buddha of Compassion.  I know people in our community are going to need compassion over the next few days, cleaning up and repairing damage.  I'll wear it mindfully and project the good energies of it to those who need it.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hurricane Matthew: Preparing and Protecting

Hurricane Matthew's rain bands have been over us all morning.  Although we are in central Florida, Osceola county, we will have significant impact from this storm, with high winds, even higher wind gusts,  heavy rain downpours, possible tornado, and hail. 

(Personal note: Our home is not even completely finished, we have lived in it only a few weeks, after being replaced from a microburst of tornado with huge hail end of March.  This is a very stressful time for us and our community.)

Matthew seems to be moving more toward the west to impact central Florida and possibly the west gulf coast. Last night we cleaned our yard of what might turn into a weapon or projectile when it's in high wind.  Workers started installing an irrigation sprinkler system last Saturday but the job had complications and they were supposed to return to finish Monday, but that didn't work out, so they promised to finish this Saturday.  They had dug up most of the lawn and laid some of the irrigation water lines, but left at least half of the small ditches to put the lines in uncovered, and left a lot of lines in the yard.  Those would have made true projectiles if we hadn't picked them up.  This morning we finished moving everything that could get moved by high wind to our storage shed, and on the enclosed side of the porch.  Cars, golf carts under the carport and bikes tied down.  We haven't got our back up generator for the new home yet, and of course they are all sold out, as is gasoline.  And food in the grocery stores.  When we first saw the storm path, I decided we had enough food for sandwiches, snacks, and didn't think I needed to stand in long lines to purchase more, but now we're being told power may be out for a week, or more, and we should prepare for at least a week to 10 days.  As I blog this, I'm making small meals in crock pots to put in the freezer so they last awhile even if the power goes out.  We have a gas grill and cooker we can use. 

It's so unpredictable. 

If Matthew moves more inland, I'm moving the jade inventory to a storage under the house.  I'm planning on keeping the online stores open, so if you place an order, they should be able to get shipped by Friday.  If we have electrical power.  I will ship your purchases in the order they were received.  I may be using a different source of power and computers, and you may not receive updates.  But former customers know we ship as quickly as we can.

Deep Deep Green almost Black Chinese Jade "Two Dragons Hold Pearl" Jade Bangle Bracelet

I'm wearing my black deep deep green Chinese two dragons hold pearl, the most protective piece of jade I have.

My "Hurricane" Sterling Silver Bracelet
purchase in Key West

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Transition to October - What Kind of Jade Should I Have and Wear in October

I haven't posted to the Blog for too long because I've been busy with customer service.  Customer service, helping people find their best jade, is my favorite part of having a jade business.  The first jade I bought was for myself, and made such a change in my life that I wanted to share with others.  I'm still amazed that it turned into a 16 year business.

The customer service correspondences were mostly about incidents and happenings in people's lives.  Some of my customers are friends, and we have kept in touch for years, and have helped them choose jade for what's going on in life, even if it's a treat for themselves. But it seems like the transition to October, the change from summer to autumn is a big change for many people, especially those who are sensitive to energy.  This includes animals, pets who intuitively live with their instincts.  I looked back to last year, when I posted about Chinese medicine and the change from August to October, and here is a link:

Chinese Medicine for October, and What Kind of Jade Should I Have and Wear in October

Jade for October

Jade for October can be bangle bracelet, pendants or necklaces jewelry.  Or sometimes it's nice to have a small piece to carry in your pocket, put on a key chain.  When I worked as a counselor in a middle school,  children I was working with who came to see me first thing in the morning because of having a difficult day and thinking they should go home often benefited from borrowing a piece of jade I kept in my "loaner box".  They often chose something little to keep in their pocket and touch during the day for the comfort energy. And of course they most often chose the kind of jade that had energy they needed.  And not because we discussed it, they chose intuitively without thinking too much. 

That's my advice to customers looking for the right kind of jade for themselves.  What appeals to you, and you keep coming back to look at, is the kind of jade that will be beneficial to you.