Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Chinese Jade Classic Round Bangle Bracelets Perfectly Matched "Sister Sets"

One of the things about getting my "jade office" set up in our new home is discovering the many jade pieces I have hoarded.   I like them, but not my size, but they are unique and special and I wanted to keep them for myself.  When I packed everything to move out of our old home, the newer jades went in the boxes first, and the older pieces were at the top, so when I unpacked again, I discovered many beautiful jade pieces I had forgotten about. 

Finding them again was like running into an old friend!

Perfectly matched classic round "sister set" pair of Chinese jade bangle bracelets

I found three sets of Chinese jade bangle bracelets that are perfectly matched in size and color because they are carved from the same jade rough.  "Sister sets".  All three are different sizes.  I remember purchasing them prior to moving to Florida in 2004, so they are really older jade.  My jade carver in China made them as a surprise for me, and included them in one of my regular orders from him.  When I looked carefully at my invoice, I saw they were not gifts, and I was charged for them and he intended that I sell them.  He knows i wear a smaller size.

Now that we are getting cooler and brighter sunny weather, it's the perfect time to get accurate photos of jade.  Jade is so difficult to accurately photograph.  It's easy to get very excellent photos, but all the photoshopping can make them look much different than they actually are.  So photos are taken outdoors in sunlight, and minimally edited. They were listed today on Ying Yu Jade.  There are only three sets, so if this is something you have been waiting for, now is the time to get them.  And since new listings get sale prices, they will have lower prices for a couple of days.

"Sister sets" of jade bangle bracelets are fun to have, and wear both together, but if you have a sister, sharing the jade's qi energy can be a very spiritual bonding experience.

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