Sunday, May 19, 2019

Gem Trade Show Update: Where's the Real Genuine Jade?

The G&LW Gem show was this weekend, and I went the first day because some of the vendors from China bring real jade they show me first before they add it to their sales.  I have learned from jade shopping in China to not buy everything at the first shopping stop because jade is stone, stone is heavy, and carrying all that jade around requires strength!  But this time as I made my "walk through" to check out everything before I started purchasing, I had a feeling there wouldn't be much good jade for sale.  Only two of the vendors had Burmese jadeite, and only beads. 

The seller I purchased from loved my jade bangle bracelet that I was wearing.  She said she'd trade me the entire inventory for it! 

My personal Burmese jade bangle bracelet I wore to gem show
Genuine natural grade A Burmese jadeite, at least 20 years old

I put the jade beads in my car, then returned to wander around the show.  Metal "singing bowls" were quite popular.  I have "old" metal singing bowls, and know how "good ones" should sound.  A few of them had the good sound and vibration, but most were "average" quality, made from one metal.
Lots of beads for sale everywhere.   Pearls seemed to be in all the bead sellers displays.  And pearl prices have increased for the real pearls, but the artificial pearls were pretty and looked real.  The vendor who was selling the "fake jade" rollers was there again.  He was selling the popular rose quartz rollers, too, and told me the price was so low because they were glass, not "real" quartz.  When I asked about his "Chinese jade" pendants, he asked me to wait a minute, then added a sign:

"Peking Glass Pendants" that are sold as "jade"

I didn't find any other jade or gemstones I wanted to purchase, so it was a short trade show for me.  I didn't even buy something special for myself, which I usually do.

Sometimes people who are looking at my jade web sites ask me why the prices are "so high".  I could sell "Peking Glass" pendants for a much lower price than "real" Chinese jade pendants.  

When you shop Ying Yu Jade, Jade Bangle Bracelets, and Jade Heaven, you get "real" jade, and you get what you pay for.  There are some jade sellers in China who are constantly looking at my jade collections and tell me they charge higher prices than I do, in China and Hong Kong.     

And if you see something jade your really like, you can contact me to make an offer, so you can "shop like you're at a jade market in China".

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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Jade Necklaces Calm My Spirit, Keep Me Positive and Creative

We took a short trip to Ohio and Pennsylvania last weekend.  Flight arrived Friday, went to Pittsburgh Saturday, back to Ohio for family reunion Sunday, and flew home again Monday.  I wore my deep deep green almost black Chinese jade bangle bracelet for protection on the "other" wrist, not my left wrist where I wear my all-the-time jade bangle bracelet.

Carved deep green almost black Chinese jade bangle bracelet with qi energy for protection
Everything went smoothly, so the protection worked.  I was more concerned about getting ill because of the measles epidemic, all the germs around the airline, airport, and people we met.  No sickness, so I still believe "black" jade protects.

I had several Burmese jadeite necklaces on adjustable silk cords I intended to take and wear, but forgot.  I sure did miss them.  This one is one of my favorites.

My "Mei" Beautiful "Double Flowers" jadeite necklace on adjustable silk cord
When I go into my home office to start the work day, I put it on.  A smile comes on my face right away because it's so pretty.  It has good qi energy for keeping me calm, positive and creative.  And the white color of the flower has qi energy for compassion,  very helpful for "customer service".  Today a customer notified me that her parcel had not arrived, the USPS tracking showed it spent too many days here in Florida before being "on its way", and it would arrive, but late.  The tracking actually did not show any progress, and the customer is concerned.  I told her of our policy that if a parcel gets lost during delivery, we file a claim (but most of the time it is truly lost...forever!)  and while I file the for the insurance if lost (which there is always an excuse from USPS about why it's not covered by the insurance)  I give her a store credit so she can use what she paid for a replacement.

That's just one of the problems of small online business, losing something in shipment.  So I use the jade in the office to help keep my positive and compassionate while I work. 

Jade is not only "medicine" for the body, but also for mind and spirit.

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Sunday, April 28, 2019

What Kind of Jade Should I Wear for Yin and Yang Balance

The previous post showed photos of the Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet I was wearing at the time.  I was doing my usual sorting of jade inventory and wondered why I was keeping that one for myself.  It was very pale (yin) and didn't look very interesting until I started handling it, put it on my wrist.  It was about 2 mm smaller than the size I usually wear so it was very difficult to get over my wrist, and then it was "stuck".   That's why I wore it for awhile.  And that's why I took photos of it on my wrist.

After the blog post, I got an offer from from a long time customer who wears the same size I do.  She is a "jade sister" because if I'm reluctant to sell a jade bangle, my size, that I really love, if it's going to a customer who is a "jade sister" (same size, long time customer) I am happy to know it will go to a wrist and will be worn.

She was looking for comfort in her life, and the soft yin colors, hues of lavender, appealed to her. Lavender is rare as a natural jade color, and has spiritual qi energy (yin).

I took it off my wrist, cleaned it up and got it ready to ship.  But couldn't go more than a few minutes without having a jade bangle bracelet on my wrist.  I went to my "favorites" drawer  with no idea about what I was looking for.  I "felt around" and pulled out this one:

I purchased this jade bangle bracelet during a shopping trip in China in 2005 when I went near the Burma border and shopped directly from the jade carvers so I could view their jadeite rough to help me determine that they were genuine and natural, and bargained with the seller to purchase a quantity.  I never put one I intend to buy for me personally because I don't want the sell to know how much I want it and charge me a higher price.  This one is actually quite small, also, and difficult to get on but fits close to the wrist.  The color is a combination of dark green (yang) and lighter green (yin) so it's a good qi balance.  Because the previous jade bangle was the soft yin color, after wearing this for a few hours I felt more energy in my body, mind and spirit. 

That's what "yin and yang" is all about.  Do you need peace, comfort, soft healing in your life?  Choose "yin".   If you need more energy, assertiveness, at a time in your life when you need to take risks to get ahead, choose "yang". 

An example:  if you have chronic pain, you probably need gentleness in your life, but you also need some extra energy to get through your day (your life!).  So a yin and yang balance is helpful to you.

Another example:  if you are going through menopause, or an illness that takes time to get better,  mostly light color "yin" with some "yang" deeper color may be helpful.

The "jade sister" who read the previous blog told me she often looks at the jade on our web sites as "comfort".  She knows she will be attracted to the jade that has the qi energy that she needs at the time.

That's why I have a large collection of jade bangle bracelets for myself.  Every day, every week, month is different and I need the right qi energy from my jade as "medicine" to benefit me.

Wearing "jade as medicine" is certainly a good reason to buy more jade!

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Friday, April 19, 2019

How Should I Wear My Jade Bangle Bracelet? Here's Some Everyday Tips for Wearing Jade Bangle Bracelets

I haven't blogged recently because I have been going through the jade inventory I have at my home so I can decide if it's time to bring in more.  While I'm checking out what I have available, I have been consolidating what I can to store it more compactly.  And I have noticed some photos of jade listed need to be re-taken because the older photos don't use the same improved camera and editing technology. 

If you read this blog, you know that I can't resist keeping some for myself!   I have "so many"  I can't wear all of them, and I do go through those periodically to get some of my smaller size jade bangles listed, instead of sitting untouched in a storage box.   I came across one that I couldn't think about why I would want to keep it for myself because it seemed so bland and uninteresting.  It is "old mine" Burmese jadeite, that I purchased during my shopping trip to China in 2002 near the Burma border, directly from the jade carver.

I put it on my wrist.

And it was about 3mm smaller than I usually wear, and I couldn't get it off, even with the "plastic bag" technique.

So I wore it.  And as I wore it, I noticed how it started to get that "glow" that your good jade gets when you wear it:  the jade qi energy and your qi energy working together.   Then I noticed some apple green veins become more obvious, and the "glow" showed some hues of lavender.  That's why I kept it!

The apple green, almost imperial green vein in my jade bangle bracelet

Hues of lavender that became more obvious as I wore this jade bangle that is very small for me
It's been almost two weeks since I have had it on my wrist, and now that my wrist is not swollen from all the pressure of putting on an very small jade bangle bracelet, I had to acknowledge that the smallest jade bangle you can get on your wrist is actually the best one to wear.  When I make dinner at home, I almost always make a salad.  That requires chopping with a big sharp knife on my chopping board.  This "tiny" jade bangle stayed on my wrist, didn't "clunk" down to the chopping board, and not "clunking around" is the main reason wearing your smallest size will help keep your jade bangle from breaking.  Hitting your jade bangle on something hard is the reason I hear the most for why it breaks.

And since it's small on my arm, it doesn't ride up and get in the way when I'm doing reaching activity. Another way to avoid "clunking around".

Here are some tips for choosing and wearing your jade bangle bracelet.

1.  Choose the jade bangle bracelet that attracts you the most, the one you keep coming back to look at.  Maybe you even drool a little when you look at it.  That means it has good qi energy for you.

2. Wear the smallest size you can get on your wrist.  The web site has videos about finding your jade bangle bracelet size.

3.  I often get asked: what wrist should I wear my jade bangle on?   It is traditional to wear jade on your left wrist because your left arm is closest to your heart.  And wearing your jade bangle on your non-dominant wrist means it will get less activity, less chance for breaking.  If you are left handed, make the choice about which wrist to wear it based on the tradition of wearing it left and close to your heart, and how active you are and your risk of it clunking around on your left dominant wrist. 

4.  If you are wearing the smallest size you can get on, and keep it on a long time, you will probably keep it clean because you wear it when you bathe.  Just polish it with a soft towel or cloth, and that will remove debris, oils, etc.

5.  A risk of wearing the smallest bangle you can get on your wrist is that when you do remove it, be very careful about that.  Yanking it off can cause it to fly away from you and land on a hard surface,  and crack or break.  My office is carpeted, and I sit on the floor when I am working with jade, especially my own jade bangle bracelets.

Hope that helps you decide "how to wear my jade bangle bracelet".

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

A "Best Jade" and Why I Love My Jade Acu-Roller

If you read previous blog posts, you learned that I fell in love with the the first time I had contact with it.  Jade is not only beautiful, it also has good qi energy.  And I'm very attracted to qi energy.
(Quick simple definition of qi energy: "life force", or "energy flow".   Qi is the basic of Chinese medicine.

And I only buy and sell jade that I personally use and appreciation.

This morning when I was finishing my taiji (tai chi) form, and closing the form with smoothing the qi through my body, I was amazed to actually feel the qi flow through me.  It felt like light tingles,  very spiritual and healing.  Prior to doing my taiji and yoga practices, I do some qigong exercises to unblock qi in my body as best I can.  Blocked qi is what causes medical problems, pain according to Chinese medicine.  And that makes taiji, and yoga, more beneficial to do.

One of my favorite jade pieces is the Chinese jade acu-roller.

Ying Yu Jade Acu-Roller for smoothing your body qi flow

The jade roller part has tiny "needles" carved into it.  When you roll it over your body, it helps smooth out your body qi.  It also improves blood circulation.  I start on my upper body, roll it downwards on my arms, chest and back, then hips and legs.  Even if I didn't do the taiji and yoga afterwards, I would feel much better, refreshed.  The rolling takes only a few minutes, and you can do it as short or long as you want to.  (I have seen people selling these acu-rollers for facial use, but never use this jade acu-roller on your face, as it can damage your skin and small blood vessels because the face is so delicate.   Use a smooth jade roller instead.)

I keep this on my night stand by the bed, and when I wake up feeling sore and very tired I can use it for a few minutes to start feeling better.

I had the good experience of meeting with my jade carver in China when I was with my Chinese doctor friend.  We worked with the jade carving about using very good quality of Chinese jade he would purchase directly from the jade mine.  Then he carved them to high standards.  I sell these often to Chinese medicine practitioners here in the USA, as well as individuals who prefer natural health and wellness treatments.

A favorite of mine for years!

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Thailand, Buddha and Jade

Wat Florida Dhammaram is a Buddhist monastery in Kissimmee, Florida, established by Lung-po Chaokhun Phra Tepvaraporn in the mid-1990s. Over a decade ago, Lung-po visited lay-devotees in Florida and perceived the lack of a Buddhist monastery in the Central Florida area. It's located near us, but I had not been and decided to attend a Spring festival.
It's an amazingly beautiful place that most people don't know about.

Sellers offered traditional Thai food to visitors and I had Tom Yum which was yummy and they made each order individually.   Another seller had blue and pink small pieces in a plastic bag and I was told it was "blue tea".  I am a big tea drinker and lover, so of course I bought some.  The day was sunny and felt warm, but also dryer than usual and I felt cold, we left earlier than I really wanted to.  At home I made some tea.  A soft, "fulfilling" flavor, and it actually was blue color.  It didn't take long to start feeling warmer, more relaxed, a feeling of bliss, something spiritual.  I thought I was getting a cold, but those symptoms went away.  The rest of the day felt very pleasant.

I am not "a Buddhist" but I appreciate the philosophy and practices.  When I went to China I would go to different Buddhist monasteries and each one had a different "feel".  Some of the items that are not jade that are on the web site came from Buddhist monasteries, because I wanted to donate.  

Green jade Buddha Egg available in "Jade Carvings" Collection

White jade "Buddha Egg" very spiritual, available in Ying Yu Jade Carvings Collection

These jade "Buddha Eggs" are from China, made with Chinese jade and the gold image of Buddha added.  I keep some around my personal home areas.   And this Buddha protected us when our home was damaged during a hail storm three years ago tomorrow. 

We had to get a new home built, but we were not injured, not too much of our personal items destroyed.  "Medicine Buddha" kept us safe.

Jade Buddha will give you not only good qi energy from the jade, but spiritual energy, too.

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Sunday, March 10, 2019

A Dilemma - When the Jade Looks Better than the Photo

Jade is one of the most difficult stones to photograph and list so it looks like the "real thing".   I am often asked why I don't "photo shop" edit with the Photo Shop program that removes the background so you can see the item more clearly.  I have certainly tried that, but the jade looks so "fake", too "perfect", and jade is stone, and looks natural.  (Of course, that's how sellers of fake or B and C grade jade promote their photos, then claim they didn't know it wasn't genuine and natural.)

This morning I went to my storage area where I keep jade that hasn't been listed.  It's cool and dark, the way jade is supposed to be stored.  I reached into a box and without looking at what was inside the wrappers, pulled out three Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets to photo.  The outdoor lighting was just right for taking photos to show the color, translucence and overall appearance of the jade, and I like to list new items on weekends.   When I opened the packets to see what was inside, I was so disappointed with how they appeared, so dull and bland.  The note on the box stated I purchased them in China near the Burma border directly from the jade carver in 2005, and had the price I paid (bargained for!) on each one.  Why would I buy such a bland and boring jade bangle bracelet?   Then I remembered that it was very warm near the Burma border, the sun was shining, and all the jade looked beautiful.  These three had been in cool storage for 14 years here. 

I didn't want to misplace them, as it is so easy for me to get distracted by other jades and start playing with them, too, so I put them on my wrist, got all the photo equipment, and went into the natural daylight photo studio.  It took me awhile to get things set up for the photos, and when I pulled out the first one to photo, I thought I had the wrong one.  It looked so beautiful and I saw a "glow", and soft lavender hues with the tiny green veins.  I knew then without a doubt it was the best quality "old mine lao pit" Burmese jadeite, grade A.  The jade qi and my body qi were already blending.  (Now I had to convince myself to sell it, not keep it and wear it!)

By the time I started listing it, it didn't look very much like the photo.  The photo didn't show the translucence, the variation in color as the "real thing".  The photos get taken mid-to-late mornings, so if the lighting is good later this week, it will get re-photographed.

JHBB3288 "Spirits in Heaven" Glowing Burmese Jadeite Bangle BraceletMuch more beautiful than this photo shows

JHBB3288-2 another view in natural daylight that doesn't show the translucence and "glow"

Unless someone purchases it while the 30% discount sale is still in progress!

Most of the time when customers receive their jade purchases, they contact me about how happy they are with their new jade, and how it looks so much more pretty than the photos.  Unfortunately, since the jade is one-of-a-kind, there isn't a program I can add for reviews, because when the product sells there aren't more just like it, as you see on most web sites that have reviews. 

So please do be surprised when you receive your new jade and it looks much nice than the photos!

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