Sunday, January 13, 2019

What Kind of Jade Do You Wear? Here's My "Collection"

I often get requests to show more photos of the very vintage Burmese jadeite carved bangle bracelet I wear.  So here are some photos, and photos of my custom made jade jewelry.

This is the jade bangle I have blogged about previously.  I was sitting across from a Chinese woman on a train from Beijing to Tianjin.  At that time, around the year 2000, many Chinese women were very curious about what "Western women" carried in their purses and bags.  I was organizing the chaos in my bags, and she watched intently.  I had learned a little Chinese language, and showed offered her some of those sample cosmetics you can get at cosmetic counters.  She was thrilled.  Then she took this jade bangle off her wrist, and asked to trade it for my handbag.  She was a young woman and the ancestry wasn't as meaningful to her, and she thought wearing the bangle was "old fashioned".  So we traded.  And I never regret swapping that bag for this bangle.  It has some "hong" reddish orange veins, and the carving is very detailed, bamboo, some lucky coins, lotus. In the photo of my wrist with bangle and bead bracelet, you can see how this jade had a clarification line.  As the jadeite stone was being formed, it cracked and resealed, which actually makes the stone more hard.  It's been around more than 100 years, and I wear it most of the time for the last 19 years, so it is certainly very strong, as I am an active person.

The first Burmese jadeite pendant I purchased was in 1999 when I was traveling in China with my qigong group and Master who lived in USA but home is Beijing.  Most tourist groups only go to tourist oriented jade shops, but we were traveling with a person who knew his way around China.  He taught me that "diamonds and gold have a price, but jade has no price", and since we were not in a tourist shop, the jade had "no price".  The bargaining lesson for me began.

Burmese jadeite double coins, auspicious carving pendant made into a necklace

I made the chain with jadeite beads and silver and learned how to wire wrap to attach pendants.

'Guan Yin" Buddha of Compassion Burmese jadeite pendant made into a necklace

The next pendant I bought on my next trip to China in 2000 when I went there on my own was so beautiful I could not resist it.  The seller was like I am when I love a certain jade piece, he didn't really want to sell it.   But he was impressed I could speak some Chinese AND had that gorgeous carved jadeite bangle bracelet, so I was able to bargain for it.  Then attached it to a wire with jadeite beads to wear as a necklace.

This is another necklace I made.  The jade piece is Chinese jade, from north east China where the jade mines are.  It's basically a simple polished stone, to which I attached an opal heart, and then mixed beads on a wire to wear as a necklace.

I'm not the only one in my home who wears jade.  My husband has no interest in wearing jade, but my teddy bears love it!

Teddy is actually wearing the jadeite bracelets that are adjustable with silk cord.  I can dress up Teddy whenever I find some jade that needs wearing.  Teddy is also watching the Christmas "necklace" bracelet that was worn during the Christmas holiday season.  These adjustable jadeite bracelets are beautiful and very versatile.   You can see more here.

Yes, I have draws full of jade that I just can't put on the web sites to be sold.  Of course I can't wear it all, but when jade touches your heart, that means it's good for you and you should have it, even if you can't wear it all the time.

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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Jade Surving Paradise California Camp Fire: Is My Jade Real?

I finally heard from a "jade sister" long time customer who lives (lived) in Paradise, California and survived the Camp fire that destroyed the community.  She survived, and is living with family now, a relief to hear that from her. 

She is a true jade lover, and cherished her jade bangle bracelet.  She liked to bury them in her yard so they could experience the natural soil, coolness.  However, she wasn't able to evacuate with one of them.   When she returned to Paradise, this is what she found:

Paradise, California after the Camp fire, still smoldering

Jade bangle bracelet buried underground and surviving Camp fire, Paradise, California

She is a GIA gemologist, and knew that the jade she bought from Ying Yu Jade web site was genuine and natural Chinese jade and Burmese jadeite.  But there have been complaints posts by "customers" stating jade they bought was "fake".  When customers don't like the jade they purchased, or think it is fake, we accept returns.  But the complainers did not return them, probably because they want a refund and keep their jade bangle, too.  You have probably read other JadeBlogger posts about the "drama" that surrounds jade. 

This is the note "jade sister" included with the photo:

"Please understand no polymer treated or resin material would withstand the heat of a fire that destroyed an entire town at the rate of one football field per second.

This is a bangle from Ying Yu jade, found in the ashes of my home, destroyed in the Camp Fire, along with the entire town of Paradise, CA.

Temper your credulity with some hard evidence, public readers.
Thank you, "S", G.G.(G.I.A.)"

She tried to clean it up, but poor jade bangle had to "sleep".

Of course I sent her another jade bangle bracelet, one of the "old mine" Burmese jadeite because the jade she had purchased previously was from that era. I chose one with qi energy for peace, dealing with difficult situations.

And I am very pleased that she sent the email about jade surviving, and being genuine, natural jade.

By the way, because many people like older jade, some jade sellers are taking new Chinese jade bangle bracelets and burying them in dirt, adding fire, heat to them for a short amount of time to make them look "old". They even include the dirt on the bangle to "prove" that it's old. More Jade Drama!

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Saturday, December 29, 2018

What Kind of Jade Bangle Should I Wear? Jade Really is "Medicine"

These last two months have been a physical and emotional nightmare for me.  Brother needed heart surgery.  Mother in assisted living and going downhill fast.  Husband ill, three doctors, three different diagnosis, he never gets ill but this has lasted six weeks.  One of my best friends suffered an arm injury and hasn't been able to live life as she would like to.  Another best friend dying.  Then I fell outdoors on concrete on my right sided, pain and blood everywhere.  I needed a wheelchair for two days because I couldn't walk.  I have severe osteoporosis and went to emergency room because it felt like I "broke my hip", something my endocrinologist has been lecturing me for years about, me refusing to take osteoporosis injections.  I think I had been so distracted by all my emotional pain I wasn't taking care of myself. 

Early in December, a long time jade loving customer purchased a Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet because it appealed to her so much.  She kept coming back to look at it.   As I packed it for her, I slipped it on my wrist "one more time" because I would have loved to keep it if it were just a couple mm smaller.

And as I sadly took it off and packed, I couldn't believe I was being so dense that I didn't go through my jade bangle bracelet "stash" until I found, and "felt" the right one for me at the time. 

The jade bangle that appealed to me is my Chinese jade carved bamboo jade bangle.  The jade is simple because it's Chinese jade, the qi energy is related to liver meridian for healing.   I know that, but why didn't I put it on weeks ago?

Chinese jade carved "bamboo" bangle bracelet, translucent green color

I slept well for the first time in weeks.  And I got back into my mindfulness, helping me to deal with all the problems going on.

Customers often tell me they find a jade bangle they really like, and keep coming back to it.  That's because your body, mind and spirit knows what you need if you pay attention to your instinct.  I get emails from customers telling me about a difficult situation they had, and that their jade bangle helped.

Jade has qi energy to help balance body, mind and spirit.  It has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries.  When you wear it, touch it, your qi energy and the jade qi energy work together.

So do yourself a favor and find a jade bangle bracelet, pendant or other piece that makes you feel good.   It's not only beautiful, it's medicine you wear.

By the way, if you find a jade bangle bracelet that has a high price, but your body, mind and spirit keep calling to you, contact me through the email address on the web site and make an offer.  I want you to feel good about your jade, and if it's too costly we can do layaway and/or get a discount.  I know how jade feels and helps me feel better, and I treat my customers the way I like to be treated.

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Thursday, December 13, 2018

What Kind of Jade to Gift for Holidays

I see a lot of customer browsing activity on the jade web sites, especially during the holidays.  Then I get emails asking what jade makes good gifts. 

Yes, we all love jade bangle bracelets!  But unless you know the inner diameter size of the person, buying a jade bangle can become a disappointment if it doesn't fit.  Disappointing for the receiver, and the giver.   An alternative is stretch jade bead bracelets

Ying Yu Jade Rollers, view the selection of styles

Jade Mask for face and eye health

and jade carvings.  Sometimes customers know exactly what they want to purchase, and some customers give me some information about what the receiver likes, and I can suggest recommendations.   These are some of Ying Yu Jade most popular jade carvings being purchased this season.

These jades are also what I give my special family and friends for gifts. 

It's true!   I buy the kind of jade I personally like, and treat customers the way I like to be treated

Have fun shopping!

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Monday, December 3, 2018

What's the "Best Jade Bangle Bracelet" for You?

As I have mentioned in previous posts,  the "best" jade bangle for you is the one that attracts you the most.  It's the jade bangle you see for the first time, it kind of takes your breath away.  You keep coming back to look at it.  It gives you "feelings" inside.  That's the qi energy that works best for you "calling to you".  And that's the jade bangle you will be very happy and healthy wearing.

I often get photos from customers who purchased a jade bangle bracelet, and they are wearing it on their wrist.  Sometimes they are customers who have purchased more than one, perhaps several, jade bangle bracelets.  But when they put their new jade bangle on, they feel like they will never take it off.

The problem I have is that I handle jade bangle bracelets every day.  I get them ready for their photos.  Then we take at least 10, usually 50 or more photos of the more expensive ones.  Then the photos are slightly edited so they show the color and quality as best as possible, and look as much like "the real thing" as possible.  We would rather you be pleasantly pleased when you receive it and see it is so much more pretty than the photo shows, as opposed to being disappointed because it doesn't look as good as the photo.  We never "photo shop" our photos.  That's how we can show how they look.  Then I handle them to describe them as best as possible on the web sites, measuring them carefully and spending about 30 minutes getting each one listed. 

And that's where the problem for me is.  The "small ones", my size, look more pretty as I handle them.  The qi energy of the jade bangle may truly respond to me.   And I struggle listing it to sell, because I want to keep it for myself.  The more I handle it, the more I want it.  And if I put it on my wrist, that's the end of selling it. 

JHBB577 is an example of this "problem".   It's a Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet I purchased in 2002 when I was shopping near the Burma border, directly from the jade carver.  Classic "fu lu shou" coloring, "hong" reddish-honey color, green and white.  Moderately translucent. 

JHBB557 "Old Mine" Burmese Jadeite Bangle Bracelet

When I first purchased it, I couldn't wait to list it.  It was one of the most expensive I bought and I wanted to get it listed and sold.   But a few weeks after I listed it, I decided I wanted to keep it for myself.  So I removed it from the Jade Heaven web site. 

Today I added it again. 

I couldn't fit it in the drawer where I keep my personal jade bangle bracelets without removing one to make space for it.

Within a few hours of listing it, I got an email from a jade seller in Hong Kong who is always criticizing me for selling the "old mine" jadeite bangles too cheap.  He thought it should sell for around $100,000.  Sure, that would be nice, but I really do price my jade cheaper than you would buy it in China.   And there's a statement is ships to USA addresses only, because Chinese and Hong Kong jade sellers really believe some of the prices are too low and they could sell them much higher priced.

I would keep it if I thought I would wear it often.  But most of the time I still wear my "old" carved Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet I "traded" a woman on a train in China for.   This one has the best qi energy for me:   calming, soothing, healing.

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Saturday, November 17, 2018

My Day at a Gem Trade Show: What's Going on in the World of Jade

Earlier this month I went to my favorite Gem Trade Show.  Every space of the building is filled with people selling all kinds of gems.   I always go on the first day, and try to be there as it opens because some Chinese gem sellers set aside jade to show me.  But the jade sellers seem to be going out of business because the usual sellers have not been at the past two shows.

But I wander around every area at least three times with my eye out for jade. 

There was a lot of green stone being sold as "jade" that was aventurine quartz,  they had labeled it "aventurine jade".  When I asked if they sold jadeite, I was shown  all kinds of green "stuff" that was certainly not jade.   The most disappointing "jade" I saw for sale was huge boxes filled with "jade" rollers.  They weren't jade, they were plastic!  When I mentioned it to the seller, I was told that it was real jade they ordered from China. 

Classic Chinese Jade Double Roller

Genuine Natural Chinese Jade Acu-Roller for Chinese Medicine

There were a few sellers who were selling real Burmese jadeite, and it was priced much higher than at the last show.  Any jadeite that is green in color and natural, and is well carved is rare, and the price reflects it.   I had an interesting conversation with a Chinese gem seller who does not shop for his jade near the Burma border, like I do, but travels to Guangzhou Jade Market.  He always takes a look at my web sites, and he told me that the same jade bangles I sell are priced higher in China.  He said tourists pay the most, often don't get genuine and natural jade, but pay the premium price. 

I saw the trend toward selling non-jade as real jade a few years after I started selling online, about 15 years ago.  Real genuine and natural jade and Burmese jadeite is special.  It has the good "qi energy" jade is known for it.  It makes you feel good, and when you feel good, the jade looks better. 

"Non-jade" is pretty, but you should get what you think you are buying.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Jade Bangle Bracelet "Surprise" Taking Care of Jade

My husband and I wait until actual voting day to go out and vote "in person".  We learned from experience that new information often gets revealed just before election day, and we don't want to regret that we voted one way, and wish we had the information to help with our decisions.

We went to our local polling place mid-morning, expecting a long wait in line.  We were pleasantly shocked that the parking lot was quite empty, and we walked right in.  There was only one other person ahead of us when we showed our ID's and got our ballots.  When I reached for the ballot she handed me, she asked if the bangle on my wrist was "jade".  I smiled as I looked at her wrist, and saw she was wearing a jade bangle bracelet, too.  And, oh my, did we both want to talk about jade!  BUT...of course she couldn't because she was working. 

Seeing her wearing a jade bangle bracelet was kind of surprising, because I rarely see local residents wearing jade.  There's a woman who has been a long time customer, starting when I still lived in Ohio.  Then when we moved to Florida,  the Poinciana area, I "recognized" her one day because she was wearing one of the jade bangles she purchased. 

If you live in a hot and sunny environment like central Florida, and south, it's important to take special care of your jade to keep it healthy.  Jade stone is formed underground, often in caves, where it is cool and dark.  The opposite of hot southern weather.  I wear my jade bangle bracelet all the time, indoors and outdoors, in the pool, relaxing in the hot tub.   I don't allow it to be directly in the sun.  And after being in the pool or hot tub, I immediately wash it with soap and pat it dry. Genuine and natural jade will survive well, but if it's color treated, especially when acid is used to enhance the color, the color will fade faster in heat.

The jade I sell is always kept inside our home so the temperature can be kept stable, cool.  And it's kept in "the dark".  That means the closets are full, and under the beds are full of boxes. 

Chinese jade seems to be less sensitive to sun and heat.

Carved Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelet
Burmese jadeite needs to be protected more.  When I shopped for jade in China, I trusted the jade shops that looked like they were closed because they had the main lights turned off.  

Burmese Jadeite
I think jadeite actually looks more pretty when it's on a wrist, which is warm.  If you wear a jade bangle all the time, you probably notice the part that touches your wrist is warm, while the part that doesn't feels very cool when it moves around on your wrist.

If you have valuable jade that you want to keep in good condition,  don't expose it to direct sunlight and heat.  Clean it often.  Polish it with wax, furniture polish when it looks like it needs. 

And of course,  the jade in our online stores is meant for every day wearing.  That's a reason why I keep it "in the dark" for several years before listing it to make sure it's a good quality, genuine and natural.

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