Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Jade Bangle Bracelet "Surprise" Taking Care of Jade

My husband and I wait until actual voting day to go out and vote "in person".  We learned from experience that new information often gets revealed just before election day, and we don't want to regret that we voted one way, and wish we had the information to help with our decisions.

We went to our local polling place mid-morning, expecting a long wait in line.  We were pleasantly shocked that the parking lot was quite empty, and we walked right in.  There was only one other person ahead of us when we showed our ID's and got our ballots.  When I reached for the ballot she handed me, she asked if the bangle on my wrist was "jade".  I smiled as I looked at her wrist, and saw she was wearing a jade bangle bracelet, too.  And, oh my, did we both want to talk about jade!  BUT...of course she couldn't because she was working. 

Seeing her wearing a jade bangle bracelet was kind of surprising, because I rarely see local residents wearing jade.  There's a woman who has been a long time customer, starting when I still lived in Ohio.  Then when we moved to Florida,  the Poinciana area, I "recognized" her one day because she was wearing one of the jade bangles she purchased. 

If you live in a hot and sunny environment like central Florida, and south, it's important to take special care of your jade to keep it healthy.  Jade stone is formed underground, often in caves, where it is cool and dark.  The opposite of hot southern weather.  I wear my jade bangle bracelet all the time, indoors and outdoors, in the pool, relaxing in the hot tub.   I don't allow it to be directly in the sun.  And after being in the pool or hot tub, I immediately wash it with soap and pat it dry. Genuine and natural jade will survive well, but if it's color treated, especially when acid is used to enhance the color, the color will fade faster in heat.

The jade I sell is always kept inside our home so the temperature can be kept stable, cool.  And it's kept in "the dark".  That means the closets are full, and under the beds are full of boxes. 

Chinese jade seems to be less sensitive to sun and heat.

Carved Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelet
Burmese jadeite needs to be protected more.  When I shopped for jade in China, I trusted the jade shops that looked like they were closed because they had the main lights turned off.  

Burmese Jadeite
I think jadeite actually looks more pretty when it's on a wrist, which is warm.  If you wear a jade bangle all the time, you probably notice the part that touches your wrist is warm, while the part that doesn't feels very cool when it moves around on your wrist.

If you have valuable jade that you want to keep in good condition,  don't expose it to direct sunlight and heat.  Clean it often.  Polish it with wax, furniture polish when it looks like it needs. 

And of course,  the jade in our online stores is meant for every day wearing.  That's a reason why I keep it "in the dark" for several years before listing it to make sure it's a good quality, genuine and natural.

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Friday, October 19, 2018

How "Old" s My Jade?

A few weeks ago I purchased some jade pieces from and estate sale.  Some of it was easy to identify as Chinese jade.  I tested each piece with refraction testing to determine if it was Burmese jadeite. But it is not easy to determine the age of the jade because there wasn't anyone to discuss it with.

Most of the Chinese jade pieces were small carvings.  I listed them on Ying Yu Jade and most of them sold within a few days of posting.  There are still some carvings available.

Vintage jade horse carving

Vintage estate "what is it?" carving

The most interesting pieces are two Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets.  They don't look new at all.  But they don't have any cracks, scratches or damage to indicate they were worn often.  They appear to be carved from the same jadeite rough.  Here is one of the two that I listed. 

BB2918  Vintage Pre-Owned Burmese Jadeite Bangle Bracelet

A few years ago a woman sent me an email with a photo of a "blue" jade bangle bracelet that she wore to a USA China Town shop.  She was offered $10 for it, but she kept it and did online research, and that's how she found me.  Jade is not easy to photograph and capture how it really looks.  But something made me think it was quite valuable.  I suggested she take it to a gemologist and have it tested to see if it was Burmese jadeite and if it was natural color.  The gemologist she used was not very familiar with jade, so he asked a Chinese person who was very familiar with jade to help him determine the value.  They decided to contact Christie's auction, and they determined that it was worth around a million dollars!  She was was not to sell it for $10.

The two I purchased from the estate sale have a similar appearance.  They are not green, but not really blue either.  Perhaps lavender.  It took about 50 photos to get three that could be lightly edited to look like the "real thing".   This jade bangle and its "sister" look different every time I look at them. As I was handling it, it seemed to be so similar in color the my favorite personal carved jadeite bangle bracelet I wear most of the time.

My Qing Dynast carved Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet on top
BB2918 below it
It's not the same "blue" color as the almost $1 million jade bangle, so I don't have a $1 million price on it.  I love my carved jade bangle shown on top of it.  Mine is very old, probably from the Qing Dynasty as the woman I got it from told me its history as we were riding on a train in China.  She offered to trade the bangle for most of the personal items I was carrying on the train, like my hand bag and the "western" things in it, my cosmetics, and some of my clothes.  I wear it probably 90% of the time.  It's not "perfect" but I love the color, pattern and "feel" of it.  It's so calming and beautiful to wear.

There is something special about vintage, pre-owned estate sale jade.  If you are sensitive to qi energy, you can "feel" if it's right for you.  And you know there is very much history behind it.  

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Monday, October 8, 2018

Crusising with Jade Bangle Bracelets

We started October with a 6 day Caribbean cruise.  I felt hesitant about booking the cruise in May because September is the height of hurricane season, and we usually get some tropical storms as late as November.  We traveled with two other couples who enjoy cruising.  As you may have read in previous blogs, I am considering finding a popular port in the Caribbean to rent a store space for 6-12 months to sell out my jade collection and "retire".   I wanted a chance to see closer ports, in the Mexico area, and this cruise stopped at Grand Cayman and Cozumel.  Unfortunately, those two ports were the worst ones for shopping I have been to.  Usually you can find interesting and rare, possibly hand crafted jewelry, clothes and other souvenirs in the port shops, but most of the shops were related to the cruise line so very commercialized.  We took a taxi to downtown in Cozumel and that's the only place we shopped, but rarely do tourists go there.  So, no:   not moving to the Gulf ports.

The fourth day at sea at night we saw waves hitting the fifth deck and decided to go outside and walk around the ship.  Brilliance of the Seas is a very stable and sturdy ship, and our cruise had been very smooth.  We didn't feel the rocking from the waves.  The wind was 49 mph and waves were crashing around.  I grabbed the black Chinese jade bangle I wear for protection when I travel.  It didn't look safe out there, but I felt safe with my black jade.  I had a feeling a storm was forming because the radar maps showed rainy odd areas prior to the cruise.  When we returned to our home port in Tampa we learned a tropical storm was forming.  Not surprised, because we felt it! 

Today it is officially hurricane Michael, working its way up the Gulf of Mexico and expected to hit land in the Florida panhandle as a category 2 or 3, with rain and winds extending to here in central Florida. 

Did the black jade protect us all?  Probably not, but it gave me the sense of safety and protection, and I enjoyed the rest of the cruise not worrying about the storm attacking us.  Black jade is calming and gives that protection feeling.  There's also a Chinese saying that when a jade bangle bracelet we are wearing breaks, it's because the jade took the impact of the danger and protected the wearer.  Mine didn't break.

I wore a classic round Chinese jade bangle bracelet made by my jade carver in China.  I also have a "luminous" deep deep green jade bangle bracelet, but like the true black jade when I travel.

Black Chinese jade bangle bracelets with qi energy for protection

I also had one of the best acupuncture treatments on board Brilliance of the Seas.  Doctor James did my pulse and tongue diagnosis and his explanation of my body needing more "yin".  The excessive yang has been causing muscle tightness, stress and some anxiety.  I felt much better after the treatment and have slept better since the acupuncture.  Now I know what I need to address to my primary care doctor when I have my appointment later this month.

Many people who wear jade have contacted me to tell me how their jade makes them feel.  Some are surprised that jade really does have qi energy.  And most people intuitively choose the jade that has the best qi energy for them.

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Monday, October 1, 2018

What Kind of Jade to Wear: October

During September, it was so hot and humid here in central Florida that I stayed in the air conditioned home and areas most of the time.  But being outdoors, especially at sunset, is what I prefer.  I missed my outdoor time, felt some anxiety and stress.

So I used my time adding new products to the jade websites.   After they were photographed, edited, the jade pieces went in a box where I randomly chose a piece to list.  I pulled out a carved Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet and started listing it on Ying Yu Jade.  It is an oval jade bangle, and I add the two inside diameter dimensions to determine how it would fit like a round jade bangle bracelet.   Then I put it on my wrist to check how it really felt. 

And I have had it on my wrist since that time.

The colors and carving are very soothing, and I love looking at the color pattern and the way it's carved.  This is one of those jade bangle bracelets carved in the very traditional way.  The jade carver examined the stone to determine how to use the colors and jadeite stone variation to get the best result.  Then on an auspicious day, he would do the carving.  It looks like there are some clarification lines on the surface that were incorporated to the entire design. Not damage, just part of natural stone.  The colorful side is the side that is on the top of my wrist and contacts my wrist most of the time.

The white side is on my wrist by the veins.  This area is smooth, not carved except lucky coins and lotus where the white meets the carved colorful area.

As I have stated before, I think most people choose the jade that has the best energy for them.  It's October now, autumn setting in, and this color combination is giving me the calming, soothing and transitional qi energy so helpful.

And I have another special Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet in my (never-ending) collection.

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Saturday, September 22, 2018

What Kind of Jade Bangle Bracelet to Wear? The Jade That Helps You Feel Better

Recently a long time jade customer contacted me about what's going on in her life.  Her family suffered a devastating loss, and while they had recovered from the worst of it,  she never really got over it.  The situation would pop up in her life,  and her grief would be overwhelming.  She usually purchased her jade bangle bracelets for the "meaning", and what the jade represented, and wanted some suggestions on what kind of jade would help her heal.

I suggested that she go through all her jade.  Hold each piece and "feel" it.  How holding each piece made her feel.   I hoped that would work for her.

She was drawn to a deep deep green, almost black jade bangle that when you held it to the light you could see the translucence through the edges.  Here is her comment:  "As soon as I put it on I gave a deep sigh as though the body was saying thank you. That was two hours ago now and I am much more grounded. My emotions are calmer and I am not crying. I feel stronger and more able to cope with normal activities." 

This is an example of the kind of jade bangle she was describing.

Luminous deep deep green jade, almost black Chinese jade bangle 60.5 mm flat inside, 13mm wide. You can see the luminosity as light goes through it. The photo shows how it can be seen at the edges that have less jade to block light.  Rare, from Gansu area, traditional use of this jade is to make cups for tea "gaiwan" set. Made from "leftover" jade exclusively for YYJ. Yang qi energy for clearing negativity, protection.

That's why jade bangle bracelets are not only "jewelry".  They have qi energy and if you are receptive to the energy,   your jade is "medicine" as well as a beautiful bangle to wear on your wrist.  

I have a large personal collection of jade bangle bracelets.  When I'm wearing one, my plan is to wear it the rest of my life.  But the reality is that when I'm not feeling "right",  I go through my jade bangles and the "right one" does make itself known.

And I hope your jade bangle bracelet(s) give you the good qi energy "feel" that is helpful to you.

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

What's the "Truth" About Jade Yoni Eggs? The Gwyneth Paltrow Jade Egg Debate

Gwyneth Paltrow's promotion of jade "yoni" eggs created a rise in women using the eggs for quite a few reasons.  Today there has been much news about the jade yoni eggs, and Gwyneth settling claims.

So what is the "truth" about jade eggs? 
   1)  Jade eggs have been used by Chinese, Japanese and Asian women for centuries to do kegel exercise to improve vaginal health
   2)  Jade eggs are "Chinese medicine",  using only genuine and natural Chinese jade.
   3)  The size of the eggs are important, because too large eggs cause damage to your pelvic area

Ying Yu Jade was the first seller of jade eggs in USA.  I learned about jade eggs when I was in China learning Chinese medicine.  I was also going through menopause, and had a consultation with a Chinese medicine doctor in Beijing, and what started as a horrible menopause experience, pain, hot flashes, irregular bleeding, was resolved using Chinese medicine for three weeks. 

When the jade eggs started getting popular in USA and western countries, I was surprised to learn that the "new" jade eggs were considerably larger than the approved Chinese medicine sizes.  I tried to promote the information about them, but still received complaints about my too small jade eggs. Consider this, women:  if you have had most of your sex with a man with a large, hard thick penis, then having sex with a "smaller" man will not feel as good, because you have become less sensitive.

Ying Yu Jade set of three jade "yoni" eggs

The medium size jade egg is standard for wellness.  When inserted you perform your kegel exercise for general health and wellness.

The largest jade egg 40mm is helpful after childbirth, or when the vagina is not tight enough to have good sex.  If you want to tighten, start with the large jade egg, and when you can keep it inside easily and push it out at the end of your exercise, then move to the 30mm jade eggs and do your kegel the same way, with your goal being the smallest jade egg 24mm, being able to keep the small one inside.

If you are older, gone through menopause, and your vagina is tight and painful during sex, start with the smallest 24mm jade egg.  Then as you become more moist and less tight, you can use the medium size jade egg, maybe even the largest one depending on your sexual situation. 

Why use jade, not other crystals or made of other materials?   As Chinese medicine, jade is "approved" because jade is often used for health in Chinese medicine, as jade rollers, jade gua sha tools and other jade for health and wellness.  And that jade is Chinese natural jade, not Burmese jadeite.  The best color for the jade eggs for regular use is a light or medium green, that is "yin" and has the best qi energy for women.

You can use jade eggs for the female  vaginal health, and perhaps when you reach your goal of feeling better vaginally, you might decide that your active sex life is healing, and you don't need the jade eggs anymore.  What to do with them?  Add them to your plants so they can have good qi energy, too!

Clearance Jade Eggs and Ben Wa Balls for "plant health"

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

What Does My Jade Mean: Monkey, Rabbit, Peach and Dog

Almost every day someone asks about about what jade means.  From the color of jade to the finished product, what jade means is a big question.  Jade carvings and pendants all have "meaning" and today we'll focus on Monkey, Rabbit, Peach and Dog.

Jade "Monkey" and jade "Peach" are very common combinations.  Monkey is symbol of protector and strength, and humor and happy life.  Peach is symbol of yin and woman, and longevity.  Together they are symbol of cleverness and long life.The best color of jade for Monkey and Peach combination pendant is a "good green" color to symbolize strength.  Yes, good green jadeite is more expensive, but this pendant will give you good qi energy for you life.

JHP135 "Monkey and Peach" Burmese Jadeite Pendant

"Rabbit" is also a popular jade pendant.  The rabbit, called in Chinese the Jade Rabbit or the Moon Rabbit, is a companion of the Moon Goddess who never grows old.Rabbits, especially ones with white hair, are also a symbol of longevity in traditional Chinese culture.
The jade rabbit in the pendant below is the best example, as the Burmese jadeite it is carved in is white 
The jade rabbit in the pendant below is the best example, as the Burmese jadeite it is carved in is white.

"Rabbit Brings Luck and Wealth" White Burmese Jadeite Pendant #JHP109

"Dog" is often gifted to children who like jade pendants and love dogs.  Dog is the symbol of loyalty and honesty. People born in the Year of the Dog  possess the best traits of human nature. They are honest, friendly, faithful, loyal, smart, straightforward, venerable and have a strong sense of responsibility. This is still the Year of the Dog, and it's very auspicious to wear the animal of the year.

"Loyal Honest Dog" Burmese jadeite pendant

Most of the jade pendants we sell have the "meaning" in the description.  We know you want to know "what does my jade mean" and do our best to provide that information.

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