Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Genuine and Natural Jade - Will I Find Grade A Burmese Jadeite and Chinese Jade at a Wholesale Gem Show?

 I was so happy to finally have a gem trade show to go to this year.  The G&LW Wholesale Gem Jewelry Show and Sale was a few days ago.  I "wander around" the show first, up and down all the aisles, in all the special rooms, then I can decide what to buy.   But my main goal of going to gem shows is to get inspired, and learn about what kind of jade is being sold, and the wholesale prices here in USA.

There are usual at least five sellers that know I am one of the first buyers "in the door" and set aside special jade pieces for me because they know I like their jade and prices.  This time only one seller, and I purchased some very good quality Burmese jadeite pendants, and jadeite beads for stretch bracelets.  These are for sale on both Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven.

There was only one gem seller who had a small collection of Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets on display.  They had fewer than 20 pieces, but they all were genuine and natural grade A Burmese jadeite.  He had a refraction tester but with my years of experience, I could tell they were grade A.  An interesting thing was that they were all smaller sizes, 53 mm -59 mm.  We discussed that 20 years ago, when I started selling jade online, those were the sizes that I purchased.  I still have a supply of these sizes that are not listed, but now most women wear larger sizes.  And we both agreed that unless the larger sizes include certificates of gemology testing,  we need to test to make sure they are genuine and natural.  The wholesale prices he had listed were actually very close to the regular prices on Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven.  We all enjoyed our discussion about jadeite.

Was there "fake jade" at this gem show?   Of course!  When I confronted the sellers of nephrite, quartz, aventurine, they were reluctant to admit that.  But eventually agreed it was not genuine and natural jadeite or Chinese jade.

"Rainbow Jade" beads at Wholesale Gem Show

The "jade" beads in this photo were very pretty.  And gem show visitors were buying them, some people as fast as they could before they sold out.  When I asked to step in and take a photo, someone asked if I was going to "grab them up" before they could, and I said, no, that I bought and sold only genuine and natural jade.  And I was told by the buyers that they loved to sell these color treated jade beads because they could sell at a very low price, and their buyers love them.

If you like "pretty, colorful jade", buy it!   Enjoy wearing it.   I personally have a few jade bangle bracelets that are color treated grade B, C Burmese jadeite I wear for special occasions, goes with some of my "outfits".

But if you want only genuine and natural jade, be careful of colorful, "pretty" jade.

I treat my customers the way I want to be treated.   The descriptions are honest and can be backed up by GIA gemology testing.  

Buy what you like, items that make you happy.   You know where to shop online for the best quality at reasonable prices.

Ying Yu Jade, Genuine and Natural Chinese Jade and Burmese Jadeite

Jade Heaven, "Heavenly Jade for You"

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Sunday, October 18, 2020

How Much Should I Pay for a Jade Bangle Bracelet? How Much Does Jade Cost?

 Not a very new topic, this has been discussed in the past, but with the holiday season approaching, and dealing with craziness from COVID, time to add to the conversation.

The Chinese saying:   "Gold and Diamonds have a price, but jade has no price"   Diamonds and gold are often valued by carat and karat weight, so prices can be consistent for them, although the details of the item will add to the value.

Burmese jadeite and Chinese jade prices are based on what people want, and what they are willing to pay.  When I bought the jade for Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven web sites, I went to China personally to purchase it.   There are no prices on jade when you buy wholesale directly from the jade carvers.  I had to arrive in China two days before I started shopping, with cash only, take it to the Chinese bank, and exchange it for Chinese money.   Real jade sellers who sell real jade take cash only.  And China allowed only a certain amount of foreign money each day to exchange for Chinese money.  Of course I truly enjoyed my time in Beijing, Tianjin, visiting friends, my Chinese doctor friend, and traveling, eating, exploring.  

Then I went north to Xiuyan where traditional Chinese jade is mined, met with my jade carver, shopped and ordered for shipping to me.  I learned so much about Chinese jade from the jade mines, jade museums.  And that's how I can spot the "fake jade", what I often see at gem trade shows, in regular stores in USA, and online especially from jade sellers in the south of China, around Guangzhou.  Jade mined there is often nephrite, or something else color treated to look like jade. 

Then traveled south to the Myanmar (Burma) border for the Burmese jadeite.  I was trained by a vice president of the China Jade Association how to know if jade is grade A, or B or C, color treated.  There is a photo of us working together on Ying Yu Jade Facebook page. 

All the Burmese jadeite had to be "bargained" for.  The price was whatever the seller and the buyer agreed on.  When I made a purchase, I left a note in the jadeite I bought so I could decide what to sell it for.  The price includes the actual jade price, my expenses of going to China, what it costs to get it listed on the web sites, and the costs of accepting payment from credit card processing.  And other costs, like accessories to pack, shipping charges, taxes I have to pay, and more.  The hours of taking photos, editing so they look like the "real thing" and writing descriptions has no price, it's a never ending task for me.  

There are some long time jade sellers in China, and Hong Kong who look at my websites and give me feedback about prices.  99% of the time, I am told that "my prices are too low", the jade bangle bracelets have higher value.  But, selling online is not like selling to tourists in China, Hong Kong, who can see the "real thing", touch it, feel the good qi energy.  And with all the fake jade being sold, I understand it's difficult to trust online sellers.  I have guarantees on the Jade Heaven and Ying Yu Jade, if you purchase Burmese jadeite that I claim is grade A, genuine and natural color, and you get it tested and get a certification that it is not grade A, I give a full refund, and great apology.  I have not had that happen in the 20 years of selling jade online.  

AND, if you look at Jade Heaven and Ying Yu Jade, you will notice that many items are on sale now, prices marked down.  The holiday season is approaching.  The shipping companies are raising their prices because more people are buying online, and higher prices will go into effect in December.  And the worst part is shipping may not be as reliable.  If you buy a gorgeous jade bangle bracelet and it gets delayed because of shipping problems in the systems, or lost, or delivered "somewhere else", you will not be happy.   So now is a good time to shop before holiday shopping starts.

AND, if you see a jade item you like, but you think the price is too high for you, you can "make an offer", just like shopping at a jade market in China!   The web sites have email addresses for you to contact me with the item number, description, and what you would like to offer.   Your offer will either be accepted, or a counter offer made.  Again, just like shopping at a jade market in China!

If you want good quality, genuine and natural "real" jade and Burmese jadeite, trust Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven.  Check the Deal of the Day on Ying Yu Jade, and "Heavenly Jade Sale" on Jade Heaven. Ying Yu Jade sells both kinds of jade: Chinese jade and Burmese jadeite, and a variety of items like pendants, jade carvings, Chinese medicine jade health tools like rollers, gua sha, facial masks.  Jade Heaven sells Burmese jadeite, some of the highest quality and best bangles and pendants I found while shopping in China.  

I love jade, and sell only the jade quality and jade items that I personally love and would wear, want for myself.   

And I treat customers the way I like to be treated.

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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Is My Jade Bangle Bracelet Cracked or Scratched? What Does a Crack Do to a Jade Bangle Bracelet?

 I personally take the photos of all the jade listed on the web sites.  And the photos are taken outdoors on our screened sun deck, in natural daylight so the photos can be edited to look like the "real thing", not photoshopped to look "perfect".  I take a few pieces of jade, bangle bracelets, pendants, carvings, beads in a basket with a towel, a polishing cloth, the "double dragon" metal piece I use to hold bangles, and use a background for other jade items.  When I get set up, I polish the jade piece and examine it carefully in the daylight to look at the color patterns, "feel" the jade qi energy, and get a "feel" for the description title when it gets listed.  

Sometimes I find an "imperfection" on the jade piece.  There's a Chinese saying: "the jade carver always leaves something behind".  All of our jade is hand carved, not machine carved, and hand made items are not always "perfect".  But sometimes that's what makes them so special.  In fact, genuine and natural jade with a small imperfection is always more valuable than a color treated or "fake" jade.  

But I understand most customers do want "perfect" jade.  So I do my best to make sure that if there is a small imperfection, it is detailed in the listing information.  

And if I "need a new jade bangle for myself", (like I have so many now!) it's an "imperfect" one I keep.

This is one of my favorite jade bangle bracelets:

I can barely get it over my knuckles and onto my wrist.  It is quite wide, which makes it seem smaller than the usual size.  But when I do get it on, it's the best bangle I have because it stays close to my wrist and doesn't "fall up my wrist" when I'm active.   This is genuine natural grade A Burmese jadeite, purchased before the "fake jade" became popular so it doesn't have a certificate of gemology testing.  When I was "bargaining" for it from the jade carver, he had it packed with two other very similar bangles.  The color is very good green, and some of the veins are the rare and precious imperial green.  I really wanted only the other two that were in perfect condition, to sell online, but he wanted me to buy all three.  I put this one on my wrist.  It was stuck because it was so hot in south China near the Burma border I could not take it off to continue bargaining.  So I pretended that I agreed to buy all three.  And I got very good prices for the lot of three because of this.  Being an "American", he knew Americans expected "perfect" so he felt like he "won" the bargaining deal.  But I knew I won, because I fell in love with it.  

It's not easy to see from the photo, but there are small cracks throughout the deep and imperial green veins, on the bottom they appear grey.  And there is a one inch+ "clarification line" on the white color that is on the side you can't see in the photo.  It is visible but it really just looks like part of the natural jade.  And that's another reason I wanted it:  clarification lines are formed while the jade is being formed when there is a lot of pressure in the ground.  The clarification line took the pressure off  and actually makes the jade stronger because on the round style, it's easy to break of dropped or struck hard. I wear this bangle most of the time, and I'm active, and it has lasted through many years.   A crack goes up and down the width.  A clarification line goes "around".

I do my best to include anything that is not "perfect" in the description, but sometimes miss a little "something" that "the jade carver leaves behind".   Our "old mine" Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet are best quality overall, rare to find today because carved before 2008 when the political problems re-started in Myanmar. So if you purchase one of our jade bangle bracelets on Ying Yu Jade or Jade Heaven and see a "little something", of course we will exchange if you are not happy with it.  But hold it first:  "feel" the qi energy; "feel" the history of this jadeite.  "Feel" how your body, mind and spirit are attached (or not attached" to genuine, natural jade.

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Friday, September 11, 2020

Chinese Jade Teapot and Tea Pot Sets for Jade Lovers and Tea Lovers

 I love Chinese tea. When I went to China, I always ordered tea with meals and drank as much tea as I ate food! My favorites are jasmine tea and green tea, and I still drink these every day. So of course I loved the jade teapots and shopped for jade tea pot sets while I was in China. They are big and heavy when packed to bring back to USA so I could bring back only one or two sets each year. And kept them in the office where I can see them often. 

I kept a set that I don't use for making or drinking tea, but they can be used not only as decor but also for steeping and drinking tea. When a friend in China who is also part of the China Jade Association had a tea ceremony for me, these are the kind of jade tea sets he used. Small pots of delicious tea poured in small cups, and drank "ceremoniously".  

The price reflects the quality of the jade, the hours, days taken to carve these, and the high cost of packing and shipping to you. They ship to USA addresses only

View Ying Yu Jade Teapot Collection

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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

What Kind of Jade Should I Wear Today? Jade is "Medicine"

 If you are a "jade lover", and you search for jade online, sometimes you come across a jade bangle bracelet, jade pendant, jade carving, or other jade piece that you find very attractive  You find yourself returning to look at it often.  And sometimes you feel so good when you look at it, maybe even drool a little.  I am a true jade lover.  And I am also educated about Chinese medicine.   I also practice taiji, qigong, yoga daily.  And have been a Reiki master for many years.  So I really know the qi energy of jade.  

You cannot imagine how difficult it is for me to sell some of the jade items on Jade Heaven,  Ying Yu Jade because when I'm taking the photos and editing them while holding the jade so they look accurate, most like the "real thing", sometimes I "feel" them so strongly I want to keep them even if not my size.  It's the qi energy from them.  BUT...the qi energy for all of us different.

Chinese medicine tools, jade rollers, jade gua sha tools, jade "needles", jade rings with points are all very helpful.  And ours are made from genuine and natural Chinese jade our jade carver in China purchases directly from the jade mines and carves to Chinese medicine standards.  Green Chinese jade has qi energy related to the liver meridian, with healing qi for body, mind and spirit.

And years ago, our jade carver was able to buy and carve Chinese "river jade" that was formed in a river giving it the natural colors of the other meridians:  red "hong"  for heart; yellow for spleen; white for lungs; black for kidneys.  He made these into jade bangle bracelets.  So when you see one of these you are attracted to, buy it!  Because then you can wear your "medicine" on your wrist.  

Burmese jadeite also has qi energy related to the colors.  But Burmese jadeite is a gemstone, used as jewelry.  However, the coloring does have qi energy.  One of the colors Burmese jadeite has that Chinese jade does not is lavender.  And lavender is related to the central neural meridian, spirituality, compassion, the "good things in life".

One of my customers told me that she can no longer wear a jade bangle bracelet because of surgery on her arm and wrist, and with arthritis she cannot get a bangle over her knuckles and onto her wrist.  But she has a collection of different jade bangle bracelets she feels are true "medicine" to her, and often holds one that she needs the qi energy to benefit from.  For example, when she needs to relax, read a book, she has a river jade bangle that "calms her spirit" and gives her much satisfaction.

If you want to feel better, more happy and healthy, choose jade, do not hesitate to purchase it, and wear it.  Keep in mind that your body changes, seasons change, and a collection of jade bangles and pendants will help your qi energy balance you.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

 When I went to China for jade shopping every summer, I would shop from Dandong in the north, and then go south to the Myanmar border for Burmese jadeite shopping.   I would first fly into Beijing.  Then the next day take a train from Beijing to Dandong.  The train departed Beijing around 3:30 in the afternoon, and arrived in Dandong around 7 am the next morning.  I traveled with my Chinese doctor friend, and our compartment usually had a total of four people, so it was quite an interesting trip.  When we arrived in Dandong, my jade associate met us at the train station.  We still had quite a way to travel to Xiuyan to meet with our jade carver.  The jade carver makes Ying Yu Jade Chinese medicine tools, jade rollers, gua sha tools, jade eggs and ben wa balls for kegel exercise to Chinese medicine standards.  And he carves very good quality jade bangle bracelets and pendants, and more.  

The bus ride to Dandong was long, slow, up the mountains, and if we took the bus we didn't know how or when we would be able to return, especially if we had much jade with us.  Taxis would not take us that far. Somehow we were able to access government limousines, the drivers were very interested in the "American woman" and actually felt priviledged to take us.  After the long train ride, when I got in the limousine, I was amazed to find jade seat covers on all the seats.  Oh, my, how good they felt!  And they looked so awesome.  And around Dandong, many of the cars had jade seat covers in them.  So of course I had to buy a set of two from our jade carver.

And did I use it in my car?  No!  It took me a long time to get good photos, make a YouTube video about the jade seat covers.  During summers here in Florida, I pack my favorite jade items carefully for storage because summer in Florida is hurricane season and I do not want to lose my jade, especially the rare items like jade tea pot sets, carvings, and these jade seat covers.  A few years ago our home was damaged so badly we had to have a new one.  Almost all the jade went into storage during that process, and I'm still finding jade items that were packed in storage. Including these jade seat covers.

They are for sale, a set of two.  I searched online to find jade seat covers, get an idea of the price, and cannot find genuine jade covers made like this.  They are heavy and I finally found a box that I can ship them in, so now they are listed and for sale.

Here is the YouTube video.


And this is a link to the jade car seat covers on Ying Yu Jade (if they have not been sold)

Visit Ying Yu Jade

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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Is My Jade Jade Bangle Real or Fake? Lots of Fake Jade on Etsy

I really liked Etsy for shopping for personal items.  It seemed to be a well managed and to oversee products.   I decided to sell jade on Etsy a few years ago, and within a week Etsy management removed all my listings because they were "jade".   No real explanation.    Last year I realized I had a lot of yarn that I used to knit with, way more than I needed, so decided I would open a new account to sell it on Etsy.

Every morning when I log it, the first page shows me my search results.   Yes, I look for jade  because curious about what kind of jade is being sold now.

Look at these photos and decide which ones are genuine and natural, and which jade bangle bracelets are "fake" and/or color treated but described as "natural":

None of these are genuine natural Chinese jade or Burmese jadeite, but they are all listed as genuine natural, and all being allowed on Etsy.

And of course Ebay is the same.   

I am amazed at some of the photos people send me showing a "jade" bangle on their wrist from a different seller, and wondering why our prices were not as low as what they paid for.  Some people even purchased from China, so felt assured it was real and genuine.  If I reply that it's either quartz that color treated, or jade that is bleached with acid and color treated, it will make me seem like I am insulting them, so I don't reply with my professional opinion.   My jade associate in China who I shop virtually with near Burma border for Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets has told me that in southern China, they Chinese jade there is very poor quality so they either color treat it, or as they do with the Burmese jadeite, bleach it with acid and add color.  And since quartz is very available there, they sell quartz as "jade".

All of our jade is genuine and natural.  If you decide to get it tested and it is not, we offer full refunds, but that has never happened in the 20 years of selling jade online.  

Jade Heaven  sells only Burmese jadeite grade A, some with certificates of gemology testing.

Ying Yu Jade sells genuine and natural Chinese jade made by our jade carver in China to high standards.  Ying Yu Jade also sells genuine and natural Burmese jadeite.  Some have certificates of gemology testing.  The "old mine" jadeite purchased before all this "fake jade" became popular to sell is tested in our lab by refraction so we can know it is genuine jadeite.

The photos in this blog are pretty, and I'm sure the owners are happy to wear them.  But if you want "real jade", visit Ying Yu Jade or Jade Heaven, and pay more for the "real thing".

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