Friday, March 13, 2020

Chinese Medicine Jade Tools for Health and Wellness, Resist COVID-19 CoronaVirus

My Chinese friends throughout China have been keeping in touch with me about the COVID-19 CoronaVirus that we started hearing about during Chinese Lunar New Year.  One of my friends told told me he and his wife were traveling south to visit family during that time, and that's when the CoronaViru started causing big problems.  They were isolated in a hotel, had to wear masks if they opened their room door, and could not leave for quite awhile.  He let me know he heard that it had started in other countries and that the USA was "blaming China" for it.  Because Chinese citizens don't legally have access to open internet, it is monitored in China, he wanted to know what our news was reporting.  And then he heard couldn't understand why there were so many people in USA who had caught the influence (flu) virus and so many had died from it, and couldn't understand why our country was was so obsessed with this CoronaVirus. He told me that China was treated many citizens with Chinese medicine, using herbal remedies that have been used for centuries. And now it is subsiding.

We don't have any kind of treatment for CoronaVirus in USA.

My Chinese doctor friend reminded me to keep my "qi energy moving smoothly" to stay healthy through this virus time.  Along with taiji and qigong,  and yoga, I have been using some of my traditional Chinese medicine tools at least once a day to keep the smoother qi flow throughout my body.

I use the jade gua sha tools for scraping.  I start with my neck, shoulder, move down my arms, then back and hips, legs and feet. 

Traditional Chinese medicine jade gua sha tools for scraping, keep qi flowing smoothly
More information on Ying Yu Jade about using these.  Some are on sale now.

The other Chinese medicine jade tool I use daily is the jade roller with "needles" carved over it.  It not only smooths the qi, it stimulates blood flow for health.  It is very helpful to me, helps with nerve pain and "restless leg".  I slowly roll it over arms, back, chest, then hips, legs and feet.

Traditional Chinese medicine jade "acu-roller", "needles" carved into
the roller  head to keep qi flowing smoothly and increase blood flow
We have been selling these more now that this CoronaVirus doesn't have any treatment yet here in USA.  Most people use them while they are still healthy, rather than wait until they become ill.

And of course wear your best, most healthy and helpful jade bangle bracelet all the time!  Jade has good healing energy, and is beautiful.  It's like "wearing medicine on your wrist".

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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Jade Bangle Bracelets for Sore Wrists - What is My Jade Bangle Size?

In China for centuries, a family gave their daughter a jade bangle bracelet when she was very young, a young teenager.  When the young girl put it on her wrist, she left it on her wrist all the time, did not take it off.  As she grew older, her arm became larger.  By the time she was a woman, the jade bangle bracelet was close to her wrist, so tight it could not be removed by taking it off.  One of my long time Vietnamese customers told me this was also true in Vietnam, and other Asian countries.  She was getting ready for surgery  when she was "grandmother age", and the surgeon insisted that the bangle must be removed for the surgery that had nothing to do with her arm or wrist.  It had to be broken to remove, which also broke her heart.  After the surgery and her wrist healed from the needles that were inserted into her wrist, we spent quite awhile finding a similar jade bangle because she missed wearing jade so much. One of the problems was that because of her age, after she had the IV's and needles in her for so many days, her wrist was tender.

As we age, we may get arthritis in our wrists, fingers, hands.  This makes it more painful to put on, take of jade bangle bracelets.

My first jade bangle bracelet was in 1999, during my first trip to China.  The jade bangle I purchased was slightly too large, so when I returned to China the following years I looked for one that was really special.  The vintage, Dynasty era carved jade bangle that I saw on a woman during a train ride from Beijing was beautiful and looked "just right" for me.  As I mentioned in previous posts, the woman on the train was obsessed with my handbag, and traded the jade bangle for my handbag, and some of the contents.

My favorite, vintage carved Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet
Different all around, excellent carving.  Thick and heavy

I wore it almost all the time because I loved the history of it, all the carving.   But that carving, the thickness of the bangle inside-to-outside, made it heavy.  And as I got older, I started getting arthritis in my wrist, making it uncomfortable.  Then I got carpal tunnel symptoms, and it became quite painful.  I started taking it off at night, but it became difficult and painful to get on.  Time to change to another jade bangle bracelet (and I was very sad about this).

Of course I have a drawer full of jade bangles that are "my size" that I just can't sell because I love them so much.  I tried them all on and one of them that was very difficult to put on turned out to be the most comfortable of all of them.

Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet I wear today

It's lightweight, thin inside-to-outside, and the way it sits on my wrist it doesn't move around too much.  I don't feel the pain because of the sizing.  The darker green veins seem to give me more qi energy these days.  I feel more alert, more active and happy wearing it  The lighter green, almost white, adds some "yin" to the darker "yang" for balance.  It's good for me now. 

I have another jade bangle bracelet that I like to wear.  It's classic round and quite valuable "old mine" Dynasty era.  I remember seeing a large statue of Guan Yin, Buddha of Compassion, and she was wearing one very similar.  That's another reason I cherish it.  But at this time in my wrist and hand arthritis it just is too "clunky" for me, although I thought a slender classic round bangle would feel very comfortable.

My slender "Guan Yin" style classic round small Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet

If you want a comfortable jade bangle bracelet when your wrist is sore for whatever reason, choose one that is thin inside-to-outside, so it's lightweight, and is very tight getting on so it will stay close to your wrist.  I understand that it is not easy to know how a jade bangle you find online will feel on your wrist, but believe me, I understand and do my best to help customers get their best fitting jade bangle even if it means exchanging.  I treat customers the way I want to be treated, and I want you to have a jade bangle that you feel it on your wrist, but it feels good, not painful.

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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Jade Teapot and Teapot Sets - Amazing Use of Jade!

I finally listed the jade teapots and teapot set that were "buried" in the inventory.  It took several weeks to get the photos so they look like "the real thing".  Then study them carefully and try to remember the history.  And if you read these blogs, you know that it is difficult for me to list and sell something I truly love.  Yes, it's jade teapots.  I did keep one set for myself.

I purchased the jade teapots during my trip to China in 2000.  I didn't intend to buy teapots to sell because they are heavy, and I had to carry them home in my luggage which means less room for jade bangle bracelets, pendants, all of the things I sell online.  But my first experience was when I went to a Chinese government jade museum in north east China, near Xiuyang. They rarely saw "foreigners" so I got a good look around.  Fascinating jade items.  The good green translucent Chinese jade that Chinese people have worn for centuries.  And that was when I was introduced to "river jade".  Some of the jade mines had rivers that caused the jade to get unique natural color, not only green but also honey, charcoal and black, yellow and red-orange.  I bought my first teapot set there.

Vintage "River Jade" Chinese Teapot Set

That was the year I met a jade carver in China who would make most of the Chinese jade items I sell.  When the person who is still my associate in China took me to the jade market to meet him, he pulled out some teapots that he had stashed away.  Maybe he didn't really want to sell them, like me when I love something!

"Flower and Bird" Chinese Jade Teapot SetA vintage set carved prior to the year 2000
One of my favorites is a large jade teapot with four small jade teapots.  This is a Dynasty, vintage set that is very rare.

Pumpkin Shape Large Teapot with Four Small Teapots
Of course I purchased very unique and well carved jade teapots.  These two are also vintage and unique:

"Power, Strength and Good Luck" Jade Teapot Set

This teapot is relates to the Chinese Spring Festival.  "Rooster Rides Elephant" is symbolic of honesty, protection, wisdom and strength.

"Rooster Rides Elephant" Chinese Jade Teapot Set

Jade always "means something".   That is part of Chinese culture.  When you display one in your home, office or special place. you and those who observe it benefit from the "good qi energy" of jade.  

These are the only teapot sets I bought because of the price, storage, and cost for shipping because they need special wrapping and are heavy to ship.  I do have to resist asking my jade carver what he has to sell now!

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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Jade Rollers for Health, Wellness and Beauty

Ying Yu Jade introduced jade rollers to USA 20 years ago.  When I went to China in 1999 to learn Chinese medicine with my qigong group, we went to a Chinese medicine hospital for some lectures and experiences.   We learned that most Chinese people kept jade rollers in their "medicine cabinets" along with jade gua sha tools, pressure needles and herbal remedies.   We also had a tour of the hospital.   Each patient had these tools, jade rollers in their rooms, and they were used often.

Jade rollers are used to roll on your skin, usually in a downward motion.  Patients learned where their qi meridians were, and rolled over the meridians and acupuncture points to free "stuck qi" points, so their qi would flow smoothly and resolve health issues.  During the Mao Revolution, Chinese "barefoot doctors" roamed through the countryside and always carried jade rollers and gua sha tools as their medical tools.

I was very impressed with "real" Chinese medicine and returned every year for a long time, so I was able to meet the jade carver and learn how jade rollers were made.  Our jade carver uses genuine and natural jade that he purchases from the jade mine and makes them to Chinese medicine standards.  He made the classic double jade rollers, medium jade rollers with only the large roller, small rollers with only the small roller head.

Ying Yu Jade small, medium and large double jade rollers

Ying Yu Jade carver in China make our jade rollers

I have had restless leg syndrome for many years, and getting treated in China was much more helpful than being treated in USA.  I didn't need prescription medicine that causes side effects.  The jade roller I use often is a larger roller with "needles" in the head.  It improves circulation as well as smooths the qi that is stuck and causes pain and frustrating movement.   I start the roller at my hips and slowly, mindfully roll towards my knees for awhile.  Then roll across knees, where there are acupoints that affect the pain, then from knees to ankles for a few minutes.  There are also acupoints in the bottom of the feet, so I use the roller on my feet for awhile.

Ying Yu Jade "Acu-Roller"
Jade has good qi energy, and the jade rollers are on of the best combinations of a treatment with the jade qi and the roller part.  Now they have become very popular for facial use, smoothing the skin, facial wrinkles, and improving blood flow.  But of course like all jade now, you have to be careful you are getting "real jade", not marble or glass rollers that are sold as "jade".

You can trust you are getting the best quality jade rollers on Ying Yu Jade.

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Saturday, November 30, 2019

How Jade Can Improve Your Life - What Kind of Jade is Best for Me

If you have a special piece of jade that you wear, you know how that can make you feel so good!   It makes what you're wearing look more pretty or handsome, and you can enjoy the compliments from others when they tell you how much they like your jade.

And jade can improve your life.  That's the main reason I still sell jade online.  And of course making income from selling anything improves your life, but jade is more "personal".   Jade has been known for centuries to have positive qi energy,  good for body, mind and spirit.

Here's my story for today.   A family member has been very ill for quite a long time, and I have been committed to helping improve the health.  This person does not "believe" in jade, but I do, and if it helps me, it helps him, too.  Today I was rushing around getting things organized and cleaning up, making meals, doing laundry,  indoor and outdoor work.  While stupidly trying to do three things at the same time, I fell holding a heavy object, and twisted my ankle and knee.  I immediately got my jade roller and jade gua sha tool to gently scrape the area to curb swelling and blood building up, and then roll over the area with the jade roller.  Then I sat for awhile with ice packs on ankle and knee, and help my jade acu-ring and moved it around my hands and fingers to relieve stress.  It's been about 12 hours now since the accident, and no swelling or pain.

My "everyday" special and cherished Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet
But the rest of the day was stressful and busy.  When I saw the sun setting, I went outside on the screened porch, played with my jade bangle bracelet to relieve stress and relax, and enjoyed the sunset.  My heart rate went back to normal and I felt peace and comfort inside. 

I realized it was time to get our my jade "problem solvers".   They are clearance jade balls and eggs that have a number on each one.  I have a list of "chores" that need to be done, and match the number I put on the jade ball or egg to the number of the chore.  For example, if I pull out ball with number 2, the number 2 card is to clean out a drawer or shelf in a room.  This process helps me do tasks that need to be done without wasting time deciding what to do first.  I started this "jade numbers" task when I was using clearance jade eggs and ben wa balls to put in the soil around plants that are not doing well.

"Jade numbers" match chore numbers to determine what task I will do

I'm a busy person and friends often tell me to take more time off from working on my jade web sites.  But they don't understand that photographing, listing, touching the jade for awhile is very calming and relaxing, and makes me feel good.

And that's why when people ask "what kind of jade should I get" I tell them to look over the style you are interested in, and if you find an item you keep coming back to look at, it makes you smile, and maybe drool a little, then that jade has the right kind of energy for you.

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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Is My Jade Real? Are My Jade Rollers REAL Jade?

This online business keeps me busy.  Products to photograph and list, orders to fill, customers who have many questions.  One of the most common questions: "is my jade real?". 

I also have a home and a husband, so that part of life is also time consuming.  And I have good friends and an active social life.

So I shop online a lot. 

I used to buy most of my clothes, accessories, and many other things on Amazon Prime.  It used to be easy to return items, like clothes that don't fit the way you think they will.   On Amazon I could request a return and refund, print a USPS label that would make it easy to return because it's easy and free to schedule a USPS pick up.  Now Amazon only gives UPS labels, and you have to take the package to a UPS drop off or store, because UPS charges for pick up.

That's when I started shopping at Ross store,  usually weekly, because it's close to home, and convenient.  I discovered that the clothes, shoes and most household products like towels, rugs, cookware cost less than Amazon's and I could touch them, try them on, and then know what I am getting.

A few weeks ago when I was shopping in the body and hair supplies at Ross, I saw a jade roller.  It was only $6.99 and I was surprised because that's cheaper than what I pay for my jade rollers, plus shipping from China.  The box was sealed, so I couldn't examine it, and I bought it.  This is what I got:

"Jade" Roller purchased at Ross store

The picture on the box looked like a "real" jade roller.  But the actual roller was very different, the color darker and not "glowing" like jade.    I sent this photo to my associate in China who works with our jade carver.   This is what he sent me:

"Fake" jade rollers, made from marble

Genuine natural traditional Chinese jade rollers.  Moderately translucent,
with good qi energyPlease note photos taken by our jade carver in
China on mobile phone, not edited, so the "real thing" is much nicer than the photo shows.  

 Real Chinese jade is a light-to-medium green and moderately translucent.  Sometimes when there is a supply of really "good green" jade, the jade carver makes some for me as "something special".    Yes, these "fake jade rollers" are nice and green, and they work like a roller should, but if you are looking for the good qi energy of real jade for health and healing, you get that only from "real jade". And real jade, "China's Traditional Jade", does cost more than marble or fake.

When you purchase jade rollers from Ying Yu Jade or Jade Heaven, or  JadeRollersWholesale, you are guaranteed to receive traditional genuine and natural jade, the kind of jade used by Chinese medicine doctors and people in China for centuries. 

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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Jade Rollers Wholesale for Health and Beauty

Ying Yu Jade introduced jade rollers to USA in the 1990's.  We went to China to learn Chinese medicine, and discovered how popular jade rollers are.  Not only used by Chinese medicine doctors, but every household in China had jade rollers to help with smoothing the body's qi flow for health and wellness.  Not they are popular in the rest of the world not only for health and wellness, but also for beauty, relaxation and massage.
Ying Yu Jade wants to offer jade rollers for wholesale at the lowest price.  If we sell the jade rollers wholesale on the web site, the costs include shipping charges from China to Florida, USA, and then shipping charges to the person or company that buys them.  
We now have a way to save you money on wholesale jade rollers order.
We made a web site that includes photos, prices and our associate in China contact information.  The prices are updated as the cost of jade and workmanship sometimes varies so we keep you up to date.  The prices are based on quantity.  You can then contact our associate in China to place your order.
If you want a sample of the jade rollers, you can order them from the Ying Yu Jade web site, Jade Rollers for Health and Beauty.
Our jade carver in China buys the jade from the jade mine, then carves and makes the jade rollers to high standards.  He ships as quickly as possible, and knows the least expensive way to ship internationally so you can get your jade rollers order as soon as possible.
Ying Yu Jade Rollers for Health and Beauty Wholesale

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