Monday, July 20, 2020

What Kind of Jade Bangle Bracelet to Buy? Here's How We Shop for Jade in China

My jade associate in China and I "shop together" using our smart phones.  When he goes to the Burma border to purchase Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets directly from the jade carver, he shares his experience with me.

People often ask:  why do you have to purchase directly from the jade carver?   Jade is not an item that you can make good purchases unless you are physically present with the seller.  There is a Chinese saying:  Diamond and Gold have a price, but Jade has no price".   Diamonds and gold are priced by carat and karat, but jadeite is not like that.  When you go to a jade market, there are no prices on the jade.  Everything you purchase must be negotiated, bargained for.

The real jade markets, not the markets for tourists, are quite huge and different than "shops".  This is what you see:

Then you start negotiating and chatting with the jade sellers.

We need to purchase larger sizes now because I still have a good inventory of Burmese jadeite "old mine" bangle bracelets, mined and carved around the turn of the century, and the sizes are mostly 51-60 mm, 60 mm being one of the largest sizes.  Now more men want to wear jade bangle bracelets, and many women are more active, larger than the traditional small Chinese and Asian women 20+ years ago, so the shopping today is for sizes 60-72 mm.

During the "old mine" Burmese jadeite selling day, there was no question that the jade was "real", genuine and natural grade A.  You could see what the carving shop was working on, and you could see it was genuine, natural and not bleached and color added.  So certificates of gemology testing were extremely rare.   Then there was the USA conflict with Myanmar and sanction put on bringing jadeite to USA . Sanctions were dropped on everything except jadeite until only a few years ago.  During that time, sadly many people sold "fake jade", or color treated grades B and C but described it as "real, grade A".   That's when it became common to purchase Chinese gemology testing certificates.

This newer jadeite is different from the "old mine".   It is genuine jadeite, but often not as translucent, rare to find any imperial green color not even veins of imperial green.  But the newer jadeite is still beautiful, just different.

And jade carving is different.  In the Dynasty times, older times, the jade carver would study the stone, decide the best way to use the good features in bangles, pendants, other carvings.  Then on an "auspicious day" the jade carver would carefully carve the jade stone to make the best use of the colors, veins, features.   Today it is like a "job" that people get trained for, and work automatically according to what customers want.

When the jade arrives to us here in USA, we open the box and let the jade set outdoors for a couple of days, then wash it gently with soap and water, and let it set outdoors for a couple more days and a cool shady area so it is clean, COVID-19 free, and ready to photography, and list for sale.

So we have a new supply of the larger Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets with certificates of gemology testing now, and will be getting them ready to list over the next few weeks.  The "China's Favorite Every Day Burmese Jadeite Bangle Bracelets with Certificates" are listed on both Ying Yu Jade (click to view)  and Jade Heaven (click to view).   They will also be in the "What's New" Collection when we finally get them well photographed, edited, described and ready to sell.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Burmese Jade Mine Disaster Last Week - 170+ People Killed Another Story

Here is an excerpt from NewsAsia about a disaster in Myanmar at a jade mine last week:

Mandalay, Myanmar - Aye Mon, 30, is left alone with a two-year-old daughter after her husband and younger brother died in Myanmar's worst jade mine landslide that killed more than 170 people on Thursday.

In hopes of finding gems that might transform his future, her brother, Shwe Moe Tun, 22, had travelled more than 600km (370 miles) from his village in Monywa to Hpakant area of Kachin state in northern Myanmar, home to a secretive billion-dollar jade industry.
"My husband had been working in the jade mining business for more than 10 years. But it was the first time for my brother. It was his second working day in the mine," Aye Mon told Al Jazeera.
At least 40 jade pickers killed in the disaster at Wai Khar mine were buried on Saturday, the country's fire services department said on their Facebook page, while 77 others were interred in a mass grave on Friday.
Aye Mon's husband Soe Min, 31, and her brother were among hundreds of jade pickers at the mine when the disaster struck as heavy rains filled the mine with water, creating a lake.
A wall of the mine crashed into the lake, with the huge wave of mud resulting in the deadly landslide.
"My husband and my brother were both buried yesterday [Saturday]. I have nothing to depend on in my life. All I have left is just my two-year-old daughter," Aye Mon said.
In search of jadeite, a stone exported across the border into China, migrants from across Myanmar travel hundreds of kilometres to Hpakant, in hope of finding the overlooked pieces of jade.
The Wai Khar mine had officially shut down because of the danger of landslides, the Hpakant member of parliament, Khin Aung Myint, told Al Jazeera.
But unauthorised jade pickers, who are expected to pay a share of their earnings to rebel groups operating in the area, still flocked to the mine.
The jade industry is largely controlled by firms linked to Myanmar's powerful military and the trade is worth billions of dollars a year.
Rights group Global Witness says the trade funds fuel the armed conflict between government troops and ethnic Kachin rebels fighting for self-rule in the region.
It also said the landslide was a "damning indictment of the government's failure to curb reckless and irresponsible mining practices".
Despite the risks, thousands of workers, including Win Kyaw, are still ready to go back to the mines to scour for precious stones in desperation with hopes to strike it rich.
Officials say that makes it harder to prevent disasters like the one that occurred on Thursday."
Sad story, and some of the information in this article give you more information about "jade pickers" and the how people risk their lives to find jadeite just to make a living.
My jade associate in China was shopping for Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets for us when this happened.  He was at jade carvers near the border, but still in China.  He had purchased a good quantity of jadeite bangle bracelets and was getting the jadeite tested by gemologists, making certificates of gemology testing.  We "shop together" on our smart phones, keep in touch, and make decisions together.  Something happened, not sure exactly what, but prices changed, good quality was removed from markets, and although he had not purchased all that I wanted, he immediately shipped them by the expensive express service so they would leave the country and get to USA before something would happen to them.  If customs inspection in China, then Hong Kong would seize the package they would "disappear".   I received them yesterday, and in the process of leaving them out "in the open" to make sure there is not COVID-19 or other contamination before I complete the unpacking and start listing them.  
You know how you feel when you order your jade online, and can't wait to receive the parcel, open it and look at it.  That's how I feel.  Can't wait to see what was purchased.  There are some larger sizes, good for men and women who need larger sizes.  I have not yet received my final prices, and when I do it will be interesting to learn if this incident has affected prices, quality, and availability.  These jade mine "disasters" often happen, either by nature or politically.  
And that's a reason why your Burmese jadeite is so special.

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Monday, June 29, 2020

What Kind of Jade to Wear During Coronvirus COVID-19

During the winter, until last week, I have been wearing a powerful qi energy darker green veins jadeite bangle bracelet.  There is some lighter green "yin" to balance the darker green "yang".  I felt the powerful qi energy all the time I wore it.

My "yang" deep green veins Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet

Last week I felt like my body was having too much "heaviness".  Not weight gain, just a lot of pressure all the time.   Being summer here in central Florida, it has been very hot, 90's almost every day, and humid.  My "jade bangle drawer" started calling me!  I reached in and fondled the jade bangles, not really looking at them.  Then I touched one that felt "just right".

"Yin" mostly white with soft green veins, very translucent
And it is just right for me now.  And probably good for anyone who wears jade in summer for health and wellness.  The green color is related to the liver meridian for health and wellness of body.  And the white color is related to the lung meridian for lung health, one of the top concerns regarding COVID-19.  The overall translucence gives this "old mine" Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet a "glow" that also makes me feel "glow".  I have more energy, calmness, and body, brain and spirit much improved. During this hot summer, the white light color is "cooling".

It's a very small jade bangle for me, and I will have difficulty removing it, but you can read about how to get a small jade bangle on and off on our web sites jade bangle bracelets pages. Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven

If you are like me and wear your jade bangle bracelets not only for the beauty, but also for the qi energy, "medicine you wear on your wrist", then white jade with some green color can be very helpful during this COVID-19 time we are experiencing. 

And a good excuse to get a beautiful new jade bangle bracelet, for summer, and always.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Is Ying Yu Jade Real Jade? Genuine Natural Jade from Jade Carver

I often get asked by customers if the jade Chinese medicine tools, like jade rollers, jade gua sha tools is "real jade",   Earlier this month I contacted my jade carver in China because I needed more of the jade gua sha tools with comb for hair and scalp. 

My jade associate in Dandong, who is also selling the WholesaleJadeRollers, went to our jade carver Kou near Xinjiang to purchase them for me.  Here is his experience:

The path to Carver Kuo
Rough jade at the jade carvers shop

Carving begins

Rough jade not polished

Not polished
Looks much better when polished!
Purchased for Ying Yu Jade

So yes, all of our Chinese jade is genuine and natural jade.  Our jade carver knows the quality and color we want, and my associate in China chooses the best colors, most attractive jade tools for me to sell on Ying Yu Jade.   That includes Chinese jade bangle bracelets, jade pendants, jade carvings, jade rollers, and all the jade we sell.

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Friday, June 12, 2020

Is My Jade Real? Jade Eggs and Ben Wa Balls For Women "Yoni" Chinese Medicine Health

Jade eggs  and ben wa balls are designed for women who want an alternative for kegel exercise and to improve vaginal strength and lubrication.
Ying Yu Jade Eggs and Ben Wa Balls for Kegel Exercise

Ying Yu Jade introduced these to USA years ago, when they were rare to find and only available outside USA.  A Chinese doctor and I designed these to be the best size for women. He says that using the eggs is "vaginal kung fu" because it strengthens and tones and gives that part of the body more power and feeling of well being. Doing kegal exercises is easier when you have an object for feedback about what you're doing. Most people who do kegals aren't doing them with enough effort, and these can help. And jade is related to the body qi, energy. Jade energy is healing to the body, and jade qi and body qi work together. That's one of the reasons Chinese people love jade. It's natural stone, smooth, and is compatible with the body.
We get contacts almost daily from companies in China who want to sell us jade.  All kinds of "common" jade items, like the eggs and ben wa balls, jade rollers, jade gua sha tools, and more.  Over the past few months, the "jade" product they have been promoting the dark green nephrite "jade".  And over the past few months I have noticed when I look at the Chinese jade products they have been selling from China that the jade doesn't look very nice, not "clean", all green, and moderately translucent.  When I look at their locations, most are from south China.  The classic Chinese jade is mined in the north east China.  
Dark green nephrite eggs, "yang", not compatible with women's "yin" qi.

From years of selling jade eggs, I know that many women ask for dark green.  We do sell some that are darker green, but not almost black like these.  So why don't we sell dark green eggs and balls?

When you read the descriptions of our jade, most of the time each description mentions the "qi energy" of the jade.  All these jade products were made for Chinese medicine, inspired by Daoism centuries ago.  People often tell me that when they are looking at the jade on our sites they are sometimes really attracted to certain pieces, keep coming back to look at them.  Sometimes their
mouths water when they look at them, that's how much it connects to the person.  And that's the qi energy.  That's why women choose certain jade bangle bracelets, because that benefits their their body, mind and spirit,  like wearing "medicine on your wrist".

The dark green nephrite is often called "jade" but it is actually gemologically a lower grade of gemstone.  Nephrite is not as hard as Chinese jade.  And this dark nephrite is "yang".  Women are not "yang".  Men are "yang."   Women are "yin", feminine.  And that why the light to medium color of Chinese jade is best for kegel exercise.  The qi is more compatible for women.  

So if you want to use jade eggs and ben wa balls to keep your "feminine parts" healthy, the Chinese jade is the most compatible for you to use.  

Both Jade Heaven and Ying Yu Jade sell the Chinese jade balls and eggs.  There is more information on the Collection page. Suggestions include what style, ball or eggs, may work best for you.  And how to use the sizes.   And we include basic kegel instructions to help you get started.  

And of course if you want genuine, natural, traditional Chinese jade, this is where you will get the best available, made specifically for us.

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Friday, May 15, 2020

Chinese Jade and Burmese Jadeite - What's the Difference?

Chinese jade is the kind of jade Chinese people wore for centuries, used for carvings, teapots, Chinese medicine tools like jade rollers, gua sha tools.  And especially jade bangle bracelets.  It is mined mostly in the north east China, where weather is cooler in the winter and there are rivers, waters.  Then in the 18th century, Burmese jadeite was introduced, and Chinese people were quite attracted to it.  When I used to go to Beijing, China as my "starting point" for jade shopping and enjoying the culture, and I wandered around the shopping areas for the "locals", there were government owned jade shops that sold only Chinese jade.  They were often filled with customers, men and women couples, the man buying a classic round Chinese jade bangle bracelet for his beloved woman as an engagement gift.  The jade shops that tourists were taken to had some Chinese jade, but sold mostly Burmese jadeite. 

Burmese jadeite is different because it is gemologically considered a "gem stone", and can be tested by refraction and other methods, and labeled as grade A, genuine and natural, or grades B and C, color added, often bleached with acid to remove unpleasant color and replaced with a good green color, "hong" red, lavender.  Chinese jade is not considered a "gem stone".

Genuine natural traditional classic round Chinese Jade bangle bracelet

Genuine natural grade A Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet

We take all the jade photos in natural outdoor lighting, the bangles at different angles so you can see how they look all around, as the lighting varies.  We do not use Photoshop to edit photos because that makes them look "too perfect", not like the "real thing".  It is truly a time consuming process to get the photos, get them edited and listed so they look as close to the "real thing" as possible.  And most customers tell me that that when they receive their jade, it truly is more pretty than the photo shows.

An interesting thing is that more people who purchase Chinese jade send me an email telling me how much more pretty their jade looks and how pleased they are with it.  In my opinion, that's because Chinese jade has more "qi energy", is more alive than than Burmese jadeite.   And that's a reason it is used in Chinese medicine, not only for the tool itself, but for the qi energy of the jade.

Chinese jade roller, gua sha tools and jade mask for eyes and face

This is one of the Chinese jade pendants that looks great in the photo, and customers tell me how much more beautiful it is in person, more detailed, and has a "glow" that the photo just can't show:

"Butterfly Brings Love" Chinese Jade Pendant looks much more pretty "in person"

We probably spent at least an hour, several times, getting a good photo and editing it so it looks like the "real thing", but it is still so much more pretty in person.  And yes, the Chinese jade pendants are lower prices that Burmese jadeite.  But I can not resist getting the best photo possible of this cherished, traditional Chinese jade.  

There's more ways Chinese jade and Burmese jadeite are different, but if you are a jade lover, love to wear, touch, own jade, these are the "basics" as I have experienced both jades over the past 22 years.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

What Kind of Jade Should I Buy? How Do I Know if it is Real Jade?

During this COVID-19 time, when many people are home, self isolating, working at home, so many are using the internet for information, education and shopping.  I have had more contact from new customers than usual.  There are discount sales on Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven every day so you can get a lower price.  And most of them want to "know about jade". 

One of the recent contacts was from a man who wants to purchase a jade bangle bracelet for a girlfriend.  She never had a jade bangle, but wants one on her wrist now. He sent me a photo of a jade bangle bracelet he thinks she might like.

"Jasper" is not jade.   But it's green, it is often advertised as "jade", and the good green classic jade color makes is look desirable.

We spent a few days emailing each other about jade bangle bracelets, what is "real" jade, and what women like.  He then decided he would purchase a green traditional Chinese jade bangle from Ying Yu Jade, I gave him a discount coupon code.   A day later, he asked what size she might wear. 

That's a whole other topic.  You can watch the videos at the beginning of our jade bangle bracelet collections to learn how to measure and what to consider when finding your jade bangle size.

He decided to get the jasper bangle shown in the photo, because jasper price is lower than jade price and it looked like "the perfect green jade bangle bracelet".

The only way to really know if your jade is "real",  Chinese jade, or Burmese jadeite and if it's grade A natural color, or grades B, C, color treated by bleaching out the color, then adding color it to have it tested by a gemologist or a person which much experience in jade.  We test all of our Burmese jadeite by refraction, a gemology test, to make sure it is "real", and have the experience to know that it is natural color because we personally shop in China near the Burma border, directly from the jade carvers so we can see them at work, and the quality of the stone they are using.

But, I personally own a few Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets that are grades B, C, color treated.  Some are so pretty and fun to wear, it does not matter to me if it's not grade A.  It is still "real jade", and it's what I want to wear.

When you shop for jade online, and you see jade that really appeals to you, makes you smile when you look at it, maybe even makes your wrist tingle as you look at it, maybe you drool over the picture, and you keep coming back to look at it,  that is the jade bangle that's right for you.  If you are looking for jade as an investment, want a jade bangle that is worth thousands of dollars, either get one that has a certificate of gemology testing, or a guarantee that if you get it tested by a GIA gemologist and it is not genuine, or the grade A  you expect, you can return it for a refund.  And we offer that guarantee on our web sites.

Also, if you do want to invest in a high quality jadeite bangle that will increase in value,   you are welcome to "make an offer".   Look in our menu for Contact Information or "Make an Offer" and use the email to let us know the item number and what you would like to pay.  We accept most offers because jade bangles really do belong on a wrist, not sitting in a box in storage.

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