Friday, September 13, 2019

What Kind of Jade Should I Wear? Hurricane Season

It's hurricane season here in Florida.  That's a reason I haven't posted on the blog in awhile. Even though we live in central Florida,  hurricanes do sometimes have a path right over us.  When we first moved here in 2004, six weeks later hurricane Charley, a category 4, flipped path that was toward Tampa to inland, and right over us.

Hurricane season also means we don't know when we will lose power. Because this is central Florida, whatever side of Florida the hurricane tracks, we get the edge of high winds, lots of rain.  And power outage.  That means no internet for the jade web sites.  I spent several days making a page I can upload fast that shows the jade store is closed until power goes back on.

There is so much to prepare for starting in early August.  I have so much jade in this house, and I need to keep it safe as possible.  I keep the jade that is listed in plastic or cardboard boxes that I can easily move and slide under the house if I need to.  That's a reason it takes awhile when someone asks questions about specific items.  It might be packed away.

My own personal jade is also packed for emergency evacuation.  Some of my jade bangle bracelets are valued at $10,000+   I love them for what they are, not just the value.

Hurricane season is savage, so I wear down to earth jade on my wrists during the hurricane months.  This year since the weather has been so crazy all over the world, I've been wearing jade for protection, and for good health.  I actually wear the bangle bracelet on my left wrist, and the bead bracelets on my right wrist, but I couldn't take a photo with my left hand, so I put them together:

The black jade bangle bracelet is Chinese jade, deep deep green almost black   "Two Dragons Hold Pearl" is symbolic protection.  Dragons are "yang" and protect.  Pearl is "yin", and craves protection.

Two Dragons Hold Pearl Carved Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelet

The elastic bead bracelet is genuine and natural Burmese jadeite beads.  They are all the different colors of jadeite: green (health and well being, related to liver meridian), white (related to lung meridian) "hong" orangish red (related to heart meridian, yellow (related to spleen meridian), deep green almost black (related to kidney meridian)

Burmese Jadeite Bead Bracelet

Jade has good qi energy when it's genuine and natural color.  And it works for me several ways.  Firstly, I feel good wearing jade, it makes me happy, content, and calm.  The "Two Dragons" bangle bracelet is enjoyable to touch and move around.  The bead bracelets together add balance to the right wrist.  

How do I decide what kind of jade to wear during hurricane season?  The same way I wear jade all the other times.  I go through my jade collection, touch each piece, and when one feels "just right", I know that's the jade to wear.

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Saturday, August 10, 2019

What Kind of Jade Should I Buy?

I have been buying (and selling) jade for 20 years.  My first trip to China was with a group organized by my Qigong master in 1999.  And the first jade I saw that made me fall in love with it was a jade bangle bracelet on a flight attendant. 

We went to Beijing, China to learn about qigong, qi healing, tai chi.  In the morning we got up early, before breakfast, and walked to Tiananman Square to do tai cha with the Chinese army people, and civilians in a nearby park.  Almost all of the women and some of the men were wearing jade bangle bracelets.   Then we went to a traditional Chinese medicine clinic and hospital to learn.  I had never seen jade health tools before: jade rollers, jade gua sha tools for scraping, jade acupressure rings and when I touched them, they felt so awesome, I could feel that qi energy.  I had migraine headaches at that time in my life, and when the doctor put a jade eye mask on my face, it felt wonderful and eased the tension.  So my top two "must have" jade items were jade roller, and jade facial mask.

Jade Acu-Roller

Jade Facial Mask

Jade Pillow Cover

The doctor who supervised our class told me I could return to get personalized treatment, and three months later when my qigong teacher went on a two week all around China tour, I went back to get healing from the doctor.  Since I wasn't with the group, I had time to wander around, and bought my first jade bangle bracelet. 

And then every summer, I returned to China where I eventually met my jade carver and learned so much about jade that selling jade here in USA became my second job.

Now it's my only job.  And all the jade I bought over these years has been the kind of jade I personally like.  And every time I took some of the jade items I bought out of storage, I could not resist keeping many for myself.  Now I have quite a few jade items, "odds and ends" that I'm selling that are really difficult to part with, but I truly do need to downsize.

The jade carvings are difficult to part with because to keep them safe I have them on shelves in my office so I see them every day.  Here are some of my favorites:

Chinese jade 3-legged Money Toad
Dragon Protects Pearl Chinese Jade Round Carving

Jade Tea Pot and Cups Set, Usable Size

I need to take more photos of the jade teapot sets to show the actual "usable size", and more details, but then I won't want to sell them!

And of course there is all the Chinese jade and Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets, pendants, jewelry that I love and have blogged about.  And will continue to blog about the wonderful jade with qi energy for body, mind and spirit.  Check the former blog posts to see more jade that might give you a better idea about "what kind of jade should I buy".

Buy what you LOVE!

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Friday, July 26, 2019

Jade for Body, Mind and Spirit: What is a Jade Mask?

This summer here in central Florida has been so very hot, humid and rainy.  Most days have been 90+ degrees, with "real feel" 100 degrees and higher.   And I love to be outdoors.  It's fun going to the pool and visiting with friends, cooling off in the water.  And the weather causes weeds to grow like crazy, so one of my goals is to pull 100 weeds every day.  Usually I pull quite a bit more than that.  Because no matter how many I pull, in a couple days it doesn't look like I pulled any at all!   I truly enjoy and love the plants, trees, bushes and work on keeping them look as nice as possible.

And I've been busy taking care of everything and everyone around me, I haven't been spending much time on myself.  I just don't look in the mirror so I won't get side tracked.

It's so easy to get dark circles under my eyes being in all this heat.  And I found something that helps keep the swelling down, reduce the darkness, and brighten my eyes.  It's a jade eye mask.

Ying Yu Jade Genuine and Natural Chinese Jade Face and Eye Mask
 When I'm done doing my work, taking my evening walk at sunset, then taking a shower and getting cleaned up for the evening, I spend a few minutes laying down with a jade mask on my face, over my eyes.  It feels so wonderful!  The jade mask is calming, cooling, and the pressure seems to help with swelling and dark areas under my eyes.  The jade mask also relieves my sinuses.   I keep it on my bedside table so it's handy when I need a break from all the heat.

The jade masks are hand made.  Many small pieces of jade are attractively strung together, with small beads on the edges to make it move easily and feel comfortable.  I wipe it with a soft cloth with a tiny drop of Dawn lavender dishwasher soap, then dry it when I'm done using it.  Mine is still in good condition after several years. 

And that's why I purchased them to sell online.   My jade carver makes them for me from genuine and natural Chinese jade he buys from the jade mine, then makes them very well. 

Cool jade for this hot summer!   Jade masks are one of my favorites.

I also like rose quartz, so I purchased a rose quartz face and eye mask.  Rose quartz seems to "go good" with jade.  They are also cold.  And they have a slightly different energy feel, spiritual, romantic.   So I purchased a few of the rose quartz masks to sell online also.  They cost considerably more than jade, but now they are priced lower and when they sell out, I won't be getting more.

Rose quartz mask for face, eyes
Stone masks for face and eyes: comfort for you that's easy to use when you want to use it.

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Monday, July 1, 2019

What Kind of Jade Bangle Should I Wear? - Jade Bangle Bracelets for July

I have not had time to blog for most of June.  Busy helping people find the best jade bangle bracelet for wearing.  For some, it's their first time to wear a jade bangle bracelet.  They want a beautiful jade bangle, which the more pretty they are the higher the price, but not sure of their size.  And that really does make it difficult to decide.  So I promise to work with them to get the best jade bangle for them and their budget.  And that takes a lot of time, but I am so happy when we finally get "the one".   And some customers are jade bangle bracelet collectors.  They like to have a good selection because they are very mindful of the qi energy in jade, and since every moment in our life is different, they want to wear one that "goes with" their qi energy at the time.

July is usually a hot month, in the middle of summer.  I live in central Florida where it is warm most of the year, but really, really HOT in summer.  I love jade bangles with deep green veins, carved jade bangles with deep color, black and charcoal color jade bangle bracelets.  But they feel too "heavy" when the weather is hot.  80% of my jade bangle collection is "summer-y".   Although when I'm going out to dinner or an evening activity, I would exchange my "light" one for a darker and pretty one. 

Light, white color jade has qi energy for cooling, serenity, peace, ease of life.  And translucence adds to the cooling feeling.

Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets for July would be translucent, so probably the "old mine" jadeite, mined and carved prior to the 2008 ban of importing jadeite that originates in Myanmar (Burma).  White, light green, lavender have good qi energy for July.  JHBB-3291 shown in the photo below is a good example.  The "glowing" quality comes from the translucence.  It's not "see through" translucent, which you should be wary of unless it's a high price because C grade jadeite is often bleached with acid to make it translucent, then color added.  C grade is still "real jade" but you should be aware that the color may change, fade or the acid work its way through to your wrist.

JHBB3291 "Bless Your Spirit" Glowing Burmese Jadeite Bangle Bracelet

Traditional Chinese jade is a very good choice for translucent and light green color.  These are the kind of jade bangles people in China wore for centuries, until Burmese jadeite was introduced in the 19th century.  When I went to China for jade shopping, I noticed that the Chinese people were buying Chinese jade in jade shops, while tourists were looking for the Burmese jadeite.  I truly love the green translucent Chinese jade bangles, and especially love the carved ones, like the NJCARV-19 jade bangles and others in the Ying Yu Jade Traditional Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelets Collection.

NJCARV-19 Carved Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelet

Translucent carved Chinese jade bangle bracelet on my wrist

If you love collecting and wearing a variety of jade bangle bracelets, these are some suggestions for what kind of jade to wear in July.

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Sunday, May 26, 2019

What Kind of Jade Bangle Bracelet Should I Wear? Get a Good Collection!

If you have only one jade bangle that you own and wear,  it is probably a very special, meaningful, and possibly valuable piece of jade.  But if you have only one jade bangle bracelet, maybe you wish you had more, and shop for jade bangles often.

And if you have a family member who keeps track of every dollar you spend, it can be difficult to find a good reason to have a "collection" of jade bangle bracelets.

But keep in mind:  jade is "medicine" for you.  Jade has qi energy.  And the colors of jade are related to the meridians in your body.  White = lungs.   Green = liver   Black = kidneys   Yellow = spleen.
Red or "hong" = heart.

This past week has been a very sentimental, joyous, and busy week.  We ate out often, and ate a lot more of foods we usually don't eat, but it was delicious, so of course we splurged.  Yesterday I helped a friend who manages a small boutique and had a fashion show.  I announce the the models and the outfits, and she asked me to wear a dress that was sort of tie dyed: tan blending into green blending into lavender.  I had the urge to "feel" through my jade bangle bracelet collection, and pulled out a jade bangle I had not worn for a long time.  I put it on my wrist while I was getting ready for my task, and even though I know jade is "medicine", I was surprised how much better I felt.  The leftovers I ate for lunch had upset my stomach.  The heat of the day was wearing me down.  But after about 20 minutes with this jade bangle bracelet, I felt much more energetic, and didn't have to be concerned about getting hiccups while I was announcing.

"Honey" color reddish-yellow color with qi energy for spleen and heart
A few green veins for qi energy liver (body-mind-spirit)

Reverse side of jade bangle bracelet is white, qi energy related to lung meridian
Peace, coolness, spiritual

And of course everyone thought it was gorgeous!  I am still wearing it today.

If you decide you want a "collection" of a variety of jade bangle bracelets for your "jade medicine box", let me know while you are shopping.  It can get expensive buying genuine and natural Burmese jadeite and Chinese jade.  But I want you to have a "good collection" and will give you discounts for getting yours.   There is contact email address on each of our web sites.

Get you jade bangle bracelets while you can.  Our "old mine" Burmese jadeite bangles are the best quality, have the best qi energy, and will increase in value over time because that kind of jade is rarely available now.  The jade bangle bracelet "with certificates of gemology testing" are newer jade, but eventually they will be "vintage", also.

Have fun shopping!  But have even more fun wearing jade bangle bracelets that "feel right" for you.

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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Gem Trade Show Update: Where's the Real Genuine Jade?

The G&LW Gem show was this weekend, and I went the first day because some of the vendors from China bring real jade they show me first before they add it to their sales.  I have learned from jade shopping in China to not buy everything at the first shopping stop because jade is stone, stone is heavy, and carrying all that jade around requires strength!  But this time as I made my "walk through" to check out everything before I started purchasing, I had a feeling there wouldn't be much good jade for sale.  Only two of the vendors had Burmese jadeite, and only beads. 

The seller I purchased from loved my jade bangle bracelet that I was wearing.  She said she'd trade me the entire inventory for it! 

My personal Burmese jade bangle bracelet I wore to gem show
Genuine natural grade A Burmese jadeite, at least 20 years old

I put the jade beads in my car, then returned to wander around the show.  Metal "singing bowls" were quite popular.  I have "old" metal singing bowls, and know how "good ones" should sound.  A few of them had the good sound and vibration, but most were "average" quality, made from one metal.
Lots of beads for sale everywhere.   Pearls seemed to be in all the bead sellers displays.  And pearl prices have increased for the real pearls, but the artificial pearls were pretty and looked real.  The vendor who was selling the "fake jade" rollers was there again.  He was selling the popular rose quartz rollers, too, and told me the price was so low because they were glass, not "real" quartz.  When I asked about his "Chinese jade" pendants, he asked me to wait a minute, then added a sign:

"Peking Glass Pendants" that are sold as "jade"

I didn't find any other jade or gemstones I wanted to purchase, so it was a short trade show for me.  I didn't even buy something special for myself, which I usually do.

Sometimes people who are looking at my jade web sites ask me why the prices are "so high".  I could sell "Peking Glass" pendants for a much lower price than "real" Chinese jade pendants.  

When you shop Ying Yu Jade, Jade Bangle Bracelets, and Jade Heaven, you get "real" jade, and you get what you pay for.  There are some jade sellers in China who are constantly looking at my jade collections and tell me they charge higher prices than I do, in China and Hong Kong.     

And if you see something jade your really like, you can contact me to make an offer, so you can "shop like you're at a jade market in China".

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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Jade Necklaces Calm My Spirit, Keep Me Positive and Creative

We took a short trip to Ohio and Pennsylvania last weekend.  Flight arrived Friday, went to Pittsburgh Saturday, back to Ohio for family reunion Sunday, and flew home again Monday.  I wore my deep deep green almost black Chinese jade bangle bracelet for protection on the "other" wrist, not my left wrist where I wear my all-the-time jade bangle bracelet.

Carved deep green almost black Chinese jade bangle bracelet with qi energy for protection
Everything went smoothly, so the protection worked.  I was more concerned about getting ill because of the measles epidemic, all the germs around the airline, airport, and people we met.  No sickness, so I still believe "black" jade protects.

I had several Burmese jadeite necklaces on adjustable silk cords I intended to take and wear, but forgot.  I sure did miss them.  This one is one of my favorites.

My "Mei" Beautiful "Double Flowers" jadeite necklace on adjustable silk cord
When I go into my home office to start the work day, I put it on.  A smile comes on my face right away because it's so pretty.  It has good qi energy for keeping me calm, positive and creative.  And the white color of the flower has qi energy for compassion,  very helpful for "customer service".  Today a customer notified me that her parcel had not arrived, the USPS tracking showed it spent too many days here in Florida before being "on its way", and it would arrive, but late.  The tracking actually did not show any progress, and the customer is concerned.  I told her of our policy that if a parcel gets lost during delivery, we file a claim (but most of the time it is truly lost...forever!)  and while I file the for the insurance if lost (which there is always an excuse from USPS about why it's not covered by the insurance)  I give her a store credit so she can use what she paid for a replacement.

That's just one of the problems of small online business, losing something in shipment.  So I use the jade in the office to help keep my positive and compassionate while I work. 

Jade is not only "medicine" for the body, but also for mind and spirit.

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