Thursday, February 23, 2017

Here's Why Jade Heaven Sells Best Quality Burmese Jadeite Bangle Bracelets at Best Prices

I've been doing my annual dreaded work of organizing all my financial reports, expenses to get ready for my income tax accountant. That's why I haven't had time to blog, add new jade items to the web sites, help customers more as they are trying to choose the best jade at the best price for themselves.  I truly despise doing accounting, keeping track of expenses and profits.  And that's because I really don't care about how much profits I make from jade business at this point in my jade seller business.  I have a passion for jade since I discovered the wonderful beauty and qi energy in the year 2000.   I loved jade so much, I shared it with the western world.  At that time, jade selling was an honorable business.  But over the years, greedy people have corrupted the jade business, not being honest about what they are selling.  And of course that's made a big impact on Jade Heaven.

A few weeks ago, a customer who had never owned a jade bangle bracelet was looking for a Burmese jadeite bangle to wear at her wedding.  We spent days trying to help her determine her size, and choose the best jade bangle bracelet in her price range, a good green color but not too colorful so she would be comfortable wearing it all the time.  She had also considered buying a jade bangle she could have her jewel cut in two pieces and add a hinge, and we discussed the Chinese belief that when a jade bangle is cut like that, all the good qi energy "falls out".  She finally made her decision, and I was happy for her, and eager to hear how she liked it when she received it.  So I was absolutely shocked when she told me she wanted to return it because it wasn't real jade.  It seems that when she took it to her jeweler, he determined that since the price wasn't thousands of dollars, it couldn't be real.  I personally double check all jadeite with a refraction test prior to listing them, so I know it was "real".  And she had no evidence, jade testing, to prove it wasn't.  But customers don't have to prove it's not real to get a refund, as is our policy, we refund as per our policies.  Customers are always welcome to return an item they are not happy with.

I've been thinking about that experience a lot, when I was on vacation and more relaxed. I know the prices of jadeite bangle bracelets on Jade Heaven are lower than what you would pay even in China.  And the "old mine" collection of jadeite bangle bracelets was purchased during the years 2000-2008, so it's rare to find that older quality.  I often get emails from China and Hong Kong jade sellers chastising me for the low prices they are listed at.

Buying jade has been a passion for me since I discovered it on my first trip to China in 1999 to learn Chinese medicine.  And the passion for buying it turned into a passion for selling it.  I wanted to share some of the jade I had never seen for sale in the western world that is beautiful and has good energy.  I loved buying it so much that I kept prices reasonable, and profit was not as important to me as helping people find their perfect jade.

The passion for jade is stronger than the disgusting work of keeping accounting records for business tax preparation.  At least for another year.

Beautiful genuine and natural Burmese jadeite at low pricesJadeite two frogs surround blossom adjustable bracelet JHBRAC-10

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Jade Heaven Advice: Change Your Jade Bangle Bracelet as the Weather Changes

Our vacation was very relaxing and interesting.  Most of our 10 day cruise was south Caribbean area, including Turks and Caicos, and Dominican Republic.  And those two countries are where I find the most pretty larimar stone.

I first purchased a larimar blue gemstone pendant during a visit to a resort in Dominican Republic ten years ago.  I have loved it and worn it often.  The natural larimar color "goes" with jadeite color, and they seem to complement each other.  Every time I go to those two countries I purchase another larimar piece.  My favorite larimar store is on Grand Turk, and a girlfriend and I went there to check it out.  She was also with me when we purchased our first larimar on Dominican Republic.  She purchased a pendant, ring, earrings and bracelet, and I purchased a substantial pendant, sterling silver octopus legs wrapped around a big piece of larimar, and earrings.

That's when the carved jadeite bangle bracelet I had been wearing for several months didn't feel "right"; it felt too heavy on my wrist.   As soon as I got home, before I unpacked anything, I went to my dresser drawer and pulled out my "warm weather" every day Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet.

Larimar seems to have energy like jade.  Wearing the larimar after I purchased gave me an even strong sense of relaxation during the rest of the cruise.

After Turks, the ship went to DR where larimar is mined.  My friend and I were both so eager to check out the shops for a few more pieces.  When we looked at the shops, we noticed very deep blue larimar that just didn't look right to us.  The prices were very low compared to other larimar we had purchased.  I asked if the larimar had been color treated,  and sure enough, one of the sellers admitted that it was.  

So jadeite is not the only gemstone that gets color treated.  But it sure shows on the larimar.

That evening on the ship, taking the elevator to dinner, two women were wearing the darker blue larimar, and one of the men mentioned to me that my larimar was more light color, but looked so much nicer.  I didn't want to get into my pet peeve about color treating, and my husband nudged me so I would keep my mouth shut.  

The weather in the Caribbean was warm, sunny, humid, moreso than the weather here in central Florida.  And my body was craving the more yin jadeite of my everyday jadeite bangle, shown in the photo above.  When I wear the larimar pieces with my jade bangle bracelets, any of them, they all seem to complement each other.  And they all have good qi energy for the warming weather that we'll gave over the next 5-6 months.  

If you are sensitive to qi energy, and your everyday jade doesn't "feel" right, that means you should consider have\ing cool-cold weather jade (more yang) and warm-hot weather gemstones.  I actually have some jade for those "in between" days when I need a specific jade energy for what I'm experiencing at the time.

Jade Heaven will rotate the genuine, natural Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets to offer different ones at sale prices every few days, so if you need a different energy jadeite, you will be able to get a sale price.  Check back often.

And enjoy playing and mixing your jadeite with your other gemstones.

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Friday, February 3, 2017

What Kind of Jade to Wear When Traveling?

This weekend I start the only real vacation I take every year.  We sometimes take a weekend away, or go north for a few days to visit family.  But to me "vacation" means doing what I want to do, relaxing,  food I don't have to cook, and calming my spirit, filling my heart and soul with joy.  That's usually a cruise, because when we're at sea and internet isn't freely available, I have a good excuse to not think about business.  However, when I'm in vacation mode, my mind gets creative and I have new ideas for when I am back.

I have my clothes, accessories, face-body-hair items ready to pack.  And today it's time to choose the jade bangle bracelets I want to wear.  I have one of the jade "Year of the Rooster" pendants with a bail and chain.  And my spirit wants to keep the jade bangle I've been wearing for several months, because the jade has the energy I need for balancing my body, both the soft neutral color, and the carving symbols (bat for happiness, bamboo for strength, lotus for spirituality).

The color of jade to wear when you travel is deep deep green, almost black.  That color is related to the kidney qi meridian, and is protective.  Protection not only for health, because there's a lot of germs, viruses and disease when you travel, but also physical protection.  Sometimes when I'm in an airport, or a parking lot, and I'm wearing the jade bangle in the photo below, I feel "invisible" to evil.

I have an 8 mm jadeite bead elastic bracelet I'm wearing between my every day carved jadeite bangle bracelet and the smooth classic round deep deep green Chinese jade bangle bracelet so they don't clink together and run the risk of chipping.  Travel is the only time I wear a watch, so when I take the watch off, I rotate the "black" and bead bracelet on my other wrist.  And since I'm wearing the deep green translucent jade Rooster pendant, the colors "go" together good.

Deep green Chinese jade Rooster pendant

The online stores will close February 4 in late afternoon, and will open again February 12.

I'm taking some pieces of jade with me because there are some stores at some of the ports I want to take them to for "creativity".  I will blog about those experiences when we return. Hope to have photos, and a video. 

Unless I get so relaxed I stay on my balcony in port!  (But who can resist shopping)