Friday, February 3, 2017

What Kind of Jade to Wear When Traveling?

This weekend I start the only real vacation I take every year.  We sometimes take a weekend away, or go north for a few days to visit family.  But to me "vacation" means doing what I want to do, relaxing,  food I don't have to cook, and calming my spirit, filling my heart and soul with joy.  That's usually a cruise, because when we're at sea and internet isn't freely available, I have a good excuse to not think about business.  However, when I'm in vacation mode, my mind gets creative and I have new ideas for when I am back.

I have my clothes, accessories, face-body-hair items ready to pack.  And today it's time to choose the jade bangle bracelets I want to wear.  I have one of the jade "Year of the Rooster" pendants with a bail and chain.  And my spirit wants to keep the jade bangle I've been wearing for several months, because the jade has the energy I need for balancing my body, both the soft neutral color, and the carving symbols (bat for happiness, bamboo for strength, lotus for spirituality).

The color of jade to wear when you travel is deep deep green, almost black.  That color is related to the kidney qi meridian, and is protective.  Protection not only for health, because there's a lot of germs, viruses and disease when you travel, but also physical protection.  Sometimes when I'm in an airport, or a parking lot, and I'm wearing the jade bangle in the photo below, I feel "invisible" to evil.

I have an 8 mm jadeite bead elastic bracelet I'm wearing between my every day carved jadeite bangle bracelet and the smooth classic round deep deep green Chinese jade bangle bracelet so they don't clink together and run the risk of chipping.  Travel is the only time I wear a watch, so when I take the watch off, I rotate the "black" and bead bracelet on my other wrist.  And since I'm wearing the deep green translucent jade Rooster pendant, the colors "go" together good.

Deep green Chinese jade Rooster pendant

The online stores will close February 4 in late afternoon, and will open again February 12.

I'm taking some pieces of jade with me because there are some stores at some of the ports I want to take them to for "creativity".  I will blog about those experiences when we return. Hope to have photos, and a video. 

Unless I get so relaxed I stay on my balcony in port!  (But who can resist shopping)

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