Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Here's a Tip for Taking a Break with a Jade Roller

I took my annual vacation at a time of the year that was not compatible with a jade business.
Valentine's Day, then the start of Chinese Lunar New Year means jade lovers are ready to buy their new jade either for themselves or a gift for a special person.  And since jade purchases this time of year have significance, customers want more information about the jade they are buying, and the qi energy of the jade for their purpose.

(I know, I know, I'm making an excuse for not working of this blog for almost two weeks!)

One of my major goals selling jade is customer service.  I want to answer your questions quickly and satisfactory.  And I can do a better job by email rather than phone conversations.  The business phones are strange to use, and I do get a better "feel" for what you want to know when it's in email format, sometimes when a photo is included so I can get a better idea of the issue.  And I want to get your order shipped as soon as possible, especially if you pay for upgraded shipping method.  On mornings when I wake up and see orders placed overnight, I set everything else aside to get them packed and ready for my daily postal pickup. 

And all of this takes place in my home office, a bedroom converted to office and storage for all this jade. 

I keep a small jade roller on the desk. 

Ying Yu Jade Small Roller for Face, Neck and More

When I stop to think about something, or make a decision,  sit for awhile and use the small jade roller on my face.  When I concentrate, I tend to "frown" and I have wrinkle marks in my "frown" area.  I roll the jade over this area, then across my eyebrows, then cheeks and round my lip area.  If my neck feels tight, I roll that area, too. It's very relaxing.  But the best part is that it seems to open my mind to new, better ideas.  There's the helpful process of rolling, as well as the qi energy of the jade.  Green jade is the classic color in Chinese culture as well as Chinese medicine, with qi energy for body, mind and spirit wellness.

I keep a couple jade rollers on my bedside stand and use them throughout the day and to unwind and relax at night. They are small enough to put in a pocket or handbag and take with you on those days when you know are going to be challenging. 

Our precious jade!  Not only beautiful, but "medicine" for our body, mind and spirit.

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Always Wear Your Black Jade When You Travel (or at least take it with you!)

We're back to "life as normal" again after a 10 day cruise, Mardi Gras celebrations for two days, Valentine's Day and now Chinese New Year of the Dog.

And this is the first time I traveled and didn't wear my "black" deep deep green jade bangle bracelet for protection.  I am paying the price.

"Black" deep green carved jade bangle with bead "spacer" and one of my regular jade bangle bracelets

I usually wear the carved dragon "black" Chinese jade when I travel for protection from people and things, and negativity.  I didn't realize that it wasn't in my handbag until we were on the road to Miami for the cruise ship.  Since this flu season is making so many people ill, I intended to wear it.  Surprisingly, not many people on the ship got ill or had the flu.  So I thought everything would be OK.  And it was, until the bus ride back home.  A man behind me coughed and sneezed for the 4+ hours we traveled.  My fingers itched to that "black" jade bangle.

When we arrived home, our community had a Mardi Gras party, huge dinner, and "crowning" of a new king and queen for the Mardi Gras parade and party the next day.  It was so much fun.  But Valentine's Day started out bad because I started sneezing and coughing.  And I kick myself for not having that jade bangle in my handbag, where I usually keep it. 

Coincidence?  Or does black jade really protect?   Black jade's protective qualities have been cherished by many for centuries.  It has been known to have powers of purification and discharging negativity.  And I love it, think it is beautiful.

And I better not forget it keep it nearby in the future.  I am surely paying the price.

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