Friday, January 27, 2017

Break Out and Wear Your Best Jade Today! Lunar Year of the Fire Rooster Begins

Best wishes to you for an auspicious happy, healthy and good fortune Lunar New Year!

Chinese people often start celebrating days and weeks before the official New Year date, and continue after the official end.  I have watched videos of the celebration in China, and it will be their biggest celebration yet.

Our Today's Specials and Sale includes jade rooster pendants.  If you are a blog reader and order the Rooster or any other jade pendant through January 30, we'll give you a New Year gift of a free "dragon whiskers" adjustable silk cord if you write "free cord" in the comments box when you place your order.

Have even more fun with a gift of jade to yourself!

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Gwyneth Paltrow Uses Jade Eggs - And She's Not Using Them in a Healthy Way

I've been getting many  questions the past few days about the specific sizes of the jade yoni eggs sets.  And a customer who purchased the medium jade egg was upset because it was smaller than the small egg of a set she purchased previously, in a dark green.  Then I saw the article about Gwyneth Paltrow using jade eggs, and I understood why.

Gwyneth Paltrow has been using a jade egg "the size of a tennis ball" and instead of removing it, she keep it inside for a long time, sometimes days, according to the article.  It makes her "feel sexy".  A gynecologist responded to her that women should not put jade eggs in their vaginas.  He mentioned that "jade doesn't have energy, whatever that is", and keeping a jade egg inside the vagina can cause bacteria and infections.

The gynecologist is right about not keeping a jade egg inside for long periods of time.

Jade eggs have been used by Chinese women for centuries as part of vaginal and kegel muscle health.  The egg is used during their practice of kegel exercise, then removed.  And the sizes of the jade  eggs are important:   a large egg (40mm) to recover from the stretching of childbirth; a small egg (24mm) for postmenopausal women who have lost vaginal moisture and are dry, can't enjoy sex because penetration is painful; and the medium size jade is for women who are healthy and want to stay healthy. 

The egg is made from jade because in Chinese medicine, jade health tools, including jade roller, jade gua sha tools, jade pillows, jade teapots because jade has qi energy compatible with humans.  The theory behind Chinese medicine is that body qi energy flows through the acupuncture points, and when a point is blocked, the qi doesn't flow smoothly, and that causes illness, depending on the location of the blocked acupressure point.  And jade is often used as a healing tool because jade helps keep the body qi flowing smoothly.

Jade eggs that are too large can cause health problems.  Ying Yu Jade was the first seller of jade eggs in the USA, and they were made according to Chinese medicine standards.  The jade eggs because very popular, and other people wanted to buy and sell them, too.  But they didn't understand the Chinese medicine theory behind them, and were impressed by Chinese jade sellers who offered very large jade eggs, dark green that they claim are "nephrite", but unfortunately they are not true jade.  The kind of jade that is healthy for women is the "yin" light green color, with possibly a darker green jade egg if the body needs more "yang".  Women are "yin", and need the "yin" light green for health.  Too much yang can upset your qi flow.  And a too large egg can cause damage to your vagina, stretch it to make it bigger.  A jade egg larger than 40mm length can cause permanent damage.  And it can cause your sex life to deteriorate if your vagina is so expanded it loses its sensitivity to your partner when he enters your vagina.  A jade egg inside your vagina for more than the 15-20 minutes daily will also make your "pleasure points" less sensitive to penis skin.  Sex will not be as pleasurable. 

Jade yone eggs can be a very helpful tool for vaginal health.  But if you are using too large eggs, not using them correctly, it will accomplish the opposite of what  you are hoping for.

Jade Eggs made to Chinese Medicine Standard Sizes

Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven offer the Chinese medicine standard sizes of jade eggs, made from genuine jade, and are "yin" light green compatible with women's yin body qi energy.  And we include the most recent guidelines for doing kegel exercise with them.

And if you appreciate the Chakras, the yoni and spiritual health, Jade Heaven offers Chakra sets with a wire wrapped chakra gem stone included with your set so you can have it with you, or wear it, or just hold it for your spirituality while you are using your jade eggs.

Jade Yoni Eggs Set with "Root Chakra" Red Jasper Wire Wrapped Stone

So yes, jade yoni eggs can be very helpful to women.  But if you don't use them properly, the Chinese medicine way, it's better to not use them at all.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Celebrate with Jade!

Jade Heaven web site is two years old today.

Up until two years ago, I designed my web sites "from scratch" using Dreamweaver web site builder.  I liked designing my own web sites because I could make them do whatever I wanted.  But then Google decided that web sites needed to be mobile friendly because so many people were buying online.  My Dreamweaver software didn't have options for mobile design, so I searched for almost a year, then found the format I'm using now. The themes for the web site are already designed, and you choose the one you like and add products.  It's much easier to work with, and I can use the app I have for it to work with it on my iPhone.  But the big reason I changed to it was because the checkout for customers was so secure, and much more friendly and secure for me, also.

I had too many products on Ying Yu Jade for the new store to load the pages quickly, so I decided to experiment with the domain I had used for a friend selling jade in Australia,   The plan was to keep Ying Yu Jade products mostly the Chinese nephrite jade, and put the Burmese jadeite on Jade Heaven.  And it gave me the chance to practice using the new format.  Now Jade Heaven is two years old!

It's traditional and auspicious in China to buy and sell jade prior to the Lunar New Year.  And Year of the Fire Rooster starts January 28.  So for a few days, through the weekend, you can "Make an Offer" on the Burmese jadeite and pendants on Jade Heaven, and on any jade items $188+ on Ying Yu Jade.  The complete description and details are available on the Sale and Today's Special pages on the web sites.

JHBB557 "Fu Lu Shou" Burmese Jadeite Bangle Bracelet

We can both have good luck and fortune for the New Year!

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

My Jade Bangle is the Right Size for Me, But it Goes Half Way Up My Arm to My Elbow

You wear the smallest jade bangle bracelet you can get over your hands and wrist area. But your arm is slightly more slender at your wrist, and get larger as you get closer to your elbow.  That's how most women's forearms are shaped.  It's women's physiology. 

But still, you would like your jade bangle to stay closer to your wrist.

A new customer purchased a jade bangle bracelet for herself last week.  She wasn't sure of her size, but chose one she though would have the best fit.  Now she knows she can probably wear one that's 2-3mm smaller, but she's very happy with the one she has. 

I was very impressed with the photos she sent me.  And what a great idea!

She can still wear one of her favorite bracelets along with her jade bangle bracelet, and they both stay in place better with the system she has for wearing it, a smaller bracelets on first, then the jade bangle bracelet.

I do like the feel of my jade bangle moving around on my forearm.  I think it stimulates a lot of my acupressure points.  But it's also nice sometimes to have it setting closer to my wrist.

Always creative ways to wear our precious jade bangle bracelets.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

What Kind of Jade to Wear Chinese Lunar New Year- 2017 Year of the Fire Rooster

Chinese Lunar New Year is China's biggest celebration.  It starts unofficially a few weeks before the new year date, when migrant workers and family members living away from home begin their journey home to be with family and friends.  The buses are crowded, trains are packed full, and highways with drivers poking along in the traffic.  It's officially only a few days long but some businesses don't get back up and running until the owners are ready to return.

2017 Chinese Lunar New Year is "Year of the Fire Cock / Rooster" and begins January 28. The previous blog describes the basics of the Rooster, and what to expect for 2017.

But the big question is: what kind of jade do I wear during Lunar New Year?

Your best jade, your most precious jade bangle bracelet.

The traditional jade bangle bracelet for this holiday is the three color "fu lu shou" pattern, honoring the gods of happiness, health and longevity, and fortune and wealth. Fu lu shou natural colors are rare, but there are some on Jade Heaven: The one below is "my size":

JHBB577 natural color Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet

JHBB275 natural color "fu lu shou" Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet   
 I had some classic round fu lu shou style Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets made for me in 2003 but they are color treated in the old method, and the color has stayed true these past 14 years.  They are on JadeBangleBracelets web site.

Burmese jadeite color treated classic round "fu lu shou" genuine jadeite bangle bracelet
 I  have one of these and usually wear it during lunar new year, but very tempted to wear JHBB577 above because this Year of the Fire Rooster is just right for it all year.  The "hong" red color screams "fire Rooster",  while the soft white and green veins give a little "yin" to all that yang to balance the qi energy.

The JHBB275 also has "hong" honey color veins.  The other jade colors to wear are classic green, and white for the ending of winter.

Lunar New Year is the time to wear your old jade, but also the time to get something new.

JHP130 Year of the Fire Rooster older Burmese jadeite pendant

This is selling out fast, the only Burmese jadeite Rooster pendants on Jade Heaven.

Wear your favorite jade when you feel the Rooster calling to you!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

January 2017 Year of the "Fire Rooster"

The Year of the Fire Cock / Rooster starts January 28, 2017

The Chinese name of the Rooster: Ji.
The tenth sign of the Chinese zodiac.
Time of day under the control of of the Rooster: 17:00 - 19:00.
Corresponding Western sign: Taurus.
Element: Earth. Polarity: Negative.
Lucky months: the 2nd, 5th, and 11th Chinese lunar months.
Lucky days: the 4th and 26th of any Chinese lunar month.
Lucky Colors 2017: gold, brown, yellow.
Unlucky Colors: white, green.
Lucky Numbers 2017: 5, 7, and 8.
Unlucky Numbers: 1, 3, 9.
Lucky Flowers 2017: gladiola, cockscomb, impatiens

Positive qualities of Rooster:  A dedicated, noble, honest, caring and colorful, has a lot of artistic talent.
Negative qualities of Rooster - hot-tempered, superficial, vain, tactless.
Recommendations for choosing a profession: A person born in the Year of the Rooster would be a good judge, policeman, politician, businessman, reporter or artist, or even an outstanding singer.

2017 belongs to the Eastern sign of the Red Rooster and this means that it will be a time of hectic and full of events. Almost all the signs of the zodiac are waiting for a  positive change, both socially and in the business status. Year of the Rooster promises to be fruitful and generous on the odds for each person to express themselves in a particular case. But just need to forget about laziness since Rooster - very energetic and agile. It is necessary to prepare for new rounds of life and accept them as gifts of  fate. Beginning in 2017 will be the most difficult, but also a significant period. Each person will have to find the strength to cope with their complexes, change habits and  life principles. Early as the summer we can hope for an interesting business offers or to start building your business.

Horoscope for 2017 for all signs of the zodiac: be very careful to treat the funds since Rooster is a spendthrift. The entire 2017 is expected to be uneven, alternate between white and black stripes: after the failure comes fortune the defeat - success. This also applies to career and personal life. We can say that in 2017 - quite stressful. We all have  to decently work in all spheres of life.

What kind of jade to wear for Fire Rooster year coming in next blog post.

Year of the Fire Rooster Jade Pendant

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Update:What Does A Crack in My Jade Bangle Mean? What are Clarification Lines in Jade?

There is a previous blog post about cracks in jade bangle bracelets.  The post mentioned "clarification lines", and readers have been asking for more information about clarification lines in jade bangle bracelets.

I recently watched an episode about gemstones throughout the world on National Geographic station.  They did a very good informative part about jadeite.  The program showed how gems were formed, by the earth's heat and pressure during its formation, and the impact of natural happenings on gemstone formation.  And the segment explained clarification lines in jade better than I have heard it explained to me in China.  In China, the jade experts always dismissed my concerns about clarification lines as "just natural".  The program showed jadeite being formed, the tremendous amount of heat and pressure.  It showed when the stone was cooling, if an area was fragile, nature strengthened it by adding more elements that turned into lines when the gem was finally formed.  Instead of being a crack that may cause the jade to be more fragile, the clarification line shows that strength was added to the stone.

Customers would often complain about the "crack" in their jade bangle after they purchased it, so for quite a few years I would list the bangles with the clarification lines in Clearance with a great discount.  And I noticed it was mostly Chinese people who bought them.  They probably were thrilled to get the great price, and laughed at me for letting them sell so cheaply.  I also noticed when I wore the jade bangles that had the clarification lines, they never broke even when I accidently struck them hard on a counter top, or hard surface, while my "perfect" jade bangles sometimes did break under the same circumstance.

Now I understand!

A clarification line will be seen as a line that runs through the the jade.  A crack line runs up and down as you can see on photos in the previous blog post mentioned.  Sometimes they are inside the jade and can't be felt, but they can also be on the top of jade, where you can feel it, and it does feel like a crack.  Jade carvers know how to carve their jade bangle to use clarification lines to their advantage, to use the strongest part of jade stone where there is the highest risk of it being in danger of getting struck.

I still have customers who ask me for jade bangle bracelets with the clarification lines.  They may not understand the purpose of the clarification line, but they like that natural-ness of the jade bangle.  I respect these customers as true jade lovers.  And I do often discount jade bangles with clarification lines to give these natural jade lovers the advantage of a good price on genuine, natural jade.

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Monday, January 2, 2017

Where to Go to Buy Jade, a Jade Bangle Bracelet? How About Macy's

Christmas morning was very leisurely for me because we were spending three days with my husband's mother and husband, and we could linger over coffee and read the newspaper.  It was thick with after Christmas sales.  Macy's always has items I like, although it takes them a long, long time to ship when you buy online, but I thought I would go to Macy's on the way home from Ft Myers.

The front page of the Macy's ad had jade bangle bracelets on sale!

What a deal for a beautiful, translucent green jade bangle bracelet. What kind of jade is it?  I don't know, the ad didn't have that in the description.  I looked online, still don't know what kind of jade, but this was part of the description:

•Jade is treated to enhance its color.
•Almost all gemstones have been treated to enhance their beauty and require special care.

This jade bangle was selling fast, as was the other jade Macy's offers.  It's perfect for most women.  It has hinges so you don't have to struggle getting it over your hand.  The color is a beautiful translucent green.  The metal is sterling silver.  I have seen women on cruises, at resorts, wearing this kind of jade bangle, and telling me how I could get a much prettier one if I shop at Macy's. 

The special care it requires is keeping it out of sunlight, heat, that will change the color.  And the acid it is bleached with to give it translucence may work through and change the color, and possibly cause a burn on your skin. And the bleaching makes it quite brittle.

But, it's beautiful.  And if you want a beautiful jade bangle, for only $99, it's a deal. 

 Almost all gems are treated to enhance their color.

There's nothing "wrong" with it. 

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