Saturday, January 14, 2017

My Jade Bangle is the Right Size for Me, But it Goes Half Way Up My Arm to My Elbow

You wear the smallest jade bangle bracelet you can get over your hands and wrist area. But your arm is slightly more slender at your wrist, and get larger as you get closer to your elbow.  That's how most women's forearms are shaped.  It's women's physiology. 

But still, you would like your jade bangle to stay closer to your wrist.

A new customer purchased a jade bangle bracelet for herself last week.  She wasn't sure of her size, but chose one she though would have the best fit.  Now she knows she can probably wear one that's 2-3mm smaller, but she's very happy with the one she has. 

I was very impressed with the photos she sent me.  And what a great idea!

She can still wear one of her favorite bracelets along with her jade bangle bracelet, and they both stay in place better with the system she has for wearing it, a smaller bracelets on first, then the jade bangle bracelet.

I do like the feel of my jade bangle moving around on my forearm.  I think it stimulates a lot of my acupressure points.  But it's also nice sometimes to have it setting closer to my wrist.

Always creative ways to wear our precious jade bangle bracelets.

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