Friday, January 20, 2017

Celebrate with Jade!

Jade Heaven web site is two years old today.

Up until two years ago, I designed my web sites "from scratch" using Dreamweaver web site builder.  I liked designing my own web sites because I could make them do whatever I wanted.  But then Google decided that web sites needed to be mobile friendly because so many people were buying online.  My Dreamweaver software didn't have options for mobile design, so I searched for almost a year, then found the format I'm using now. The themes for the web site are already designed, and you choose the one you like and add products.  It's much easier to work with, and I can use the app I have for it to work with it on my iPhone.  But the big reason I changed to it was because the checkout for customers was so secure, and much more friendly and secure for me, also.

I had too many products on Ying Yu Jade for the new store to load the pages quickly, so I decided to experiment with the domain I had used for a friend selling jade in Australia,   The plan was to keep Ying Yu Jade products mostly the Chinese nephrite jade, and put the Burmese jadeite on Jade Heaven.  And it gave me the chance to practice using the new format.  Now Jade Heaven is two years old!

It's traditional and auspicious in China to buy and sell jade prior to the Lunar New Year.  And Year of the Fire Rooster starts January 28.  So for a few days, through the weekend, you can "Make an Offer" on the Burmese jadeite and pendants on Jade Heaven, and on any jade items $188+ on Ying Yu Jade.  The complete description and details are available on the Sale and Today's Special pages on the web sites.

JHBB557 "Fu Lu Shou" Burmese Jadeite Bangle Bracelet

We can both have good luck and fortune for the New Year!

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