Friday, December 29, 2017

Why People Wear Jade: White Jade for Dealing with Grief, Loss

During the holiday season, were "supposed to be happy" and enjoy.  And we do.  But during this time we also have memories of years passed, and people who are no longer with us because they died.  It's difficult for me to truly enjoy New Year's Eve fun and parties because a few years ago my father died on New Year's Eve, and of course that loss is on my mind and in my heart.

And I heard on the news today that one of my favorite authors, Sue Grafton died today.  She wrote a series of crime fiction books, all with titles starting with the first letter of the alphabet, "A is for Alibi".  The last one I read was "X" and her final book is  "Y is for Yesterday".  Her  novels always touched my heart, and I feel much loss and grief (she didn't finish her alphabet, "Z"). 

"Peaceful Spirit" white Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet #627
In fact, I was curled up this afternoon reading "X" again because I received the paperback for Christmas and started reading it yesterday because I was thinking about my dad and missing him and needed to just be alone and grieve quietly.  Then when I stopped reading to make dinner, I got a text from a friend that she had died.

Yes, she was 77 and had breast cancer,  but the thought of her dying before "Z" never occurred to me. 

Time to change jade bangle bracelets.  I need the healing qi energy of white jade.  White jade is related to the lung meridian, with qi energy for dealing with loss and grief, and compassion.  White jade soothes your spirit.  And it's icy cold, seems like it gives me that sense of peace and emotional isolation to deal with my grief and loss.

I wish you a very spiritual end of the year, remembering the good and the not so good but gaining the wisdom to know all your experiences brought you to where you are today and how  you can have a better, happy and healthy new year 2018.

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Why People Wear Jade Bangle Bracelets: Mindfulness is a Reason

When I check the search terms for customers who visit the websites, every day at least one person searches for "why people wear jade".  There are so many reasons as we have discussed in previous blogs!  If you read this, you are a jade lover who maybe doesn't even need a reason. 

This morning while I was doing my taiji and yoga, the reason of "mindfulness" made an impact on me.  I have been very busy getting jade orders in the mail in time for Christmas, doing my own Christmas shopping, baking cookies and other yummy holiday foods, enjoying all the parties and social activities.  Yesterday I was so exhausted I simply "sat" in a chair, too tired to even think about meditating while in that chair.  As I sat, I could feel the cold part of my jade bangle bracelet that was slightly away from my skin.  The feeling helped me focus on "me" and just appreciate the few minutes of "nothing".   This morning before I got started on my duties of the day, I did taiji on the screened porch in foggy but fresh air.  There were all kinds of sounds around, like the dogs next door barking at me (they are my friends and I sometimes take them to the dog walk when the neighbors have to work late). And people mowing lawns, pressure washing, walking and talking and I was enjoying the noise but not concentrating on taiji (or tai chi as we western people often write it).  Then as my arms raised, I could feel my jade bangle on my wrist, cold again and its good qi energy. I focused on it which helped me focus on what I was doing.  My taiji form felt so wonderfully better and wonderful.  And not just my imagination.  When I was done with taiji and did my first yoga pose, my jade bangle was glowing.  The veins looked deeper in color and the white part veins made the bangle look and feel even more icy cold.

I was wearing my classic round old mine Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet.  It's slender and I have noticed that I "feel" it more but not because it's comfortable.  Rounded jade bangles are often felt more, feel more hard.  Wide "cuff style" jade bangles also have a strong "feel" while you wear them.  JHBB259 is very similar to mine, and I probably purchased it from the same jade carver near the Burma border in China, because round style have been more rare and I bought that round style whenever available.

Classic round old mine Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet JHBB259
Of course, I have jade bangles of all sizes, shapes, width, thickness.  And I do change them when I need a different kind of energy.

When you feel your jade bangle bracelet on your wrist while you are pursuing your daily life, and focus on it, it does promote mindfulness.  And mindfulness plus jade stone helps develop intuitiveness.  As I have blogged in the past,  when a jade piece really attracts you, you keep coming back to look at it, and even feel excited, maybe even drool a little, you know that's the best jade piece for you.  It's not just for the beauty of the jade.  The jade qi energy pays you back.

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Sunday, December 17, 2017

What Does My Jade Mean: 2018 Chinese Year of the Dog

Chinese Lantern Festival is over, and we don't hear much about it because here in America, it's all about Christmas.  This is a photo a friend in Ohio sent:

It's a beautiful, cultural festival, lots of lanterns and light shows to enjoy.

After our Western Christmas and New Year, Chinese New Year begins February 16.  It will be the Year of the Earth Dog.  Dog. 狗Gǒu. Ranking as the eleventh animal in Chinese zodiac, Dog is the symbol of loyalty and honesty. People born in the Year of the Dog possess the best traits of human nature. They are honest, friendly, faithful, loyal, smart, straightforward, venerable and have a strong sense of responsibility.  And Earth element keeps it very "down to earth". 

There are still very limited quantity and best quality jade Dog pendants on the web site, the "old mine" good green with price to match. Customers have been buying them for several weeks now, gifting for Christmas to get ready to celebrate the Lunar New Year.   But we dog lovers usually don't scrimp when it come to our love of Dog.

Burmese jadeite Dog pendant

I was very touched when the customers buying these jade dog pendants told me that they were buying them for their dog, not for a person to wear as a pendant. 

But we all know jade is so versatile, interesting, and fun to wear, even for dogs.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

What Kind of Jade Bangle Bracelet for a "Mature" Woman to Wear?

I've been so busy the last few weeks helping customers choose their best jade bangle bracelets that I haven't had time to list new jade bangles and other items.  This seems to be the time that "mature" women are looking for their best jade bangle bracelet, or someone is looking to purchase one for a mature woman.

And that's me, too!  As a "mature" woman I have done research on the best kind of jade to wear at this time of my life, but it also must be jade that I love. 

You can see from former posts that my favorite kind of jade is the "old mine" Burmese jadeite,white with green veins.  White jade has qi energy related to the lungs, for wisdom, dealing with loss and grief in life, spirituality.  The green jade deeper green jade is related to liver meridian for health and wellness, and I definitely need that kind of qi energy now.

Last decade I purchased a lot of "sister" Burmese old mine jadeite bangle bracelets from a jade carver who made them all from the same jade rough he had purchased.

I have sold several of these in the past few weeks.  Some of them were my size and of course I wanted to keep them, but sold them in the "Ying Yu Jewelry Box Collection" where I sell some of my personal jade and some of the jade bangles I am very tempted to keep for myself. 

BB2708 "Breath of Green on White Burmese Jadeite Bangle Bracelet

This BB2708 is the largest of the "sister" set and has the perfect qi energy for "mature" women, or anyone who is attracted to it.  As I always say:  you are attracted to the jade that has the best energy to you.  Look at jade mindfully, and you will know what's best for you.

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Countdown to Christmas for Jade Shopping

I was at the locked mailboxes today to pick up my mail, along with other people getting their mail, too.  Some of them were compaining about the huge postcard from the USPS postal service in their mailboxes.  They were talking about how the post office wastes so much money sending these out, only to get thrown in the trash, which most were doing.

I'm keeping mine right on my desk in my office.  It has a schedule of the deadline to get get parcels in the mail in time to be delivered for Christmas:
     First class retail:  December 14
     First class mail:  December 19
     Priority mail:  December 20
     Express mail:   December 22

Those are the dates I have to have your order packed and in the outgoing mail pickup.

Yesterday was the first day this December I went out to do my own holiday shopping.  I left early and planned to stay out until mid-afternoon.  In the first store, Ross, I could hear my "cash register" going off.  I have an app for my stores that makes an old cash register "ding" when an order is received.  It was an order that the customer got free shipping, and didn't upgrade from first class to priority mail, so I decided it could wait until I got home, and if it was too late for mail pickup, it would be in the next day mail.  Then the "cash register" kept going off, so I decided to go home and get orders packed and ready to go.

I treat my customers the way I want to be treated.  And I know when you place your order, you want to get it as fast as possible.  That's why so many people join Amazon Prime, to get two day delivery service.  Do you actually get two day free delivery service on orders?  If they are over a certain price, they quality.  But two days doesn't mean two real days.  Maybe you have noticed that you place your Amazon Prime order on a Monday, and you actually get it Thursday or Friday, or maybe even later.  Your tracking shows "out for delivery", then around 5-8 PM you get a notice that it won't be delivered, and no date scheduled. 

I will pack your order with my 18 years of experience in packing jade.  And it will be in the mail on the same or next day.  That's how I want to be treated, and I do the same for  you.

And our beautiful jade has such good qi energy, it moves quickly and reliably from my office to you. 

Jade Heaven "Bi" Symbol of Heaven, Burmese Jadeite Pendants

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Giving Jade as a Gift - The Beauty and Versatility of Jade Bead Bracelets

Most jade lovers cherish owning and wearing a jade bangle bracelet.  And consider giving jade bangle bracelets as a gift.  But what if you don't know what size to buy, and if the person really wants a jade bangle?

Solution: jade bead bracelet.

Jade bead bracelets are usually easy to buy and wear because they are strung on stretch material, like elastic.  Jade bead bracelets can be worn alone, or with other jewelry.  In fact, if you own a jewelry box full of jade bangle bracelets (ahhh....what a wish!) you can wear a jade bead bracelet between two jade bangle bracelets as a "spacer", so the two bangles don't clunk together and risk chipping or cracking.

If you or the person you are gifting loves Burmese jadeite, it's important to purchase only genuine and natural jadeite beads, because the natural-ness of grade A jadeite will almost guarantee that the bead bracelet will look good with any other jadeite bangle bracelet.  Our jadeite beads are mostly neutral hues of green.

Grade A Burmese jadeite 13mm bead stretch bracelet, BJBEADS-11

These jadeite bead colors range for white with green hues to more "yang" deeper green color. They are very smoothly polished, 13mm larger size beads, so they look very good worn alone, but will look good with bangle bracelets, too.

If you are looking for jadeite bead bracelets that are very unique, the carved jadeite beads are larger and interesting.  I often wear the carved jadeite beads with the smooth ones.

Carved Burmese jadeite grade A bead bracelet JHBRAC-18

Burmese jadeite hollow carved grade A bead bracelet

If Chinese jade is the favorite jade, the green Chinese jade bead bracelets look good with classic Chinese jade bangle bracelets, the "river jade" natural color jade, black and white jade.

Genuine natural smooth Chinese jade bead bracelet

Chinese jade bead bracelet "happy" calligraphy etched

The "happy" calligraphy etched Chinese jade bead bracelet has been so popular it has nearly sold out since listed in November.

If the friend you are buying jade beads for is a special friend, consider buying two and keeping one so you are truly "jade sisters".

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