Thursday, April 26, 2018

Does Your Jade Bangle Bracelet Hurt Your Wrist? Here's an Option

 Some customers tell me that their jade bangle bracelets hurt their wrists when they put it on, take it off, or just wear it.  Sometimes the hard jade stone hits those sensitive parts of the wrist under the thumb, especially if you have arthritis.

A previous blog this month was about too small jade bangle bracelets.  And the previous blog is about pearls, jade and pearls. That leads me to this solution that I have been using for 15 years. Magnets.  Pearls and magnets.

In the Barbara Bush pearls blog, I wrote about buying the pearls at the Beijing Pearl Market near Temple of Heaven.  When my Chinese doctor associate and I were shopping for jade for Chinese medicine and health, we went to the Pearl market because they also sell jade.  I spotted a very pretty bracelet, and stopped to look at it, try wearing it.  The magnets felt quite good on my wrist.

Magnet and Pearls Bracelet

 We were on our way to a Chinese medicine pharmacy, and was surprised to see that the pharmacy was also selling the magnet and pearls bracelets.  So of course, I bought a bag full. 

Chinese people often wear something with magnets for health, especially pain and arthritis. And as I have aged and my wrists and other joints become more tender, I wear this magnet and pearl bracelet often, sometimes along with my jade bangle bracelet.

Magnet and pearls bracelet worn with jadeite bangle bracelet
Health and Wellness, as well as beautiful jewelry

This string of magnets and pearls can also be worn as a necklace.  Visit YYJ through the link on the photos for more information and photos.

 You can buy beautiful jade and a few non-jade items like this magnet and pearl bracelet that is not just fabulous jewelry:  it's also "medicine".

So don't feel "guilty" about spending money on "medicine you can wear" when you buy from Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven.  Everything for sale is genuine, natural and good for you. And beautiful.

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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Earth Day-Yoga Day-Taiji (Tai Chi) Day and Barbara Bush's Pearl Necklace

It's Earth Day, international Yoga Day and Qigong and Tai Chi Day.  And I'm celebrating with body, mind and spirit practice.

I started with yoga this morning, then at 10 AM did taiji (tai chi) because that was the designated time for around the world.  And I did my yoga and taiji on our open screened porch.  It became very spiritual as I listened to the abundant birds that are here now and felt very connected to Earth.

Of course my jade bangle bracelet "glowed" with qi energy as I was absorbed in my practices.  The Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet I've been wearing since our weather turned "summery" it white with apple and imperial green veins, very yin and yang balancing.

My classic round and slender Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet

Yesterday was Barbara Bush's funeral and "wear your pearls" day.  Did you know that Barbara's pearls were not "real"?  She wore the three strands close to her neck to hide wrinkles.  Even though she was a very down-to-earth person, she still had her preferences for her overall appearance.  The necklace I wore was one I had made in Beijing's Pearl Market quite a few years ago.  I carried some around with me during the day, and when women told me how beautiful it was, I was able to offer them one to purchase.

JPNeck-650 Jade and Pearls Necklace

There are still quite a few for sale on Ying Yu Jade.  Some with jade, some all pearls.  And they are "real", genuine and natural pearls.  The Beijing Pearl Market is a huge building near Temple of Heaven, and when I went to Beijing, I always went to Pearl Market.  The pearl sellers would help me design a style, then they called in their  "workers" who made them up for me while I shopped on the other floors of the Pearl Market place.

I'm getting ready to take a long walk through the nature area.  It's a very satisfying way for me to celebrate Earth Day.

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Friday, April 6, 2018

An Option for a Too Small Jade Bangle Bracelet

The previous blog focused on getting a too small jade bangle bracelet on your wrist with the least amount of pain. 

But sometimes you just cannot get your jade bangle bracelet on. 

Some customers told me they are shopping for a new jade bangle bracelet because the jade bangle they wear every day is getting too small for their body changes in their wrist area.  And sometimes women who wear their jade bangle bracelet all day, every day for years need to have a procedure, perhaps medical, that requires removal of their jade bangle bracelet, and they have to get the bangle cut off because it won't go over their wrist.

I learn from my experiences with other people about what can happen to the body as it ages.  When I heard about jade bangle lover's "too small" experiences, I became aware that my hands also are getting arthritic, and I started planning ahead for what I might need.  I purchased three jade bangle bracelets that have been cut, and clasps added.

Three Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets with clasps

There are different kinds of clasps on these.  The round jadeite bangle bracelets have gold clasps with a chain to protect the clasp part that opens:

Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets with gold clasps

The "modern" flat inside jadeite bangle has a sterling silver clasp with an insert, and I have found it to be more secure:

Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet with sterling silver clasp

Another reason why women might want the clasp option is to get the very smallest jade bangle on their wrist so the bangle won't move around and bump tender, arthritic areas:

Jade bangle bracelet with clasp fitting right on the wrist

There are some problems you may encounter when you look for a jeweler to cut your jade bangle in half and add a clasp.   Some jewelers will not do it, perhaps because they don't know how to work with jade.  And the cutting process may cause the entire jade bangle bracelet to break.

But the biggest reason for not cutting and clasping is it changes the jade bangle.  None of the three jade bangles with clasps shown in the photos have high "chime", although they are genuine and natural Burmese jadeite.  It's like the qi life goes out of the jade.

These three jade bangles are my personal jades. The bangle with the sterling clasp is  51mm, and the other two are 56-57mm.  I don't wear them now, but I look at them, touch them often.  I did not have a jeweler cut the jade and make the clasp for me, I purchased them "as is".  And I took them to jewelers to find a jeweler who was willing to cut and clasp regular jade bangles, but no one was willing to do it. 

These aren't for sale on the web site.  I don't know what my hands, arthritis are going to feel like as I age, so waiting to see how "life" goes, whether to keep or sell them.   The small bangle with the sterling clasp really feels good, there's a lot of jade in it, it's thick from inside to outside (probably to keep it strong for cutting and clasping) and I love the heavy feel of it fitting right on top of my wrist. 

Cutting and clasping a jade bangle is an option,  and if your proceed be sure the jade bangle you are changing to a clasp is strong, has a lot of jade in it, thick inside to outside, like the Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets with certificates, the "newer" jade.  These are strong and grade A best quality new jade available.

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