Friday, July 27, 2018

A Reason Why People Wear Jade: Healing

A few weeks ago I was having a very stressful time due to a very serious illness of one of my family members.  The night before his surgery, I think I was walking in my sleep.  My feet tangled around an area rug, and I fell on a hard floor,  Of course that's when I woke up.  Right shoulder to right knee took a bad hit and I had bruises for almost three weeks.  I must have fallen on both my hands because my wrists were bruised and swollen, too.  My jade bangle bracelet didn't break*.  I took it off my wrist to make sure it wasn't damaged, cracked, and it was in its good condition.

*There's a Chinese saying:  When your jade bangle bracelet breaks while you are wearing, it's because the bangle is taking the injury and saving you from damage. 

I am glad it didn't break, but I feel it wasn't being "loyal" to me.  So in the morning, I looked for a different jade bangle bracelet to wear.

I couldn't get any jade bangle bracelets over my wrist because of pain, swelling, bruising.  I finally got one that was 5 mm larger than my regular size on.  But the hardness of it was very painful.

So I removed it.  And fretted about what to do.  I have been wearing a jade bangle 24/7 since 1999 when I went to China for my first visit and fell in love with jade.

I used to sell magnet and jade 30" long strands that could be worn as a bracelet or necklace.  Now I have only the magnet and pearl bracelets.  But I found the one I kept for myself and wrapped it close to my wrist.  About three days later, my wrist was feeling better, and the bruising and swelling going away.

Ying Yu Jade Magnet and Pearl wrap bracelet / necklace for healing
But it the hardness of my jade bangle bracelet still really hurt my wrist.  I didn't feel comfortable not wearing jade on my wrist, so I took one of the jadeite bead stretch bracelets.  It felt weird at first, but I quickly got used to it.  And it felt very comfortable.  I choose one that had lavender hues because it felt healing and calming. 

Burmese jadeite natural color green, white, lavender hues bead stretch bracelet

Burmese jadeite bead stretch bracelet, soft green with lavender hues for healing

I really like wearing the bead stretch bracelet.  And I really like wearing a jade bangle bracelet.  I decided it's time to wear both together for awhile. 

The lavender jade felt very calming.  I was able to handle the stress of brother's surgery, feel calm about it.  It helped me be more mindful, realizing there's only so much I can do, and I must stay in the present, not worry about past or future.

Jade is just wonderful for healing:  body, mind and spirit.

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Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Sad and Often Asked Question : Why Did My Jade Bangle Bracelet Break?

I often get an email from  a jade loving person who is sad because their jade bangle bracelet broke.  And they are looking for a replacement jade bangle.  They often tell me something about their jade bangle bracelet, and ask if I could tell them why it broke.  Last week a woman told me she had her jade bangle bracelet in her pocket, and it accidently fell onto a hard floor and broke.  She concluded it must be "fake jade" because it broke, and jade is supposed to be "hard".

Yes, jade is a moderately hard gemstone.  But even grade A genuine and natural Burmese jadeite will break if it is struck in just the right (or wrong) place. 

There's a Chinese legend that when your jade bangle bracelet breaks, it has protected you from getting hurt or even worse.  And there are physical reasons why it may break.

Jade bangle bracelets will break more easily than jade pendants or smaller jade pieces.  The round shape puts stress on the jade and if struck on a hard surface has a risk of breaking.  The reason I don't have a physical store is because I have personally observed in China jade shops that customers often drop the jade bangle they are trying on, perhaps falling on the counter top or floor.  Chinese jade bangle sellers want to make sure you get the smallest size jade bangle you can wear so it fits close to your wrist comfortably, and that requires using lotions, oils, soapy water to get it on. 

Yes, grade A Burmese jadeite will break.

Classic round style jade bangle also has a higher risk of breaking, again, due to the shape.

Jadeite that is C grade has been bleached with acid, then color added to make them the "good green" and translucent "icy" style.  The bleach makes the jade stone more brittle.   The Clearance section on the JadeBangleBracelets web site has some C grade jadeite bangle bracelets, including the classic round "fu lu shou" jadeite bangle in the photo. 

The Fu Lu Shou three color jade is often worn during holidays because of its meaning: happiness, health and longevity, wealth.  People who wear "real jade" most of the time often like to have one of the fu lu shou style for special occasions, so the prices are relatively low.  The jadeite itself is good quality, but the acid washing has made it less strong.

I have been wear jade bangle bracelets since 1999, my first trip to China and falling in love with jade.  I like to wear one all the time.  When I'm doing "real work", it helps me to be mindful, and I am aware of the bangle.  But yes, I have broken two excellent jade bangles.

Here's a hint if you are an active person looking for a good quality Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet on Ying Yu Jade or Jade Heaven:  check out the Clearance jade bangles, with reason for Clearance price in description of "clarification lines".  It might look like a "crack" inside, but the line formed as the jade was being formed in the earth.  The pressure on the forming jade was extremely high, there was movement, and the clarification line formed.  Now because of the formation, it actually has more strength.  If you see the line running through the circular part of the jade bangle, you know it's a true clarification line.  A crack runs up and down the width of the jade bangle. 

Jade Heaven #8560 grade A Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet with clarification line

If your jade bangle breaks and you are heartbroken, and looking for a replacement, I will be happy to help you find a good replacement.   I still have the "old mine" Burmese jadeite, mined prior to this century if you like the older kind of jade.  If you like newer jadeite, and want a certificate of gemology testing, these are also available.  Contact me with the item number using the email address on the web site, and I will do my best to help you get your next jade bangle.

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Saturday, July 7, 2018

What Kind of Jade Bracelets to Wear? Check Out Guan Yin's Style

People often ask me what is the best kind of jade bracelet to wear.  They look at jade bangle bracelets, jade bead bracelets,  silk cord bracelets with jade tied in. 

Everyone has their idea about what they like to wear.  Some people love jade bangle style bracelets, and some people aren't comfortable with the hard jade on their wrist.  They might choose the jade bead bracelets that are easier to wear.

My "altar" in the office started with a small statue of Guan Yin, Buddha of Compassion, sometimes called Kwan Yin and perhaps other Asian names.

Guan Yin is wearing both a jade bangle bracelet and a jade bead bracelet.  And Guan Yin is culturally very old, so the style of wearing both kinds of jade bracelets really does have a history.

I have always liked to wear my jade bangle bracelet on my left wrist, closer to my heart than if I wore it on my right wrist.  My left hand is the non-dominant hand for me, so my jade bangles gets less chance of hitting a hard surface and breaking.   And I love the jade bead bracelets, so I very often wear beads on my right wrist,  it seems "balancing".

Burmese jadeite bead bracelet 

Classic round old mine Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet, slender width
When I was shopping in a local Chinatown several years ago, I walked in a store and right next to me was a life size Guan Yin statue.  She had real jade bangle bracelet on one wrist, and the bead bracelet on her other wrist.  So this seems to be the traditional classic, and spiritual way to wear jade bracelets.

The jade bangle bracelet was classic round and slender, very feminine and comfortable.  All jade bangle bracelets for women were carved round and slender back in the Dynasty days, when women who wore jade were elite and didn't run the risk of breaking jade while doing physical labor.

If you are attracted to the qi energy of jade, wearing one on each wrist will not only be beautiful, but give you a very spiritual "feel".  Try it!

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