Wednesday, September 30, 2015

October and Chinese Wellness-What Kind of Jade to Wear During October

October and Chinese Wellness
The cycle of yin reverses its movement in aututm, October. It's a time when our health and energy need to be protected. The month of October is related to the lungs and lung meridian, which is the metal element. Summer is a season of joy and fun, but metal autumn cannot tolerate this. When metal has too much pleasure, joy and elation, this leads to pathology according to Chinese Medicine. This is manifested in depression, skin wrinkles and shrivels, hair becomes brittle. Metal is related to the lung, and is associated with the colon. Metal needs a certain amount of warmth to function properly. Too little warmth causes this metal organ to become brittle and stiff, but too much warmth causes instability as metal melts when it gets too hot. Too much joy can injure the lungs, resulting in loss of elasticity and oxygen imbalance, as we see in asthma and emphysema.The colon is also important for removing toxins from the body. If the colon is out of balance, which can result in constipation, as well as the emotions of becoming rigid in beliefs and believing things are true when they are not.

Yellow jade has energy for the spleen meridian which helps to balance qi for stomach problems. White jade has qi energy to balance the lung meridian.
Chinese tea is also helpful to drink for benefits to improve your immune system to ward off the colds and flu that often come in October. Green tea is a classic tea with many health benefits.
Yellow Old Mine Lao Pit Jadeite Bangle Item #JHBB280
Jade for October
If you wear jade to balance your body qi, this is the time to wear either your white and yellow color jade or a Chinese river jade that is colorful and high energy for keeping your immune system strong in October. You want more energy from your jade this time of year to keep you healthy in body, mind and spirit. And of course, classic green jade is a standby to balance body, mind and spirit.

Yellow Hollow Carved Jade Bead Necklace JHP22

Ying Yu Jade Chinese "River Jade" Bangle Bracelet Collection

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What does jade "mean"? Is it superstitious?

We had our internet speed upgraded a few days ago.  Most of the equipment is in my office.  The tech called to ask if he could come in the morning instead of scheduled afternoon, and husband was thrilled, and told him "sure".  What he didn't consider is that I hadn't cleaned up the office yet.

The tech asked: "who is the superstitious one in the family?". 

Auspicious jade money toad

That's Lucky Jade Money Toad.  Auspicious, not superstitious. 

Always place Jade Money Toad facing into your home or office, so good luck and fortune goes in, not out.  (What's superstitious about that?)

There certainly is a lot of "drama" around jade (ie: is it real jade?, is it real jade?, is it real jade?)  But that's because of all that wonderful qi energy in jade.  Why it heals.  Why it's used by Chinese medicine, for the health tools like gua sha and jade rollers.  And why we look at jade and then can't get our mind off it.  Buy a piece, and gotta have more. 

I've been shopping in China for years, starting in 1999, and collected a lot of Chinese and Asian items as well as jade.  Perhaps "cultural" things look like "superstitious" things to the uninitiated. 

I appreciated getting the internet speed upgraded and upgraded some of the technology for the office.  But I didn't try to convert the technician.    Although I was tempted to slip a little  jade coin into his pocket....

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jade Eggs for Women for Kegel Exercise and Vaginal Health

Ying Yu Jade introduced the jade eggs for women for kegel exercise and vaginal health about 15 years ago.  The original eggs were not like the eggs we sell today, but were more slender and smaller sizes, "Chinese style".   I learned about women using jade eggs while I was learning about Chinese medicine in Beijing.  That's also when I learned about qi energy from the jade being compatible with the human body.  Chinese people have used Chinese jade rollers, gua sha tools for scraping and other jade health products for centuries. So the eggs we introduced were also Chinese style.

But Western women are different from Asian women in many ways.  Chinese and Asian women appreciate the natural-ness of jade.  Western women prefer "perfection".  On one of my trips to China I met with my jade carver.  We went to the jade mines and purchased a large quantity of jade rough, then he carved the three sizes we use today: 40mm, 32mm and 28mm length.  Since they are hand carved, they are all slightly different, which has been an issue for some very particular customers, but really doesn't make any difference in how they work for you. 

Then the "weight lifting" of jade eggs became popular and women wanted the eggs in sets of three drilled with holes.  So the jade carver made the holes through the top, so they can be cleaned easily, and polished very well around the holes so the egg would be smooth.  One of the problems with making holes is that it sometimes causes internal cracks.  If you want holes, which aren't natural, you might have to be satisfied with internal cracks.  I really do discard about 10% of the jade eggs I get when they are shipped to me because they are not "perfect" but they are certainly well made for "doing their job" of giving you an object for feedback when you do kegel exercise. 

I recently did some searches to learn how popular jade eggs for women are now, and they are very popular.  But there is a lot of green stone being labeled as "jade" that is not jade.  Much of it is aventurine, or quartz or something else that is sometimes called nephrite but it's not nephrite.  And women ask if we also sell the rose quartz crystal.  All the other stone will help with kegel exercise, but won't give you the energy of Chinese jade qi. 

I used them myself for months before I decided to sell them.  I was amazed at how quickly I became more moist, and could stop using the estrogen cream.  That's when I started to blog about them, sell them, because I was so impressed.  And apparently the medical urologist know about jade eggs too, because someone who runs the AMA Urological Museum bought a set of eggs and pair of jade ben wa balls for their display. 

One of the other things I noticed when I did the search was all the "drama" around jade eggs therapy.  Yes, you can do a spiritual practice with the energy, the jade, your sacred body.  But most women are lucky to find the time just to do the basic exercise.  I use mine after morning bowel movement while I'm in the shower, perform the kegel exercise and know I'm doing good when they stay in and don't fall out.  I use ben wa balls with no holes, and because my kegels are strong now, I can push them out when I'm done. 

There's a new video on YouTube about our jade eggs.  It's on the web site, and you can also view it below.  When you order your eggs or balls, you will also receive basic, every day instructions.  Or if you are fortunate and have time for spiritual practice, there are a lot of resources online, especially Etsy, that offer the "trimmings" to go along with the basic practice.

Jade eggs for women link to video

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Joy of Jade and Getting Ready for Winter

I truly love it when customers spend some time deciding on a jade bangle, then let me know how much they love it when they get it.  Some jade bangles feel very special and spiritual, and when customers feel that glow and qi energy too, and it helps balance them, I know they bought a piece of jade that is just right for them.

I read an article in the health section of the newspaper today about getting ready for winter.  Tomorrow is the end of summer and first day of autumn.  The article is why now's the best time to attack the winter blues.  The article was about the medical things to do for people who have SAD, seasonal affective disorder.  They could start antidepressants now, purchase a light box, and start and exercise program, maybe an acupuncture program,  and change their diet to incorporate foods high in B6 and B12 (which are also for spleen meridian, as is yellow or honey color jade).  People with SAD have a drop in their endorphin levels, and that's a reason why antidepressants and light boxes help.  But don't you think finding the right jade for you is a healthier, more natural alternative?

Hollow carved honey and green ball pendant

Honey, yellow jade help balance the spleen meridian, related to the pain, worry, depression. If you look at jade this color and are attracted to it, it's probably "what the doctor ordered" to help you health.

Soft yin jade is calming to the spirit.  Jade with tiny deeper green veins on white or soft green provide the yin, but the veins also give a little yang to increase overall energy.

Some jade has a very spiritual, glowing quality about it.  One of the jade bangle bracelets blogged about September 14 had a "Buddha nature" to it, spiritual, enlightening.  Trust your first impression if you are looking at jade, and certain pieces really attract you.  That's your inner wisdom telling your brain and body what you need. Your endorphin level is rising just looking at that special jade.   Trust that experience you feel.  Jade can bring  you joy not only in winter, but all the time.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Pain of Selling One of "My' Jade Bangle Bracelets

Customers have been asking me when I am going to have more small "Chinese size" jade bangle bracelets on the web site.  When I got  home from the road trip and put away the jade bangle bracelets I took with me, I couldn't fit all of them in the one drawer I allot myself to jade bangles I keep for myself.  And I knew it was time to sell some of them, since most of them are still in wrappers and I don't wear them.  It's crazy, I love them all even if I don't wear them.  I just want to HAVE them. 

When I buy jade bangles from the jade carver in China, I have to be careful to keep my facial expression  impassive.  If the seller sees I deeply desire a certain one, the price goes up much more than the other ones I picked out.  Keep in mind, in the "real" jade market in China, there aren't any prices on the jade.  It's all about bargaining.  So if I see something I really like, I wait until I'm done "bargaining" and before I pay, I "casually" add one, two or three jade bangles my size, while having a look of indecision on my face.   And when I see a jade bangle I like, I never try it on because then the seller will know that I am the one who wants it, so I buy three and hope one will fit.

And that's what I am putting on the web site: the one or two that don't fit as well.  However, they are "sisters" of "my" jade bangle, so that's where the pain of selling it comes to play.

"Moss in Snow" Small Oval Old Mine Lao Pit Jadeite Bangle #JHBB553

This is a small oval jadeite bangle, old mine lao pit with the moss in snow pattern, and the kind of veins that have a lot of value for their color and qualities.  I like this one the best of the three, but one of the others fits better, and the other one I sold to a customer who is like a jade sister to me, so we each have one from the same jade rough. 

It was very painful putting it on the web site.  I held it, measure it, felt the qi energy in it to describe it, then wanted to keep it for myself.  But it's for sale.  If you wear this size, do me a favor and buy it soon so I don't have to keep thinking I should remove it.

I must admit I have another drawer full of small jade bangle bracelets that I am working on detaching from so they can be on the web site.

The Buddha teaches "detachment", but maybe the Buddha didn't have jade.  

And I have an old jewerly amoire full of jade bangle bracelets are are older, and really unique, some carved magnificently.  They are not my size, but...for now they are mine.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Yin and Yang of Happenings

Those of you who followed the blog when it was on the "old" web site probably remember my mentioning "retiring" the jade business.  Changing to the new web site format was actually the beginning of the end for business, because it's so automated and the prices are now the lowest I can offer, so it's a buy-it-now deal, automated.  I still don't have all the products on the web sites, but inventory is getting lower, and when they are all listed, I won't have to work so many hours every day, and just process orders.

To move along with this, today I changed the Daily Special on JadeBangleBracelets web site to a clearance section, and offering jadeite bangle bracelets reduced to less than $100 in the Clearance Category.  The jadeite bangles are lower quality than the ones on Jade Heaven and Ying Yu Jade, but still genuine jadeite and were shipped to me with customs papers certifying they were grade A.  Since I didn't personally purchase them while shopping in China, I don't know for sure, and therefore the lower prices.  Most have a high "chime" indicating fine grain of natural jade stone.  The Clearance section will be added to often so you can check back to see what's newly added. They're selling for less than what similar quality sells for in China towns in USA.

Then to change the movement  towards "retiring", a woman who I made arrangements with last month to put bails on jade pendants when customers purchased them brought me a box of jade bead bracelets she made into inspirational mala bracelets.  I had given her a box of very nice quality Chinese jade beads that my carver in China made for me last year because she "had an idea" she wanted to show me. 

Jade Bead Mala Bracelet with Inspirational Motivation Charm

These are really quite nice.  The pure and natural Chinese jade has good qi energy, and the added philosophy inspiration charm make a modern mala bracelet good for the body, mind and spirit.  Now she's all excited about making more custom jade jewelry for me and hopes to keep the business going.

As they were photographed and I  listed them , describing the philosophy, inspiration, it balanced my own personal yin and yang feelings about my jade business.  If I live my life the way I believe in , things will work out the way they are supposed.  These bracelets were so inspiring to me, and I hope they are for you, too.  And things really will work out for this jade business.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Blissful, spiritual energy jade

I'm still stiff and sore and tired from my road trip.  I got acupuncture yesterday, that helped a little, but when you have fibromyalgia,  sometimes the pain takes you over and seems to go on forever.   I need to catch up on the web sites and get new products listed, and promised myself a nap when I got two listed.  It takes about 20 minutes to list each new item, which includes writing a description with qi energy, measurements, adding the photos and getting it all linked up on the web site.  I reached into my "listing box" of jades that are photographed, tested by refraction to make sure they are really jade, and didn't look at what I grabbed, just aiming for two jade bangles.

It turned out that they were both purchased from the same jade carver during a buying trip in China in 2002.  I didn't want to show the jade seller how much I craved them and chose two that looked like they would fit me, but didn't try them on so he wouldn't see my eagerness (and make the price really high!).   When I touched them, I felt like they lighted me up.  I think the jade carver was Buddhist or Daoist, and certainly in touch with jade qi, because he held them over my heart to indicate they were good for me, personally.  So I couldn't fool him that I wasn't all that interested.  They have a very spiritual qi feel to them.  I felt blissful then as I did today when touched them to list them.  I even took one with me to hold when I did my meditation.  I feel like I could reach a level enlightenment if I had it with me. 

Smokey Spiritual Bliss Jadeite Bangle JHBB855 Jade Heaven

Blissful jadeite bangle bracelet BB2081 Ying Yu Jade   

I've felt blissful, peaceful, happy since I played with these jade bangles.  My pain level decreased, I walked at sunset to enjoy the sky and visit with a friend.  These aren't the classic green jade many people love, but this smokey, soft charcoal/green and white jade has healing qi energy, what I needed today. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Jade Bangle and I Home Again

The road trip was very enjoyable.  Our families are doing well, and we return with no worries about them this year.  I think my "calm spirit" every day jade bangle bracelet helped with feeling calm and happy during the trip.  I changed jade bangle bracelets a few times, as you can see if you followed Twitter.  But my body, mind and spirit wanted my every day jade bangle. 

I lived in Ohio, the central area near Wooster, before moving to Florida 11 years ago.  Although we miss our family, we don't miss living in Ohio, although I do miss Spring and Autumn seasons.  But I have no regrets about moving to Florida.  And my jade inventory loved it, too.  When I opened the boxes of jade as we moved in, they glowed more beautifully than I had ever seen them.  That's when I got passionate about taking photos that captured the inner qi of jade, and bought, and returned, quite a few cameras trying to find one that captured qi best.  If you have purchased jade online, you know that what you get is often not as the photo shows.  Part of the reason for that is we all use different browsers and they are all slightly different. I can use my best camera and take a fabulous photo, that makes the color look great, but that's usually not how the jade actually looks.  We take about 50 photos of each piece that's listed just to capture that qi appearance.  And if there's doubt about which ones to use, I choose photos that don't look as good as the "real thing" so customers will be pleased instead of disappointed. 

Anyway, I had changed from a jade bangle that's not on the road trip Pinterest photos to wear in Pittsburgh, to my every day jade bangle bracelet as we drove to Ohio.  When we crossed the state line, I took a photo with my iPhone of my jade bangle on my wrist and was so surprised to capture the glow and qi of the jade Ohio.  I was somewhat anxious about how things would go with my family, and that was nature, the Dao, letting me know it would be as it should be.

When I got home and back to work yesterday, two customers who had purchased jade bangle bracelets in the best decided they wanted the best every day jade bangles that were in their price range, and the old mine lao pit jade stone that was mined around the year 2000 and purchased in 2002-2003 during my shopping trips in China directly from the jade carvers.  Yes, it's a good feeling to sell one of these jade bangles, but I knew these customers are jade lovers, and was happy as I packed them knowing how much they will enjoy them.  Thinking about my own every day jade bangle, I can feel how happy they will be as they wear their best choice jade bangle bracelet.   So watch the Daily Special for discounts on Jade Heaven and Ying Yu Jade as I offer some of my favorites for you.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Road Trip Ready to Go

I decided that the jade qi energy I need is green for overall balance of body, mind and spirit, but yin light green.  And white jade, lots of it, for peaceful spirit.  And since I have some anxiety, some yellow/honey jade with qi energy to balance my spleen meridian.  I'm taking 5 jade bangle bracelets.  Plus the deep deep green almost black jade bangle I always carry in my handbag.

By the way, jade is heavy!  When I jade bangle shopped in China, I would have to end my shopping day when I couldn't carry any more.  My husband and a Chinese associate were also shopping with me.  At the end of the day, we had to get a Chinese medicine foot massage to relieve all the exhaustion from carrying jade around the country.

And I purchased a new handbag for travel, my basic necessities, which also include my jade bangle bracelets.  I posted photo with the first jade bangle of the trip on Twitter today.

The stores are closed and will open again September 9 when we are on our final leg of the road trip.  If you miss drooling over the jade on the web sites, you can view the Pinterest accounts, both Jade Heaven and Ying Yu Jade.   And you can follow my jade bangle bracelets on their road trip on   Twitter 

If you follow on Twitter, keep track of the jade bangle bracelets that get shown in the photos.  There will be a contest when I get back.  

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Jade and Chinese Medicine for September

September is early autumn in Chinese medicine. The element is metal, the color is white,and related to the lung. The yang organ is the large intestine. Food that supports the lung and large intestine has a spicy taste. For health, also eat seasonal fruits, such as apples, pears, peaches, grapes, tomatoes. The weather starts to become cooler, so be sure to keep warm. Although it might be difficult to give up the warm weather clothes you wore in August, this is the time of year when people start to catch colds. If you feel like you need to sleep more, it's because your immune system is trying to get stronger for the cooler weather that will come this month and next.

If you have ragweed allergies this time of year, try Xiao Yao Wan. Drink green tea for your immune system and to keep toxins and allergens flushed from your body. Ginseng is also good for building immunity, and the sliced ginseng root is convenient to carry and use during the day. You can also cook with it.

If you have spent a lot of time outdoors and find that you've been squinting in the summer brightness, don't let that squint turn into a forehead wrinkle. Frown Ease Kits combine the healing power of heat and jade to restore the blood flow to your forehead to help release and prevent wrinkles. The jade rollers have been used for centuries in  China, and were found in the Emperor's bedroom in the Forbidden City.

Ying Yu Jade FrownEase Wrinkle Reducer Kit  

 If you wear jade for health and energy, to keep your body qi flowing smoothly, this is the time to wear "moss in snow" or "spinach" colors, or variations of light and green jade. September weather is often hot but by the end of the month it's starting to get cool, so your body needs "yin yang" energy, a little of each, to keep balanced. Ying Yu Jade offers yin yang energy balancing jade in bangle bracelets and pendants

Moss in Snow and Spinach Jade Pattern for Wellness in September