Monday, September 14, 2015

Blissful, spiritual energy jade

I'm still stiff and sore and tired from my road trip.  I got acupuncture yesterday, that helped a little, but when you have fibromyalgia,  sometimes the pain takes you over and seems to go on forever.   I need to catch up on the web sites and get new products listed, and promised myself a nap when I got two listed.  It takes about 20 minutes to list each new item, which includes writing a description with qi energy, measurements, adding the photos and getting it all linked up on the web site.  I reached into my "listing box" of jades that are photographed, tested by refraction to make sure they are really jade, and didn't look at what I grabbed, just aiming for two jade bangles.

It turned out that they were both purchased from the same jade carver during a buying trip in China in 2002.  I didn't want to show the jade seller how much I craved them and chose two that looked like they would fit me, but didn't try them on so he wouldn't see my eagerness (and make the price really high!).   When I touched them, I felt like they lighted me up.  I think the jade carver was Buddhist or Daoist, and certainly in touch with jade qi, because he held them over my heart to indicate they were good for me, personally.  So I couldn't fool him that I wasn't all that interested.  They have a very spiritual qi feel to them.  I felt blissful then as I did today when touched them to list them.  I even took one with me to hold when I did my meditation.  I feel like I could reach a level enlightenment if I had it with me. 

Smokey Spiritual Bliss Jadeite Bangle JHBB855 Jade Heaven

Blissful jadeite bangle bracelet BB2081 Ying Yu Jade   

I've felt blissful, peaceful, happy since I played with these jade bangles.  My pain level decreased, I walked at sunset to enjoy the sky and visit with a friend.  These aren't the classic green jade many people love, but this smokey, soft charcoal/green and white jade has healing qi energy, what I needed today. 

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