Sunday, September 13, 2015

Jade Bangle and I Home Again

The road trip was very enjoyable.  Our families are doing well, and we return with no worries about them this year.  I think my "calm spirit" every day jade bangle bracelet helped with feeling calm and happy during the trip.  I changed jade bangle bracelets a few times, as you can see if you followed Twitter.  But my body, mind and spirit wanted my every day jade bangle. 

I lived in Ohio, the central area near Wooster, before moving to Florida 11 years ago.  Although we miss our family, we don't miss living in Ohio, although I do miss Spring and Autumn seasons.  But I have no regrets about moving to Florida.  And my jade inventory loved it, too.  When I opened the boxes of jade as we moved in, they glowed more beautifully than I had ever seen them.  That's when I got passionate about taking photos that captured the inner qi of jade, and bought, and returned, quite a few cameras trying to find one that captured qi best.  If you have purchased jade online, you know that what you get is often not as the photo shows.  Part of the reason for that is we all use different browsers and they are all slightly different. I can use my best camera and take a fabulous photo, that makes the color look great, but that's usually not how the jade actually looks.  We take about 50 photos of each piece that's listed just to capture that qi appearance.  And if there's doubt about which ones to use, I choose photos that don't look as good as the "real thing" so customers will be pleased instead of disappointed. 

Anyway, I had changed from a jade bangle that's not on the road trip Pinterest photos to wear in Pittsburgh, to my every day jade bangle bracelet as we drove to Ohio.  When we crossed the state line, I took a photo with my iPhone of my jade bangle on my wrist and was so surprised to capture the glow and qi of the jade Ohio.  I was somewhat anxious about how things would go with my family, and that was nature, the Dao, letting me know it would be as it should be.

When I got home and back to work yesterday, two customers who had purchased jade bangle bracelets in the best decided they wanted the best every day jade bangles that were in their price range, and the old mine lao pit jade stone that was mined around the year 2000 and purchased in 2002-2003 during my shopping trips in China directly from the jade carvers.  Yes, it's a good feeling to sell one of these jade bangles, but I knew these customers are jade lovers, and was happy as I packed them knowing how much they will enjoy them.  Thinking about my own every day jade bangle, I can feel how happy they will be as they wear their best choice jade bangle bracelet.   So watch the Daily Special for discounts on Jade Heaven and Ying Yu Jade as I offer some of my favorites for you.

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