Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Joy of Jade and Getting Ready for Winter

I truly love it when customers spend some time deciding on a jade bangle, then let me know how much they love it when they get it.  Some jade bangles feel very special and spiritual, and when customers feel that glow and qi energy too, and it helps balance them, I know they bought a piece of jade that is just right for them.

I read an article in the health section of the newspaper today about getting ready for winter.  Tomorrow is the end of summer and first day of autumn.  The article is why now's the best time to attack the winter blues.  The article was about the medical things to do for people who have SAD, seasonal affective disorder.  They could start antidepressants now, purchase a light box, and start and exercise program, maybe an acupuncture program,  and change their diet to incorporate foods high in B6 and B12 (which are also for spleen meridian, as is yellow or honey color jade).  People with SAD have a drop in their endorphin levels, and that's a reason why antidepressants and light boxes help.  But don't you think finding the right jade for you is a healthier, more natural alternative?

Hollow carved honey and green ball pendant

Honey, yellow jade help balance the spleen meridian, related to the pain, worry, depression. If you look at jade this color and are attracted to it, it's probably "what the doctor ordered" to help you health.

Soft yin jade is calming to the spirit.  Jade with tiny deeper green veins on white or soft green provide the yin, but the veins also give a little yang to increase overall energy.

Some jade has a very spiritual, glowing quality about it.  One of the jade bangle bracelets blogged about September 14 had a "Buddha nature" to it, spiritual, enlightening.  Trust your first impression if you are looking at jade, and certain pieces really attract you.  That's your inner wisdom telling your brain and body what you need. Your endorphin level is rising just looking at that special jade.   Trust that experience you feel.  Jade can bring  you joy not only in winter, but all the time.

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