Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Yin and Yang of Happenings

Those of you who followed the blog when it was on the "old" web site probably remember my mentioning "retiring" the jade business.  Changing to the new web site format was actually the beginning of the end for business, because it's so automated and the prices are now the lowest I can offer, so it's a buy-it-now deal, automated.  I still don't have all the products on the web sites, but inventory is getting lower, and when they are all listed, I won't have to work so many hours every day, and just process orders.

To move along with this, today I changed the Daily Special on JadeBangleBracelets web site to a clearance section, and offering jadeite bangle bracelets reduced to less than $100 in the Clearance Category.  The jadeite bangles are lower quality than the ones on Jade Heaven and Ying Yu Jade, but still genuine jadeite and were shipped to me with customs papers certifying they were grade A.  Since I didn't personally purchase them while shopping in China, I don't know for sure, and therefore the lower prices.  Most have a high "chime" indicating fine grain of natural jade stone.  The Clearance section will be added to often so you can check back to see what's newly added. They're selling for less than what similar quality sells for in China towns in USA.

Then to change the movement  towards "retiring", a woman who I made arrangements with last month to put bails on jade pendants when customers purchased them brought me a box of jade bead bracelets she made into inspirational mala bracelets.  I had given her a box of very nice quality Chinese jade beads that my carver in China made for me last year because she "had an idea" she wanted to show me. 

Jade Bead Mala Bracelet with Inspirational Motivation Charm

These are really quite nice.  The pure and natural Chinese jade has good qi energy, and the added philosophy inspiration charm make a modern mala bracelet good for the body, mind and spirit.  Now she's all excited about making more custom jade jewelry for me and hopes to keep the business going.

As they were photographed and I  listed them , describing the philosophy, inspiration, it balanced my own personal yin and yang feelings about my jade business.  If I live my life the way I believe in , things will work out the way they are supposed.  These bracelets were so inspiring to me, and I hope they are for you, too.  And things really will work out for this jade business.

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