Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Pain of Selling One of "My' Jade Bangle Bracelets

Customers have been asking me when I am going to have more small "Chinese size" jade bangle bracelets on the web site.  When I got  home from the road trip and put away the jade bangle bracelets I took with me, I couldn't fit all of them in the one drawer I allot myself to jade bangles I keep for myself.  And I knew it was time to sell some of them, since most of them are still in wrappers and I don't wear them.  It's crazy, I love them all even if I don't wear them.  I just want to HAVE them. 

When I buy jade bangles from the jade carver in China, I have to be careful to keep my facial expression  impassive.  If the seller sees I deeply desire a certain one, the price goes up much more than the other ones I picked out.  Keep in mind, in the "real" jade market in China, there aren't any prices on the jade.  It's all about bargaining.  So if I see something I really like, I wait until I'm done "bargaining" and before I pay, I "casually" add one, two or three jade bangles my size, while having a look of indecision on my face.   And when I see a jade bangle I like, I never try it on because then the seller will know that I am the one who wants it, so I buy three and hope one will fit.

And that's what I am putting on the web site: the one or two that don't fit as well.  However, they are "sisters" of "my" jade bangle, so that's where the pain of selling it comes to play.

"Moss in Snow" Small Oval Old Mine Lao Pit Jadeite Bangle #JHBB553

This is a small oval jadeite bangle, old mine lao pit with the moss in snow pattern, and the kind of veins that have a lot of value for their color and qualities.  I like this one the best of the three, but one of the others fits better, and the other one I sold to a customer who is like a jade sister to me, so we each have one from the same jade rough. 

It was very painful putting it on the web site.  I held it, measure it, felt the qi energy in it to describe it, then wanted to keep it for myself.  But it's for sale.  If you wear this size, do me a favor and buy it soon so I don't have to keep thinking I should remove it.

I must admit I have another drawer full of small jade bangle bracelets that I am working on detaching from so they can be on the web site.

The Buddha teaches "detachment", but maybe the Buddha didn't have jade.  

And I have an old jewerly amoire full of jade bangle bracelets are are older, and really unique, some carved magnificently.  They are not my size, but...for now they are mine.

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  1. Hahaha!!! I'm def one of those customers who would like to see ur small bangles ! Im obsessed