Tuesday, March 28, 2017

New Shipment-A Big Box of Jade. Want to See What's Inside?

I spent the morning cleaning up my "jade office", finding boxes and trays for the new shipment of jade from China today.  Most of it was my two most favorite items:   jade rollers and Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets. 

Mid-afternoon, the DHL driver arrived, and carried the big, heavy box to the end of the driveway, near the door, but outside, not inside, because unpacking is very messy.

The box with my jade shipment from China arrives!

Well packed.  My jade associate is a great packer

First layer is Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets
Second layer, more jade bangle bracelet with certificates of gemology testing
 Third layer, even MORE jade bangle bracelets, and the certificates
Fourth layer, jade rollers.  You can see I'm running out of room to put the jade bangles
Fifth layer, more jade rollers, the premium variety with a large and small roller
Sixth and final layer, so sad to reach the end of the box
What didn't I show you?   You'll have to check the web sites to find out!

The next few days will involve sorting through everything and finding a place to store it all.  I will open each jade bangle bracelet packet, there are at least 100!  Then match the number to the certificate, and temporarily store them until I can get them photographed and listed.  Most will be listed on Jade Heaven web site, and JadeBangleBracelets web site.  Ying Yu Jade is slowly transitioning to be mostly for Chinese jade, the jade health tools and rollers, some of the older jadeite bangle bracelets that are "mine", from the Ying Yu's Jewelry box collection, and vintage and pre-worn jade

Right after I sign off this blog post, I'm going to look at each new jade bangle.  Don't you wish you could help me?

Friday, March 24, 2017

The "Best Size" Jade Bangle Bracelet: Finding Your Jade Bangle Bracelet Size

I have been extremely busy since my last blog post.  Several new customers, who are looking for their very first jade bangle contacted me, and it has been so enjoyable and satisfying helping them. 

Firstly we have have to determine their jade bangle.  This can usually vary by a few mm because the width of the jade bangle bracelet makes a big difference.  Wider jade bangles fit like they are smaller because of the large amount of jade stone with no flexibility you have to get over your knuckles and bones and onto your wrist.  And if it's your first jade bangle bracelet, you are sometimes surprised at home much space there is  after you get it one, and how far up your arm it goes.  So we want to get the smallest jade bangle we can get on our wrists.

Then after we determine the size, it's often disappointing because the jade bangle we fell in love with isn't our size, and just won't work. 

Size and the actual jade bangle need to be compatible to appreciate and enjoy your new jade bangle bracelet. 

I helped several women with those two issues purchase their first jade bangle bracelet.  And most of them are in the process of exchanging because of size.  Although there are return and exchange policies that include restocking fees, I usually waive the fees because I want you to be happy with the jade bangle you finally get that is just right for you. 

When I was shopping in China for jadeite bangle bracelets, I always bought some special ones for myself.  And if I saw a wonderful jade bangle that was a little too large for me, I purchased it anyway because I guessed that as I aged, it would be more difficult to get my small size over knuckles and bones as they become arthritic.  I knew that happened from sad customers who had to get their jade bangle they had worn for decades cut off their wrists, because their arthritis made it impossible to remove.  Now that's happening to me, and I've started selling some of my personal jade bangle bracelets in the "Ying Yu's Jewelry Box" Collection.  Most of them I have never even worn!  But it's still difficult to part with them, so when I list them I offer a low sale price.  That way they will be purchased sooner and I won't change my mind and remove them from the web site, only to put back in my drawer(s) of jade bangle bracelets.

But I'm thrilled when I find a jade lover who wears my size, and purchases my small jade bangles.  One of my recent customers even sent me some photos of the jade bangles on her wrist:

As you can see, she has beautiful jewelry, and the jade bangles look so wonderful.  The wider carved even looks like it fits close to her wrist. 

I sold most of the small size jade bangles from YY Jewelry Box collection, and I'm motivated to add more soon.  If you wear a small size, keep checking.

And if you are looking for your first jade bangle bracelet, I will be more than happy to help you!

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Note About Qi (Chi) Energy and Jade

This blog is a "note", because there is so much to share about qi energy and jade (in English "qi" is "chi").  And this "note" is to respond to emails about my reference to the qi energy in jade, and being sensitive to it in the previous blog post.

I have been a Reiki practitioner for 20 years, and Reiki practitioners use their hands to distribute energy to other people, places and things.  They collect good energy, then place hands on the person they are working with, or send Reiki through their hands elsewhere.  When I worked in my career as a counselor, I realized people with emotional problems usually didn't feel well either, and researched techniques for the body as well as mind and spirit.  You are probably aware of the good feeling you get when someone gives you a hug, or holds your hand when you are talking, or puts their arm around your shoulders.  That's qi energy you are feeling.  And that energy can be channeled to use with Reiki and Qi Healing. I had learned Qi Healing before I went to China, and learned about jade there, so when I discovered the jade health tools, and how Chinese medicine doctors use jade and its qi energy for healing,  it naturally came together for me.  Perhaps you have read the descriptions for most of the jade pieces, especially the Chinese "river jade", the colors of the jade relating to the meridians of the body.  When qi in the body gets "stuck", it causes pain, illness, poor health.  And being aware of energy gives you tools for wellness.

"Calming Healing" Chinese river jade bangle bracelet #NJ2372

Reiki originated in Japan, and Qi Healing originated in China, but the energy is very similar, the techniques are different, but the result is better energy for the practitioner, and the person receiving the energy balancing.

When you purchase jade from the online stores, you can request that I infuse it with energy.

I practice qigong, tai chi (taiji) and yoga regularly, so my qi is always "alert".  That's why I write energy descriptions for some of the jade items.   Women who use the jade eggs the correct way are often yoga practitioners too, and appreciate the Chakras, often work on keeping their Chakras balanced.  Some of the jade eggs sets also have a gem stone or crystal that is related to a chakra that is appealing to them.  The gemstones are hand wrapped and can be held and meditated on while doing kegel exercise (mindfulness) and worn with a chain.

Jade Yoni Eggs Set with Lapis Lazuli "Third Eye" Chakra Crystal
And perhaps you have been attracted to a certain jade piece, or gemstone.  That's your body qi energy telling you that it's beneficial to you.

And yes, I really do feel the energy of the jade, especially the jade bangle bracelet I personally wear.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Jade for Spring: Ying Yu Jade Traditional Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelets

We had a very warm winter here in central Florida this year.  Until this week. The north east part of the country is in the midst of a huge winter storm, and we're getting the back end of it with temperatures that may reach freezing tonight and tomorrow night.  We never get such cold this winter in mid-March.  Where is our spring?!

My "yin" every day jadeite bangle bracelet has felt too yang, heavy, and I needed a jade bangle with more "Spring" in it.  When I'm not sure about which jade bangle bracelet is best for me, I put all of my jade bangles on the bed (so they don't fall and break).  Then I sit next to them and "feel" them all, for energy, and find one that feels right.

I chose an older Chinese jade classic round bangle bracelet, carved with "knots" and leaves all around.  It's nicely translucent, a medium green, and very slender.  It feels sooooo good on.  It has cheered me up, and  helped me adjust to Daylight Savings Time this week.

(A Note About Qi Energy and Jade Here)

I have always loved the Chinese jade bangle bracelets and that's the first kind of jade I started selling in 2000.  My jade carver in China has been buying the jade from the mine, and carving both classic round, modern flat inside bangles, and when he has time making some very nice carved jade bangles, in the classic Dynasty styles.

And I have made some of them the Today's Special this week.  Throughout the week, there will be the classic round, modern flat inside and carved Chinese jade listed in Today's Special.

Ying Yu Jade Classic Carved Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelets

 I always think of love with these jade bangles.  When I was shopping in Beijing, and around China, I would often see young couples in a jade shop, the man purchasing a jade bangle bracelet as an engagement gift for his woman.  They have special meaning in China, and the feel special to wear.

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ying Yu Jade Wrinkle Relaxer Sets Made with Love at a Tea Party

Our "jade work" turned into a tea party

The Ying Yu Jade Exclusive Jade Roller Wrinkle Reducer Set is a popular item, and the inventory for the heat pads was down to only two, so time to make more.

The jade rollers are carved in China in our jade work shop in northern China.  We have been using the same jade carver for years, and he knows the quality  YYJ expects.  They are well made, yet flexible so you can adjust the jade roller part to your preference.

YYJ Exclusive: Jade Roller Wrinkle Relaxer Set
 My Chinese doctor friend in Beijing took me to a Chinese pharmacy where jade health tools are sold:  jade gua sha tools; jade masks and pillows, and jade rollers.  He wrote a "prescription" for an herbal combination to use in the pads. And small pieces of jade, some so small they are like dust are used along with Chinese rice to make up the pads.  But fabric traveling from China to USA gets a nasty order, so I decided that we would buy 100% cotton fabric and make up the pads to our specifications here in USA. The pads are small and "yin" so they fit nicely on most foreheads, covering the space between the eyes.  They can also be used on other areas of the face that have wrinkles you want to relax.  You heat the pad briefly in the microwave, then place it on your forehead over the wrinkle area until it starts to cool.  Then you use the jade roller to smooth the skin, move the blood and body qi to rejuvenate the area. 

The ingredients were set up in tea cups so they could be added in the preferred quantity to each fabric piece, then the top sewn to keep it all inside.  The tea cups initiated the idea that it would be enjoyable to have a tea party using the classic small clay teapot and small ceramic cups I had purchased in China. 

We enjoyed our tea part, and hope you enjoy using Ying Yu Jade wrinkle reducer roller set.  They were made with YYJ special ingredients, and with mindfulness and love for you.

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Slender Jade Bangle Bracelets are Elegant and Comfortable (and Traditional for Women)

One of my favorite kind of jade bangle bracelets is the slender style.  They have a special meaning for me, too, because I have seen them on Guan Yin statues. Guan Yin is the Buddha of Compassion, and seeing Her with a slender jade bangle is blissful.

The traditional jade bangles for women were slender.  The slender design is "yin" and in traditional China, that's the style women preferred during the Dynasty years.  Then after the cultural revolution, and women worked more, jade had to be stronger for wearing, because working women didn't just sit around like Dynasty family and concubines.   I have had a couple of the slender style, and there wasn't much jade inside to outside to make it stronger, and I am reluctant to wear them as an every day jade bangle because I am concerned about them breaking too easily.

I was thrilled when I was looking through my inventory for new items to add to the online store, and found a slender Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet.

"Yin" slender and elegant Burmese jadeite bangle Bracelet

 This #678 is 9mm wide, very slender and elegant, but also has 8.3mm of jade inside to outside so it's strong enough for every day wearing.  But, it's not my small size.  It has very pretty green veins.  It's not the older jade of last century, but it was obviously carved by someone who respected and understood the concept of "yin" and how many women love it.

It would probably be too small for Guan Yin, too.  But might be just right for you.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wearing Jade for "Power", "Assertiveness", "Overcoming Adversity"

When I'm listing jade items on the web site, I spend enough time with each piece making sure it's clean and polished, checking to see if there's any damage.  And when I'm listing jade bangle bracelets, I usually put the jade bangles that I'm working on, on my wrist to keep track of them.  I have to make sure they get properly labeled so I can find them,  and I do each one separately so they don't wind up somewhere they shouldn't be. 

And it always brings a smile to my face when I see my body qi energy mixing with the jade bangles and making them look more defined.  I feel and see that jade qi energy.

For example, the jade bangle in the photo below looked somewhat bland, I wondered why I had purchased it. 

Then when I took it off my wrist and started listing it,  the color was already getting more of a glow, so I took another photo of it:

It's not listed yet because I am still "playing" with it.  It's interesting.

Today is March 1, and the energy "feel" is the transition from winter to spring.  I've had emails from women who ask for help with choosing their best jade bangle bracelet, and they've been telling me they are being attracted to a deeper color, a more bold jade color than they usually choose.  They have been interested in jade bangles I've used the description "power", "assertiveness", "overcoming adversity".  And they mention that they are not usually attracted to this yang energy, but they are now.  That's a sign there's something going on in your life that you need that extra jade qi energy to work with it more effectively.  Sometimes moving from a slower life in winter, to a more active life in spring could use more energy.  Or perhaps you're having feelings of frustration about the US and politics today, and want to work through it and get on with your own life.  Having some "yang" in your jade is helpful with that.  And usually the jade bangles that have the good, strong yang also have some yin to balance it.

And that's what you want for making the most and best of your life today.

"Overcoming Adversity" Jadeite Bangle Bracelet with Certificate #640

If you're on the mailing list, you received a coupon for discount on this collection today.  Check the "Sale" section on the web site

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