Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wearing Jade for "Power", "Assertiveness", "Overcoming Adversity"

When I'm listing jade items on the web site, I spend enough time with each piece making sure it's clean and polished, checking to see if there's any damage.  And when I'm listing jade bangle bracelets, I usually put the jade bangles that I'm working on, on my wrist to keep track of them.  I have to make sure they get properly labeled so I can find them,  and I do each one separately so they don't wind up somewhere they shouldn't be. 

And it always brings a smile to my face when I see my body qi energy mixing with the jade bangles and making them look more defined.  I feel and see that jade qi energy.

For example, the jade bangle in the photo below looked somewhat bland, I wondered why I had purchased it. 

Then when I took it off my wrist and started listing it,  the color was already getting more of a glow, so I took another photo of it:

It's not listed yet because I am still "playing" with it.  It's interesting.

Today is March 1, and the energy "feel" is the transition from winter to spring.  I've had emails from women who ask for help with choosing their best jade bangle bracelet, and they've been telling me they are being attracted to a deeper color, a more bold jade color than they usually choose.  They have been interested in jade bangles I've used the description "power", "assertiveness", "overcoming adversity".  And they mention that they are not usually attracted to this yang energy, but they are now.  That's a sign there's something going on in your life that you need that extra jade qi energy to work with it more effectively.  Sometimes moving from a slower life in winter, to a more active life in spring could use more energy.  Or perhaps you're having feelings of frustration about the US and politics today, and want to work through it and get on with your own life.  Having some "yang" in your jade is helpful with that.  And usually the jade bangles that have the good, strong yang also have some yin to balance it.

And that's what you want for making the most and best of your life today.

"Overcoming Adversity" Jadeite Bangle Bracelet with Certificate #640

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