Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Jade for Spring: Ying Yu Jade Traditional Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelets

We had a very warm winter here in central Florida this year.  Until this week. The north east part of the country is in the midst of a huge winter storm, and we're getting the back end of it with temperatures that may reach freezing tonight and tomorrow night.  We never get such cold this winter in mid-March.  Where is our spring?!

My "yin" every day jadeite bangle bracelet has felt too yang, heavy, and I needed a jade bangle with more "Spring" in it.  When I'm not sure about which jade bangle bracelet is best for me, I put all of my jade bangles on the bed (so they don't fall and break).  Then I sit next to them and "feel" them all, for energy, and find one that feels right.

I chose an older Chinese jade classic round bangle bracelet, carved with "knots" and leaves all around.  It's nicely translucent, a medium green, and very slender.  It feels sooooo good on.  It has cheered me up, and  helped me adjust to Daylight Savings Time this week.

(A Note About Qi Energy and Jade Here)

I have always loved the Chinese jade bangle bracelets and that's the first kind of jade I started selling in 2000.  My jade carver in China has been buying the jade from the mine, and carving both classic round, modern flat inside bangles, and when he has time making some very nice carved jade bangles, in the classic Dynasty styles.

And I have made some of them the Today's Special this week.  Throughout the week, there will be the classic round, modern flat inside and carved Chinese jade listed in Today's Special.

Ying Yu Jade Classic Carved Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelets

 I always think of love with these jade bangles.  When I was shopping in Beijing, and around China, I would often see young couples in a jade shop, the man purchasing a jade bangle bracelet as an engagement gift for his woman.  They have special meaning in China, and the feel special to wear.

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