Friday, March 24, 2017

The "Best Size" Jade Bangle Bracelet: Finding Your Jade Bangle Bracelet Size

I have been extremely busy since my last blog post.  Several new customers, who are looking for their very first jade bangle contacted me, and it has been so enjoyable and satisfying helping them. 

Firstly we have have to determine their jade bangle.  This can usually vary by a few mm because the width of the jade bangle bracelet makes a big difference.  Wider jade bangles fit like they are smaller because of the large amount of jade stone with no flexibility you have to get over your knuckles and bones and onto your wrist.  And if it's your first jade bangle bracelet, you are sometimes surprised at home much space there is  after you get it one, and how far up your arm it goes.  So we want to get the smallest jade bangle we can get on our wrists.

Then after we determine the size, it's often disappointing because the jade bangle we fell in love with isn't our size, and just won't work. 

Size and the actual jade bangle need to be compatible to appreciate and enjoy your new jade bangle bracelet. 

I helped several women with those two issues purchase their first jade bangle bracelet.  And most of them are in the process of exchanging because of size.  Although there are return and exchange policies that include restocking fees, I usually waive the fees because I want you to be happy with the jade bangle you finally get that is just right for you. 

When I was shopping in China for jadeite bangle bracelets, I always bought some special ones for myself.  And if I saw a wonderful jade bangle that was a little too large for me, I purchased it anyway because I guessed that as I aged, it would be more difficult to get my small size over knuckles and bones as they become arthritic.  I knew that happened from sad customers who had to get their jade bangle they had worn for decades cut off their wrists, because their arthritis made it impossible to remove.  Now that's happening to me, and I've started selling some of my personal jade bangle bracelets in the "Ying Yu's Jewelry Box" Collection.  Most of them I have never even worn!  But it's still difficult to part with them, so when I list them I offer a low sale price.  That way they will be purchased sooner and I won't change my mind and remove them from the web site, only to put back in my drawer(s) of jade bangle bracelets.

But I'm thrilled when I find a jade lover who wears my size, and purchases my small jade bangles.  One of my recent customers even sent me some photos of the jade bangles on her wrist:

As you can see, she has beautiful jewelry, and the jade bangles look so wonderful.  The wider carved even looks like it fits close to her wrist. 

I sold most of the small size jade bangles from YY Jewelry Box collection, and I'm motivated to add more soon.  If you wear a small size, keep checking.

And if you are looking for your first jade bangle bracelet, I will be more than happy to help you!

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  1. Aw! You posted my photos !!! thank you!, love your blog read through all of them already ,so much info to learn thank you for sharing all your knowledge with us ,xoxo