Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Note About Qi (Chi) Energy and Jade

This blog is a "note", because there is so much to share about qi energy and jade (in English "qi" is "chi").  And this "note" is to respond to emails about my reference to the qi energy in jade, and being sensitive to it in the previous blog post.

I have been a Reiki practitioner for 20 years, and Reiki practitioners use their hands to distribute energy to other people, places and things.  They collect good energy, then place hands on the person they are working with, or send Reiki through their hands elsewhere.  When I worked in my career as a counselor, I realized people with emotional problems usually didn't feel well either, and researched techniques for the body as well as mind and spirit.  You are probably aware of the good feeling you get when someone gives you a hug, or holds your hand when you are talking, or puts their arm around your shoulders.  That's qi energy you are feeling.  And that energy can be channeled to use with Reiki and Qi Healing. I had learned Qi Healing before I went to China, and learned about jade there, so when I discovered the jade health tools, and how Chinese medicine doctors use jade and its qi energy for healing,  it naturally came together for me.  Perhaps you have read the descriptions for most of the jade pieces, especially the Chinese "river jade", the colors of the jade relating to the meridians of the body.  When qi in the body gets "stuck", it causes pain, illness, poor health.  And being aware of energy gives you tools for wellness.

"Calming Healing" Chinese river jade bangle bracelet #NJ2372

Reiki originated in Japan, and Qi Healing originated in China, but the energy is very similar, the techniques are different, but the result is better energy for the practitioner, and the person receiving the energy balancing.

When you purchase jade from the online stores, you can request that I infuse it with energy.

I practice qigong, tai chi (taiji) and yoga regularly, so my qi is always "alert".  That's why I write energy descriptions for some of the jade items.   Women who use the jade eggs the correct way are often yoga practitioners too, and appreciate the Chakras, often work on keeping their Chakras balanced.  Some of the jade eggs sets also have a gem stone or crystal that is related to a chakra that is appealing to them.  The gemstones are hand wrapped and can be held and meditated on while doing kegel exercise (mindfulness) and worn with a chain.

Jade Yoni Eggs Set with Lapis Lazuli "Third Eye" Chakra Crystal
And perhaps you have been attracted to a certain jade piece, or gemstone.  That's your body qi energy telling you that it's beneficial to you.

And yes, I really do feel the energy of the jade, especially the jade bangle bracelet I personally wear.

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