Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ying Yu Jade Wrinkle Relaxer Sets Made with Love at a Tea Party

Our "jade work" turned into a tea party

The Ying Yu Jade Exclusive Jade Roller Wrinkle Reducer Set is a popular item, and the inventory for the heat pads was down to only two, so time to make more.

The jade rollers are carved in China in our jade work shop in northern China.  We have been using the same jade carver for years, and he knows the quality  YYJ expects.  They are well made, yet flexible so you can adjust the jade roller part to your preference.

YYJ Exclusive: Jade Roller Wrinkle Relaxer Set
 My Chinese doctor friend in Beijing took me to a Chinese pharmacy where jade health tools are sold:  jade gua sha tools; jade masks and pillows, and jade rollers.  He wrote a "prescription" for an herbal combination to use in the pads. And small pieces of jade, some so small they are like dust are used along with Chinese rice to make up the pads.  But fabric traveling from China to USA gets a nasty order, so I decided that we would buy 100% cotton fabric and make up the pads to our specifications here in USA. The pads are small and "yin" so they fit nicely on most foreheads, covering the space between the eyes.  They can also be used on other areas of the face that have wrinkles you want to relax.  You heat the pad briefly in the microwave, then place it on your forehead over the wrinkle area until it starts to cool.  Then you use the jade roller to smooth the skin, move the blood and body qi to rejuvenate the area. 

The ingredients were set up in tea cups so they could be added in the preferred quantity to each fabric piece, then the top sewn to keep it all inside.  The tea cups initiated the idea that it would be enjoyable to have a tea party using the classic small clay teapot and small ceramic cups I had purchased in China. 

We enjoyed our tea part, and hope you enjoy using Ying Yu Jade wrinkle reducer roller set.  They were made with YYJ special ingredients, and with mindfulness and love for you.

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