Wednesday, November 29, 2017

"My Jade Bangle Broke, I Replaced it, But it's Not the Same"

I had a special plant I loved, a Christmas cactus given to me by a friend.  I put it in a special pot,  "Winnie the Pooh", and took good care of it to the point of almost being obsessed.

During this past summer the weather was very hot, rainy, and several tropical storms and a hurricane were in the area, so we did our best to protect all of our plants and landscaping.  The cactus stayed in good condition until hurricane Irma.  Even though the Winnie pot is cement and heavy, it got blown away from its corner and flooded, killing every piece of it.  I tried to revive it, put jade pieces in the soil, but it was dead.  Gone for good.

I bought a new one, after searching stores for a similar one. 

It's basically the same kind of plant.  It's too big to fit into the Winnie pot, so I'm not sure what I'm going to put it in.  It's pretty, has red flowers, in very good condition, and one of the more expensive ones.  But it's not the same, and I don't love it...yet.

I get emails around this time of year from people who lost a jade bangle bracelet to breakage, or their hands/wrists changed and the jade bangle they had for a long time didn't fit right anymore.  They are looking for a replacement.  Most of them want a jade bangle bracelet that is similar in appearance, and they spend much time looking, and we spend time discussing the ones they are interested in.  They choose one, can't wait for it to arrive after their purchase, and love it when they receive it, but it's "just not the same".

Like my Christmas cactus, a plant, jade changes over time.  The older jade mined before the turn of the century is somewhat different than the jade available today.  There's nothing "wrong" with it, just different.   And like me, it takes awhile to "connect" with the new and feel as happy with it.  You went through life for years with the old, it has a special connection to you.  But as you wear your new jade, its qi energy and you body qi energy will connect, blend, and it will become part of you.  I need to give my cactus some special attention, cut it to fit the Winnie pot, keep it close by so I can see it often during the day.  Then it will become a part of my life.  And so will your jade.

But:  Buddhist teaching claims that "attachment" is the cause of many problems and unhappiness in our lives. 

We can probably agree with and understand that.   And know that's why that you probably can replace your broken jade bangle bracelet.

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Friday, November 24, 2017

Giving Jade as a Gift: What Does My Jade Mean - Three Legged Money Toads

This is the time of year I get many requests to help customers choose gifts to give during the holiday season. 

One of my favorite suggestions is the Chinese jade carved three legged money toads.

The photo shows my "personal" jade money toad.  It's an older one, carver in the 1990's.  And it's huge and heavy.  It's 13x12x8" high and weighs 18 pounds  I was buying some smaller jade carvings and money toads from my jade carver in China, and he included this one for me.  I was just starting my online jade business, and I have to say that I thing Toad contributed to its success.

Classic Three Legged Chinese Jade Money Toad

This is the "classic" jade three legged money toad that I sell.  They come in two sizes, a "little guy" and "big boy".  Some have a jade "coin" in the mouth, some have the old Chinese coin as shown in the photo.  They are "three legged" because the number "four" is considered an unlucky number in China.  You can be in an elevator and not see a number "four" as a floor option.  The Chinese word for four, "si", is the same sound as the word for "death" and no one in China wants a number four on anything: addresses, phone numbers, license plates. 

The money toad should be placed facing inward your home or office.  If it faces outwards, "money pours out" instead of in.  And make sure the coin is in Toad's mouth. 

These jade money toads are gifts suitable for anyone.  They are not only pretty and unique jade carvings, but symbols of wealth and luck.  And who doesn't want that?!

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

What Size Jade Bangle Should I Wear? Things That Have Impact on Jade Bangle Size

Your new jade bangle bracelets arrives in the mail, and you are so excited to put it on.  You unpack it, and make sure you are in a "soft" place so if you drop it, it won't break.  Yes, jade is one of the most hard stones, but it is stone, and stone will break, chip or crack if hit hard enough.

And you work at getting it on your wrist, but that jade bangle bracelet just won't go on.  Now what?

Wait until you are cool and quiet.  1) Raise your arm in the air for about 30 seconds, and try again.  2) Use a thin plastic bag, like you find in grocery store produce departments, put it over you hand and try again  3) Rinse your hands with cool water, get them soapy, and try again. 

But if it doesn't go on your wrist, here are some reasons.

Some women have hands and wrists that are different sizes, and you need to measure the knuckles on the wrist you plan to wear your jade bangle.

The measuring technique on the web sites is for standard size jade bangle bracelet that 11-13mm wide.  A jade bangle that is wide, like a "cuff" style will fit like 1mm smaller for every 2-3mm the width over 12mm.  And jade bangle bracelets that are thick inside-to-outside will fit like 1-2mm smaller, especially the newer jadeite bangle bracelets that have certificates of authenticity.  These are carved for every day wearing, with thicker measurements to hold up better in our busy lives. 

Another thing to consider is if the jade bangle is flat inside, or classic rounded.  Because classic round style is thicker, it might fit like 1-2mm smaller.

And there are other variations that can affect size.  The way the inside of the jade bangle is shaped, if the edges are thick and more sharply carved, the bangle may fit like 1-2mm smaller.  Rounded edges on the flat inside jade bangles go over the hand more easily.

If nothing works and you can't get your jade bangle on your wrist, we have a very easy exchange process, especially if you have a USA address.  International gets more expensive because of shipping costs.    We don't charge restocking fees for exchange if the jade bangle your exchange for is the same price range.  If there's a big difference, when we refund the difference we may charge restocking fees to cover the cost of what we have to pay back for refunding.

And sadly, we probably don't have another jade bangle just like the one you purchased.  Genuine and natural jade is all different in appearance. 

JHBB557 slender Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet fitsas described measurement
If you have a wrist size that is larger than 60mm,  you should especially take care in knowing the width and sizing details of jade bangles.  Sizes 60mm are usually made for export, women who are not Asian or Chinese.  Jade Heaven has a few larger than 60mm but most are made by jade carvers who sell in China and Asia, and are genuine, natural and better quality than "export jade". 

Questions?  Send an email to email address on the jade web site you are looking for jade bangle bracelets on, Jade Heaven, Ying Yu JadeJadeBangleBracelets.

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Should I Go Back to China and Shop for Jade Bangle Bracelets and More?

I started going to China in 1999.  My first trip was to learn about Chinese medicine and the culture.  I got addicted to jade on the plane flying to China when I saw a flight attendant wearing a jade bangle bracelet.  I was working, and saving every extra dollar I could for my "summer vacation" trip to go back to China.  I found a Chinese PhD student at College of Wooster to teach my Chinese language.  Even though I didn't become very fluent in Mandarin, the fact that I had learned enough for basic communication earned me respect, especially when I was shopping.  I met a Chinese doctor on my second trip and we became friends, associates, and worked together.  I also met a jade seller in northeastern China who was a seller of Chinese jade, and we also became friends and associates. 

At that time,  the ability to speak Chinese, respect culture and look professional made a huge difference in jade shopping.  When I spoke Chinese to the jade sellers, and they saw the excellent quality the jade bangle I was wearing, the would pull out boxes hidden under their tables or in storage to show me the best quality of jade they had.  And since I spoke Chinese to "bargain" with them, I got very good prices on the jade.  (Professional jade shopping from the jade carvers, there are no prices on the jade.  Every piece is "bargained for".)

One of the items you could readily find in every shop in China was "Bigen",  China's classic black hair coloring product.  Gray hair was for "old people", and almost everyone colored their hair more black when their gray became obvious. 

My height is 67 inches, and that's considered "tall" in China, often more tall then men.  My natural hair color was dark-to-medium brown.  When I was 19 years old, I started getting gray hairs, probably due to hypothyroidism, and I was "way too young" even in America to have grey hairs, so I colored to match my natural hair hair.  By the time I started going to China, my color was light brown/dark blonde.  And my height, slenderness and hair color gave me a "good standing" in China.  Chinese people were always wanting their pictures taken with me, especially because jade shopping, I was going to parts of China Americans usually don't go to. 

Then the Lantos embargo on jadeite mined in Burma (Myanmar) started in 2008 so I couldn't shop for Burmese jadeite and bring that back with me, or ship it to my home, going through customs.  My last trip in 2009 was to meet with my associates in China, the jade carver, and explain what kind of Chinese jade I would want, and the quality of carving I expected.

I really missed going to China.  Every year, something new, and oh, my:  the adventures I had!

I had "retired" my regular job early, and we moved from Ohio to Florida.  My natural curly hair got really frizzy in humid central Florida, and hair color looked very frizzy.  So I lightened my hair color very gradually over the next few years, to light blonde.  Then I let it grow out for a couple of months, and got all the colored parts cut off.  I had no idea what my hair would look like "natural", and was quite pleased with mostly silvery-grey with little darker still underneath. 

I wanted to go to China a few years ago, and realized I would either have to use a temporary hair color or wear a wig, because I would lose my reputation with my friends and associates if they saw me so "gray and old".  I never told my age and they thought I was about 10 years younger than I really am.  And I really am reaching a time in life when I want  more time for "me", time to retire.  When I shopped in China, I brought back enough for two years selling online. 

So yes, I want to go back to China.  But no, I won't.  China has become so modern now, the hair issue might not matter as much.  But I do need to consider "slowing down" and having more time for recreational activities.

Isn't playing with jade recreational?   It is, for me!

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Too Busy To Take Care of Yourself the Way You Want To? Stop and Start Pampering

This is  my excuse: since hurricane Irma I've been busy not only with cleaning up the outdoor mess, but the indoor mess has grown because of bringing outdoor things inside. And with internet off for several days, I got way behind on the web sites, getting photos taken, edited and new listings made.  Now it's almost holiday time, starting with my making Thanksgiving dinner. 

We were discussing with our friends about New Year's Eve.  None of us had made plans like we usually do in October, so we finally made reservations for dinner and festivities.  I need something new to wear, and new shoes, etc.  And a hair appointment.

I was looking in the mirror deciding about hair, make up and what I would wear, and I noticed the frown line wrinkles were deeper.  Yes, I've been squinting outdoors a lot in the brightness, and frowning about all that there is to do outside.  I don't know why I didn't notice that my "wrinkle kit" was not on my bedside stand as it usually is.  I warm the pad and put it on my forehead until it cools, then use the cool jade roller on the wrinkly area, then my entire face.  Easy to do, and good results.  I started again three days ago, and notice an improvement already.  Part of the reason is that when I'm focused on wrinkle repair, I remember to wear polarized sunglasses when I go out the door, and while I'm working I "mindfully" keep my forehead as smooth as I can.  And the mindfulness actually improves my mood. 

Ying Yu Jade FrownEase Wrinkle Relaxer Kit

I sell only what I personally like and use, and if it works for me, it will probably work for  you, too.  And it's on sale as the Today's Special today and tomorrow. 

If your days fly by too fast, and you're "eggshausted" from all you have to do, take time out to take care of YOU.   As I learned, you can't take care of other people unless you take care of yourself, too. 

And the qi energy of genuine and natural jade feels so good.

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