Friday, November 24, 2017

Giving Jade as a Gift: What Does My Jade Mean - Three Legged Money Toads

This is the time of year I get many requests to help customers choose gifts to give during the holiday season. 

One of my favorite suggestions is the Chinese jade carved three legged money toads.

The photo shows my "personal" jade money toad.  It's an older one, carver in the 1990's.  And it's huge and heavy.  It's 13x12x8" high and weighs 18 pounds  I was buying some smaller jade carvings and money toads from my jade carver in China, and he included this one for me.  I was just starting my online jade business, and I have to say that I thing Toad contributed to its success.

Classic Three Legged Chinese Jade Money Toad

This is the "classic" jade three legged money toad that I sell.  They come in two sizes, a "little guy" and "big boy".  Some have a jade "coin" in the mouth, some have the old Chinese coin as shown in the photo.  They are "three legged" because the number "four" is considered an unlucky number in China.  You can be in an elevator and not see a number "four" as a floor option.  The Chinese word for four, "si", is the same sound as the word for "death" and no one in China wants a number four on anything: addresses, phone numbers, license plates. 

The money toad should be placed facing inward your home or office.  If it faces outwards, "money pours out" instead of in.  And make sure the coin is in Toad's mouth. 

These jade money toads are gifts suitable for anyone.  They are not only pretty and unique jade carvings, but symbols of wealth and luck.  And who doesn't want that?!

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