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What Size Jade Bangle Should I Wear? Things That Have Impact on Jade Bangle Size

Your new jade bangle bracelets arrives in the mail, and you are so excited to put it on.  You unpack it, and make sure you are in a "soft" place so if you drop it, it won't break.  Yes, jade is one of the most hard stones, but it is stone, and stone will break, chip or crack if hit hard enough.

And you work at getting it on your wrist, but that jade bangle bracelet just won't go on.  Now what?

Wait until you are cool and quiet.  1) Raise your arm in the air for about 30 seconds, and try again.  2) Use a thin plastic bag, like you find in grocery store produce departments, put it over you hand and try again  3) Rinse your hands with cool water, get them soapy, and try again. 

But if it doesn't go on your wrist, here are some reasons.

Some women have hands and wrists that are different sizes, and you need to measure the knuckles on the wrist you plan to wear your jade bangle.

The measuring technique on the web sites is for standard size jade bangle bracelet that 11-13mm wide.  A jade bangle that is wide, like a "cuff" style will fit like 1mm smaller for every 2-3mm the width over 12mm.  And jade bangle bracelets that are thick inside-to-outside will fit like 1-2mm smaller, especially the newer jadeite bangle bracelets that have certificates of authenticity.  These are carved for every day wearing, with thicker measurements to hold up better in our busy lives. 

Another thing to consider is if the jade bangle is flat inside, or classic rounded.  Because classic round style is thicker, it might fit like 1-2mm smaller.

And there are other variations that can affect size.  The way the inside of the jade bangle is shaped, if the edges are thick and more sharply carved, the bangle may fit like 1-2mm smaller.  Rounded edges on the flat inside jade bangles go over the hand more easily.

If nothing works and you can't get your jade bangle on your wrist, we have a very easy exchange process, especially if you have a USA address.  International gets more expensive because of shipping costs.    We don't charge restocking fees for exchange if the jade bangle your exchange for is the same price range.  If there's a big difference, when we refund the difference we may charge restocking fees to cover the cost of what we have to pay back for refunding.

And sadly, we probably don't have another jade bangle just like the one you purchased.  Genuine and natural jade is all different in appearance. 

JHBB557 slender Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet fitsas described measurement
If you have a wrist size that is larger than 60mm,  you should especially take care in knowing the width and sizing details of jade bangles.  Sizes 60mm are usually made for export, women who are not Asian or Chinese.  Jade Heaven has a few larger than 60mm but most are made by jade carvers who sell in China and Asia, and are genuine, natural and better quality than "export jade". 

Questions?  Send an email to email address on the jade web site you are looking for jade bangle bracelets on, Jade Heaven, Ying Yu JadeJadeBangleBracelets.

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