Monday, September 26, 2016

Old Jade + New Jade = "Heavenly Jade"

The Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets on Jade Heaven and Ying Yu Jade were all purchased prior to the Lantos embargo on any jadeite mined in Burma (Myanmar).  And FYI President Obama lifted all the sanctions against Burma except for 100 individuals, and jadeite and rubies.  But we know that jadeite is still being purchased by customers in USA and most people don't even know there is an embargo on jadeite mined in Burma, even when it is carved and sold from China.  Having a large web presence, I would not buy or sell jadeite that has been embargoed, but think an embargo on jadeite and rubies is ridiculous because it's not able to be enforced.

So in our world we have the old jadeite, "lao pit", or old mine that is older and rarely available now due to politics, and newer jadeite.  And we have jadeite that is very old, like Qing Dynasty and earlier, and that makes some of the jadeite prior to the 2008 embargo seem new.

Gemologists can see the difference, but most people don't notice a difference.  I was sorting through jadeite to get photographed, tested and listed, and could see the difference in stone quality, but while taking the photos, there didn't seem to be much difference.  Jade has an inner spiritual quality that can't be captured in a photo.  So many customers tell me that the jade they purchase is so much more pretty than the photo.

When I am handling all the jade bangle bracelets, I often put them on my wrists to get a "feel" for the qi energy, or use my wrists to sort them for various purposes like photos, testing, what I remember a customer asking for so I can save it for them.  And as you readers know, the addiction to jade that makes me keep some for myself.  While the photographer was taking photos,  I wanted some taken of the jade bangles on my wrist, and sometimes two or more jade bangles together on my wrist.  Jade bangles worn together often bump each other as I move, and I didn't want to crack or chip the jade, so I experimented with a "spacer" bracelet.  It's been listed on Jade Heaven, the Pandora style silver bracelet with jade bead as a "charm".  What is so interesting is that the bead is probably newer jadeite, but it looks so good and natural with the older jadeite bangle bracelets.

Old jadeite bangle bracelet with newer jadeite bead bracelet "spacer"

(Pamela, this photo is for you because we share our love for this favorite bracelet!)

The jadeite bangle I'm wearing is very old, maybe older than Qing Dynasty, but the bead with in the bracelet is much newer.  I didn't think the jadeite bead would look similar to the bangle bracelet, but when I put them together, it's like the qi energies in each one "shared".  And I put the bead bracelet with my other jade bangles, and it looked good with them, too.

New jadeite might not have the finer grain of the stone as older "lao pit" jadeite, but adding the new with the old certainly is a "heavenly" togetherness.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Jade is a "Family Tradition" and You, Dear Blog Readers, are Part of the Jade Family

After I posted The Meaning of Jade Bangle, Wedding Gift and Welcome to the Family, I received quite a few emails. One was from the mother of the family who's new daughter in law received her jade bangle for their wedding.  She was very pleased the story and photo was posted.

Then I received more emails from long-time blog readers who remembered the last time this family had a wedding with the first jade bangle gift, and when their first baby was born.  Long time readers are true jade lovers, and part of the "jade family' that started in the year 2000.  Unfortunately, those old blog posts are unavailable.  Long story, but technology changed, and I had to change my web sites from sites I created and managed, to more mobile friendly stores where there is less flexibility.  The online buying experience is probably easier for you, but the "tradition" of our jade family is lost.

I used to sell "sister sets" of jade bangle bracelets.  Some were two made from the same jade rough, same size and width so you could wear them together.  Some "sisters" were a smooth jade bangle and a carved jade bangle made from the same rough.  And some jade bangles are "sisters" because I bought a quantity of jade bangles made from the same rough, my size and other sizes so we could be "jade sisters" together.

Rough jadeite stone ready for the jade carver

Ring of jade "sister" bangles.  I bought one for me, and sell the others to my "jade sisters"

I have always tried to help customers find their best jade bangle size, and best jade bangle bracelet for them.  Sometimes we do a few exchanges until we get it right.  But if you are my "jade sister", I will do my best to make sure you get the best jade bangle bracelet for you.  I handle the jade bangles a lot while I am testing them to make sure they are true jadeite, then getting the photos, which takes a long time, sometimes days.  Then holding the jade bangle to describe it, measure it and list it.  Then packing it way in an organized way until it is purchased.  So you do get a little of my qi energy when you purchase a jade bangle.  But you will know how much I loved it when you smile as you wear it.

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Jade for Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit. And Impatiens

The front area outside our home is very shady.  There are big old Florida oak trees, some palm trees, lots of Spanish moss. When we moved in 12 years ago, there were some impatiens flowers near the porch and steps.  They hadn't been taken care of for a long time, and some were dying, so I bought new impatiens and planted them along side.  They died. Every time I bought new impatiens plants they would quickly die.  So I worked at keeping the original impatiens healthy,

Then when we had our home demolished and the new one put in, I knew if I didn't keep some, I wouldn't be able to have impatiens ever again.  I used five big pots and put in as much of the soil surrounding the plants in them.  The building process completely wiped out that area around the porch, so I knew if I didn't care for them, that would be the end of impatiens there.  I had an area in a little palm grove near the driveway on the other side of the house that I put other plants that were rare and I was very fond of, and watered them every day, even during the six weeks we lived somewhere else.  I let the workers know that was sacred ground, where my ashes would be after I was dead and cremated, and they knew that area was off limits to them.

Last week the porch and sidewalk area was completed, and we could work on the landscaping there. I brought the impatiens plants and decided to put them in the
corners and nooks around the porch where they would get shade, a small amount of sunlight, and not get trampled.  I hadn't noticed previously, but two of the pots had plants that were considerably more healthy, larger and greener.  When I pulled the plants out of the pots, the healthier ones had jade pieces in the soil and at the bottom of the pots.  I had used broken jade pieces, jade eggs that were carved incorrectly, to mix with the soil when I put them in the pots.  When I put the impatiens in the ground, I put the jade pieces with them.  They are almost twice the size as the ones that were in the pots with just soil.

Impatiens on left were growing with jade pieces in soil

Jade is not only healthy and healing to people.

And now I know what to do with the boxes of broken jade pieces I kept in storage.  We have a lot of landscaping work to do yet.  Jade sure has good energies.  

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Meaning of a Jade Bangle: a Wedding Gift and Welcome to the Family

A long time customer purchased a jade bangle for a tea ceremony /  wedding gift for her new daughter-in-law several years ago.  She wears it all the time, it still looks great, and it has become part of her.  She also purchased a similar jade bangle bracelet to "put away" for awhile.  Last week she told me one of her other sons was getting married now, and she decided to give her the jade bangle that was put away.

It's a small size, but she shows her new daughter in laws how to put on a jade bangle that is really tight.  She also has a bone near her wrist area that is unusually large.  They put a lot of lotion on her wrist but couldn't get it on.  Later, after they returned from their honeymoon, they tried again.  This time they soaped up her hand and wrist, and finally got it on.

This is the photo she sent me.

Jade bangle bracelets are special.  They become part of the person and when given as a gift, the person and the jade become part of the relationship.  This has been a Chinese and Asian custom for centuries, and still practiced here in USA.  Jade often has deep meaning.

Friday, September 2, 2016

What Kind of Jade Should I Wear in September?

Now that I am using this blog format that's different from the original web sites, you can refer to previous blogs to get more information about jade, answering some of your jade questions.  I've received several emails fro regular blog readers asking about when I am going to write the blog about what kind of jade to wear in September.  The information is still the same, as it has been for centuries in Chinese medicine, and you can read last September's blog here.

Ying Yu Jade web site has a collection of jade with the white, light green, and "yin yang" balancing jade pendants and bangle bracelets that balances the body qi energy.

A feature for early September is the Ying Yu Jade rollers.  There is a collection of jade rollers, including the acu roller, practitioners model jade roller, classic double jade roller, and individual small and medium jade rollers.  The smaller ends of jade rollers are good to use on the face for wrinkle management and healthy skin. There are also the "FrownEase Wrinkle Reducer" paks in the collection.  Larger end of the jade roller is good for arms and legs and larger body areas to help smooth and unblock qi energy in the acupoints of the body.  This weekend there is a coupon for a discount when you purchase $50+ of jade rollers, so it gives you a motivation to purchase more than one and get the best jade roller value.

Ying Yu Jade Rollers

Jade is not only beautiful.  Jade also has good qi energy for better health of body, mind and spirit.