Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Jade is a "Family Tradition" and You, Dear Blog Readers, are Part of the Jade Family

After I posted The Meaning of Jade Bangle, Wedding Gift and Welcome to the Family, I received quite a few emails. One was from the mother of the family who's new daughter in law received her jade bangle for their wedding.  She was very pleased the story and photo was posted.

Then I received more emails from long-time blog readers who remembered the last time this family had a wedding with the first jade bangle gift, and when their first baby was born.  Long time readers are true jade lovers, and part of the "jade family' that started in the year 2000.  Unfortunately, those old blog posts are unavailable.  Long story, but technology changed, and I had to change my web sites from sites I created and managed, to more mobile friendly stores where there is less flexibility.  The online buying experience is probably easier for you, but the "tradition" of our jade family is lost.

I used to sell "sister sets" of jade bangle bracelets.  Some were two made from the same jade rough, same size and width so you could wear them together.  Some "sisters" were a smooth jade bangle and a carved jade bangle made from the same rough.  And some jade bangles are "sisters" because I bought a quantity of jade bangles made from the same rough, my size and other sizes so we could be "jade sisters" together.

Rough jadeite stone ready for the jade carver

Ring of jade "sister" bangles.  I bought one for me, and sell the others to my "jade sisters"

I have always tried to help customers find their best jade bangle size, and best jade bangle bracelet for them.  Sometimes we do a few exchanges until we get it right.  But if you are my "jade sister", I will do my best to make sure you get the best jade bangle bracelet for you.  I handle the jade bangles a lot while I am testing them to make sure they are true jadeite, then getting the photos, which takes a long time, sometimes days.  Then holding the jade bangle to describe it, measure it and list it.  Then packing it way in an organized way until it is purchased.  So you do get a little of my qi energy when you purchase a jade bangle.  But you will know how much I loved it when you smile as you wear it.

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