Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Meaning of a Jade Bangle: a Wedding Gift and Welcome to the Family

A long time customer purchased a jade bangle for a tea ceremony /  wedding gift for her new daughter-in-law several years ago.  She wears it all the time, it still looks great, and it has become part of her.  She also purchased a similar jade bangle bracelet to "put away" for awhile.  Last week she told me one of her other sons was getting married now, and she decided to give her the jade bangle that was put away.

It's a small size, but she shows her new daughter in laws how to put on a jade bangle that is really tight.  She also has a bone near her wrist area that is unusually large.  They put a lot of lotion on her wrist but couldn't get it on.  Later, after they returned from their honeymoon, they tried again.  This time they soaped up her hand and wrist, and finally got it on.

This is the photo she sent me.

Jade bangle bracelets are special.  They become part of the person and when given as a gift, the person and the jade become part of the relationship.  This has been a Chinese and Asian custom for centuries, and still practiced here in USA.  Jade often has deep meaning.

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  1. This is lovely. I remember the pictures of the other young bride and her bangle, and then eventually with her baby. How sweet to get an update on these jade sisters. Jade does indeed become part of us. Thanks from Candace