Friday, September 2, 2016

What Kind of Jade Should I Wear in September?

Now that I am using this blog format that's different from the original web sites, you can refer to previous blogs to get more information about jade, answering some of your jade questions.  I've received several emails fro regular blog readers asking about when I am going to write the blog about what kind of jade to wear in September.  The information is still the same, as it has been for centuries in Chinese medicine, and you can read last September's blog here.

Ying Yu Jade web site has a collection of jade with the white, light green, and "yin yang" balancing jade pendants and bangle bracelets that balances the body qi energy.

A feature for early September is the Ying Yu Jade rollers.  There is a collection of jade rollers, including the acu roller, practitioners model jade roller, classic double jade roller, and individual small and medium jade rollers.  The smaller ends of jade rollers are good to use on the face for wrinkle management and healthy skin. There are also the "FrownEase Wrinkle Reducer" paks in the collection.  Larger end of the jade roller is good for arms and legs and larger body areas to help smooth and unblock qi energy in the acupoints of the body.  This weekend there is a coupon for a discount when you purchase $50+ of jade rollers, so it gives you a motivation to purchase more than one and get the best jade roller value.

Ying Yu Jade Rollers

Jade is not only beautiful.  Jade also has good qi energy for better health of body, mind and spirit.

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