Saturday, August 27, 2016

Ying Yu Jade Rollers - Best Quality, Workmanship, Genuine Natural Jade Health Tools

My jade associate in China took the four hour trip to the jade mines and our jade carver this weekend.  I met him in the year 2000, and we have been working with our jade carver since that time.  Over the years,  the jade rollers have improved in quality.  When I first started buying the jade rollers in wholesale quantity, more than 100 pieces of each style, the jade carver wanted to get them made fast so I would be pleased with getting my order fast.  It took awhile for him,  who speaks and understands only Chinese language, and whose cultural ideas and expectations are so different than "western", to really understand that quality is more important than speed.  And presentation is almost as important.  My associate packs them well for DHL shipping.  He understands some English, the language more than the meaning, and I have ordered tons of jade from him over the years, so he "gets it", what we western people expect. 

My orders are always quite large, so he buys the jade rough directly from the jade mines and chooses very good quality and color.  The rough doesn't look very attractive, but he knows how to choose genuine and natural good quality jade.

Chinese Jade Rough

Then he carves them so they will be as smooth and polished as possible.  There's a saying: "the jade carver always leaves something behind" so they are not "perfect".  We want minimal work done on them so they remain as natural and traditional as possible.  Then he makes the metal parts.  These are designed to not only hold in the jade roller, but also to make them adjustable, so the person who uses the jade roller can have an easy roll or one that is tighter.  The metal parts are glued on to preserve the jade from getting any chemicals or heat.  If they fall apart during shipping, I can glue the part together, and the customer can glue if anything falls apart so they can continue to use the jade roller.  It's not "broken" if you receive the jade roller with a metal part that came off during shipping.  You can easily glue it back on.

Sometimes the jade carver can find a person to make a mold of protective cushioning that fits the large jade roller boxes, so they ship more safely and make a good presentation when you open the box.

Large Double Ying Yu Jade Roller with custom made box

I have had customers who place regular orders for jade rollers that they searched online and found them cheaper, but stay with Ying Yu Jade rollers because they are much better quality than others.  Working with my associate in China and the jade carver for more than 15 years makes a difference.  You get genuine natural jade, (not plastic or fake jade), well made, adjustable, and this means you not only get good quality, you get the traditional good qi energy of the jade that Chinese doctors have cherished for centuries.

Ying Yu Jade Roller CollectionLeft to Right: Acu Roller with "needles",Practitioners Style Jade Roller, Classic Large Double Jade Roller, Medium Roller, Small Roller

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