Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What Kind of Jade Bangle is Good for Traveling?

We took four days to travel to Ohio to visit my family on Saturday, go to my husband's class reunion on Sunday, visit my husband's family in Pittsburgh on Monday, then spent  yesterday flying from Canton Akron airport to Orlando, one plane change.

We had intended to take only one carry on luggage each.  But when I checked the weather, it was "only" in the mid 70's during the day, which means "winter clothes" for us.  And there were just a handful of things that wouldn't fit in our combined carry ons, so we took a third luggage to check through.  And that was a good choice, because we like to shop at the outlet mall in Burbank, and we both bought enough clothes for our "winter" in the stores there.

While I was trying to get all my clothes and personal items in one carry on, I decided to take only the jewelry I was wearing, and one jade bangle.  If you read this blog, you probably read that I always wear or take a black jade bangle for protection, physically and for health.  And I spent half a day deciding which one jade bangle I would wear. I chose my very old carved jadeite bangle bracelet because it was carved with bat for happiness, flowers for happiness, bamboo for flexibility, symbols for luck, and some "hong" red veins for my heart (that hurts when I have to leave my mom in assisted living, and family) and spleen meridian (eating too much in strange places).   It's also a jadeite bangle I received in a trade on a train trip from Beijing to Tianjin years ago, my handbag and most of the contents for this lovely, precious, and highly valuable jade bangle bracelet.  At that time, Chinese women were fascinated by what was inside my handbag, so I carried things they might like. I could write a book about those experiences!

It was a good choice.  Our TSA pre check and flights, car rental went very well, and overall we had a good but fast paced trip.

I decided to attend my husband's class reunion with him because I wanted to meet his past friends.  Some of the women commented on my jade bangle, although they didn't know it was jadeite until I told them.  They thought like most people do:  jade is supposed to be green.   It got more pretty each day as I wore it, mixing with my body qi energy.  It had been in a drawer for several months, and lost its glow, but that came back shortly after I put it on.  That's a characteristic of very good quality jadeite, with fine grain, the old "lao pit" kind.

And it's one of my favorite jade bangle bracelets.  Sometimes you are torn between wanting to wear your best jade bangle, and being concerned it might break while you're wearing it.   I've resigned myself to "nothing lasts forever", not even jade.

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