Thursday, August 11, 2016

"Ying Yu Jade's Jewelry Box" New Collection

As promised, I have started listing some of the vintage jewelry I have that is NOT jade.

I have a pile of jewelry that's really nice.  Some of it was purchased as part of an estate sale when all I really wanted was the piece of jade in the auction or box for sale.  Some of it was given to me by family members to sell for them.  And several pieces are sterling silver and turquoise Native American made jewelry from tribes in Arizona where I lived for several years.  I loved driving around Arizona, visiting the mountains, the deserts, and rock hounding.  I think the experience taught me about buying jade:  I wouldn't buy the silver and turquoise jewelry at standard tourist attractions.  I went into the residential areas of the Native Americans and bought directly from them.  Most of these are signed by the person who made it. 

I always wear a jade bangle bracelet.  And I enjoy wearing other jewelry, too.  The prices on the Collection are low so you can purchase them "just for fun".  And you will find unique jewelry, one of a kind.

This jewelry is not YYJ main item, of course, so will be added to slowly as we get photos. Jade is the priority!

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