Saturday, August 6, 2016

Frown Ease Wrinkle Reducer Jade Roller Kit

When we moved out of our home in May while our new home was getting built, I packed my most important items to take with me, but of course some of the boxes wound up in storage and not with me when I needed them.  One of the items I missed the most was my Frown Ease wrinkle reducer items.  I thought not using the jade roller with the heat pad and patches wouldn't make a difference in only  7 weeks.  But when I looked at a recent photo, I was dismayed to see the prominent wrinkles on my forehead.  And it's been so hot and sunny here in Florida, I've been squinting a lot when I'm outdoors, or driving in the car. 

Frown Ease Wrinkle Reducer Power Pak

About a week ago I started using it again at bedtime.  I warm the small heat pad in the microwave about 15-20 seconds.  I dampen it first to regenerate the Chinese herbs inside.  Then put it on my forehead for at least 10 minutes.  The jade roller is very cooling, and helps to smooth the tissue of the tough wrinkles.  It's sort of like myofascial release of the tissue.  Then if I have a small jade roller I use the point on the end to tap along the wrinkle lines.  Sometimes I heat the pad again and repeat the process.  I cleanse my face, apply the skin care including wrinkle cream on wrinkle lines.  Then moisten the Frownies patch.  While spreading the area between my eyebrows with two fingers, I apply the Frownies patch and hold it with a dry towel for at least 30 seconds so it sticks well to my skin.  I can feel the patch but after a few minutes it doesn't bother me.  In fact, it reminds me to not squint.  It usually stays on all night.  In the morning I remove it, use the roller again, then do my regular facial cleansing routine.  I noticed a difference in the deepness of the wrinkles after 6 days, and each day it looks smoother.  During the day, I take a few seconds to occasionally smooth the skin to relax those muscles that cause the wrinkles. 

I learned about this technique in China.  My Chinese doctor friend in Beijing sends me herbs to put in the pads, and I have a local woman sew the pads from cotton I purchase here in USA.  Then I personally add the rice for weight, Chinese herbal products, and crushed jade and sew the ends.  I want to be sure there are no contaminated products in the pad as well as use my special herb mixture.

This is something that needs to be used regularly or the wrinkles return, as I found out!  After you get the appearance you are satisfied with, you can use the jade roller every day, the heat pad and patches 2-3 times per week.  It's best to do this at bedtime and leave the patch on all night, but even  3-4 hours is helpful.

One of the Today's Special early this week will be extra facial Frownies patches with your purchase.  I've tried the patches for smoothing wrinkles on the corners of the mouth and purchased enough to offer them for you to try, also.  If you don't see the extra patches on the Today's Special, write "Extra Frownies" in the comments box on the order form.  This offer is good through August 11.

This is a Ying Yu Jade exclusive.  The herbs in the heat pad come from a pharmacy in Beijing.  And the jade rollers are genuine, natural jade made by my jade carver.  A natural treatment for our natural aging process!

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