Monday, August 1, 2016

Emerald Green Jadeite Jade with Certificate Mined in Saudi Arabia (?)

I received many emails from people who want me to purchase their jade and jadeite to sell on the web sites.  I learned a long time ago that the only jade I can trust that is genuine and natural is the jade I personally buy from the jade carver when I'm shopping in China.  The buying trips have always been extremely challenging.  It takes a long time to travel to near the Burma border where the best jade and most talented jade carvers are found.  And jade is stone.  Carrying it around is exhausting.  But when I buy jade from the carver, have tea with him and his family, see the jade stone he uses and watch him and his carvers make jade bangle bracelets, pendants and other carvings, I know I can trust what I purchase.  Some of the jade carver/sellers are surprised I know the "ancient Chinese secret of qi testing" for jade, and when they see me doing that, they then pull out their best pieces.  And we bargain for the final prices.

The emails I get, I rarely respond to.  If it's truly Burmese jadeite, then it would be illegal for me to import it because of the Lantos embargo, which is still in effect, ridiculous as that sanction is because it gets sneaked into the US all the time.  This email over the weekend was a man claiming that they have a jadeite mine in Saudi Arabia, and showed me some "emerald green" cabochan pendants with certificates of authenticity from their gemologist.  They photo doesn't show true emerald green, and it doesn't look like good quality, and their pricing is by the killogram. 

The only other country that has been known to have jadeite mines other than Burma (Myanmar) is Guatemala.  A few years ago I took a cruise that left from Florida, went through the Panama Canal, and ended in San Diego.  The port I couldn't wait to get to was in Guatemala.  I took the excursion to Antigua area to visit the jade museum and of course shop.

Guatemala jade is different from Burmese jadeite.  The big difference was the lack of translucence.  But the good green color was beautiful, more rich and dense than Burmese jadeite. 

 The pieces I bought included a cute little turtle carving that is palm sized and can be carried in a pocket.  I also purchased a "bi" donut hole pendant that is about 2" wide, and has a huge silver bail with a sterling silver flower with small round jadeite center.  And the stretch bracelet is light green and dark green "yin and yang" color small tablets of jade stone strung together. 

I love them, but they don't have qi energy.

Unless something miraculous happened recently, I haven't read about genuine jadeite mines in Saudi Arabia.  But "emerald green jadeite with certificates" sure does sound appealing to people who are looking for that good green color, and believe it came from their jade mine, certified by their gemologist.

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