Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What Does My Jade Bangle Mean...To My Cat?

A jade loving customer and friend shared this photo with me of her grand kitty Luna with one of the recent jadeite bangle bracelets she purchased.  Luna found the jade bangle and put it on all by herself.  And look at her eyes.  They glow with good jade qi energy.

It's not only energy mindful humans who feel the qi energy of jade.  When I had two cats, they would sleep with the jade, sometimes in the boxes with it, or take a piece and "hide" it. 

People who want jade to protect their dogs purchase the jade dog pendants to put on their dog's collar.  One of my friend's dog was wearing one when she was hit by a car.  The pendant broke but amazingly the dog was unharmed.  Green jade not only has the good qi energy of the jade, but also has energy for protection.  Many people share stories with me about being in a potentially dangerous, harmful situation, and their jade breaking (taking the damage) but coming out of the situation with no harm to themselves.

Jadeite Dog Pendant

Chinese Jade Dog Pendant

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