Sunday, July 3, 2016

Precious Jade in Literature, Art, Film, Media

Jade has been used a symbol, referred to as an analogy for superior quality through centuries. It's rare to find jade as the "star", but is often referred to when the artist or author wants to make the point that something is the highest quality, especially in media that is related to China and Asia.

I'm reading Too Deep for Tears by Kathryn Lynn Davis.  It's a very well written,  emotionally charged novel taking place in the 19th century world.  Part of the story takes place in China.  The term "white jade" is used as a description for the highest form of purity and quality of a woman.  "Pale jade" is referred to a special women who is not yet experienced in life.  And jade as a gem that is worn is highly cherished.

While reading, I kept getting distracted because I had a great urge to put on my pure white with imperial green vein jadeite bangle bracelet.  That jade bangle came to mind every time I read a "jade" phrase because it is of that kind of quality.

And because it's July here in the Western world, which means the weather is hot and humid, and white jade has cooling, cleansing qi energy.

"Peaceful Spirit" White Jadeite Bangle with Certificate #627

If you look at white jade and you feel a desire for it, that's your inner qi energy letting you know it's the right kind of jade for you, to balance your qi energy, for body, mind and spirit health and wellness.

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