Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Slender Jade Bangle Bracelets are Elegant and Comfortable (and Traditional for Women)

One of my favorite kind of jade bangle bracelets is the slender style.  They have a special meaning for me, too, because I have seen them on Guan Yin statues. Guan Yin is the Buddha of Compassion, and seeing Her with a slender jade bangle is blissful.

The traditional jade bangles for women were slender.  The slender design is "yin" and in traditional China, that's the style women preferred during the Dynasty years.  Then after the cultural revolution, and women worked more, jade had to be stronger for wearing, because working women didn't just sit around like Dynasty family and concubines.   I have had a couple of the slender style, and there wasn't much jade inside to outside to make it stronger, and I am reluctant to wear them as an every day jade bangle because I am concerned about them breaking too easily.

I was thrilled when I was looking through my inventory for new items to add to the online store, and found a slender Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet.

"Yin" slender and elegant Burmese jadeite bangle Bracelet

 This #678 is 9mm wide, very slender and elegant, but also has 8.3mm of jade inside to outside so it's strong enough for every day wearing.  But, it's not my small size.  It has very pretty green veins.  It's not the older jade of last century, but it was obviously carved by someone who respected and understood the concept of "yin" and how many women love it.

It would probably be too small for Guan Yin, too.  But might be just right for you.

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