Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What does jade "mean"? Is it superstitious?

We had our internet speed upgraded a few days ago.  Most of the equipment is in my office.  The tech called to ask if he could come in the morning instead of scheduled afternoon, and husband was thrilled, and told him "sure".  What he didn't consider is that I hadn't cleaned up the office yet.

The tech asked: "who is the superstitious one in the family?". 

Auspicious jade money toad

That's Lucky Jade Money Toad.  Auspicious, not superstitious. 

Always place Jade Money Toad facing into your home or office, so good luck and fortune goes in, not out.  (What's superstitious about that?)

There certainly is a lot of "drama" around jade (ie: is it real jade?, is it real jade?, is it real jade?)  But that's because of all that wonderful qi energy in jade.  Why it heals.  Why it's used by Chinese medicine, for the health tools like gua sha and jade rollers.  And why we look at jade and then can't get our mind off it.  Buy a piece, and gotta have more. 

I've been shopping in China for years, starting in 1999, and collected a lot of Chinese and Asian items as well as jade.  Perhaps "cultural" things look like "superstitious" things to the uninitiated. 

I appreciated getting the internet speed upgraded and upgraded some of the technology for the office.  But I didn't try to convert the technician.    Although I was tempted to slip a little  jade coin into his pocket....

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