Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jade Eggs for Women for Kegel Exercise and Vaginal Health

Ying Yu Jade introduced the jade eggs for women for kegel exercise and vaginal health about 15 years ago.  The original eggs were not like the eggs we sell today, but were more slender and smaller sizes, "Chinese style".   I learned about women using jade eggs while I was learning about Chinese medicine in Beijing.  That's also when I learned about qi energy from the jade being compatible with the human body.  Chinese people have used Chinese jade rollers, gua sha tools for scraping and other jade health products for centuries. So the eggs we introduced were also Chinese style.

But Western women are different from Asian women in many ways.  Chinese and Asian women appreciate the natural-ness of jade.  Western women prefer "perfection".  On one of my trips to China I met with my jade carver.  We went to the jade mines and purchased a large quantity of jade rough, then he carved the three sizes we use today: 40mm, 32mm and 28mm length.  Since they are hand carved, they are all slightly different, which has been an issue for some very particular customers, but really doesn't make any difference in how they work for you. 

Then the "weight lifting" of jade eggs became popular and women wanted the eggs in sets of three drilled with holes.  So the jade carver made the holes through the top, so they can be cleaned easily, and polished very well around the holes so the egg would be smooth.  One of the problems with making holes is that it sometimes causes internal cracks.  If you want holes, which aren't natural, you might have to be satisfied with internal cracks.  I really do discard about 10% of the jade eggs I get when they are shipped to me because they are not "perfect" but they are certainly well made for "doing their job" of giving you an object for feedback when you do kegel exercise. 

I recently did some searches to learn how popular jade eggs for women are now, and they are very popular.  But there is a lot of green stone being labeled as "jade" that is not jade.  Much of it is aventurine, or quartz or something else that is sometimes called nephrite but it's not nephrite.  And women ask if we also sell the rose quartz crystal.  All the other stone will help with kegel exercise, but won't give you the energy of Chinese jade qi. 

I used them myself for months before I decided to sell them.  I was amazed at how quickly I became more moist, and could stop using the estrogen cream.  That's when I started to blog about them, sell them, because I was so impressed.  And apparently the medical urologist know about jade eggs too, because someone who runs the AMA Urological Museum bought a set of eggs and pair of jade ben wa balls for their display. 

One of the other things I noticed when I did the search was all the "drama" around jade eggs therapy.  Yes, you can do a spiritual practice with the energy, the jade, your sacred body.  But most women are lucky to find the time just to do the basic exercise.  I use mine after morning bowel movement while I'm in the shower, perform the kegel exercise and know I'm doing good when they stay in and don't fall out.  I use ben wa balls with no holes, and because my kegels are strong now, I can push them out when I'm done. 

There's a new video on YouTube about our jade eggs.  It's on the web site, and you can also view it below.  When you order your eggs or balls, you will also receive basic, every day instructions.  Or if you are fortunate and have time for spiritual practice, there are a lot of resources online, especially Etsy, that offer the "trimmings" to go along with the basic practice.

Jade eggs for women link to video

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