Monday, January 2, 2017

Where to Go to Buy Jade, a Jade Bangle Bracelet? How About Macy's

Christmas morning was very leisurely for me because we were spending three days with my husband's mother and husband, and we could linger over coffee and read the newspaper.  It was thick with after Christmas sales.  Macy's always has items I like, although it takes them a long, long time to ship when you buy online, but I thought I would go to Macy's on the way home from Ft Myers.

The front page of the Macy's ad had jade bangle bracelets on sale!

What a deal for a beautiful, translucent green jade bangle bracelet. What kind of jade is it?  I don't know, the ad didn't have that in the description.  I looked online, still don't know what kind of jade, but this was part of the description:

•Jade is treated to enhance its color.
•Almost all gemstones have been treated to enhance their beauty and require special care.

This jade bangle was selling fast, as was the other jade Macy's offers.  It's perfect for most women.  It has hinges so you don't have to struggle getting it over your hand.  The color is a beautiful translucent green.  The metal is sterling silver.  I have seen women on cruises, at resorts, wearing this kind of jade bangle, and telling me how I could get a much prettier one if I shop at Macy's. 

The special care it requires is keeping it out of sunlight, heat, that will change the color.  And the acid it is bleached with to give it translucence may work through and change the color, and possibly cause a burn on your skin. And the bleaching makes it quite brittle.

But, it's beautiful.  And if you want a beautiful jade bangle, for only $99, it's a deal. 

 Almost all gems are treated to enhance their color.

There's nothing "wrong" with it. 

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