Sunday, January 22, 2017

Gwyneth Paltrow Uses Jade Eggs - And She's Not Using Them in a Healthy Way

I've been getting many  questions the past few days about the specific sizes of the jade yoni eggs sets.  And a customer who purchased the medium jade egg was upset because it was smaller than the small egg of a set she purchased previously, in a dark green.  Then I saw the article about Gwyneth Paltrow using jade eggs, and I understood why.

Gwyneth Paltrow has been using a jade egg "the size of a tennis ball" and instead of removing it, she keep it inside for a long time, sometimes days, according to the article.  It makes her "feel sexy".  A gynecologist responded to her that women should not put jade eggs in their vaginas.  He mentioned that "jade doesn't have energy, whatever that is", and keeping a jade egg inside the vagina can cause bacteria and infections.

The gynecologist is right about not keeping a jade egg inside for long periods of time.

Jade eggs have been used by Chinese women for centuries as part of vaginal and kegel muscle health.  The egg is used during their practice of kegel exercise, then removed.  And the sizes of the jade  eggs are important:   a large egg (40mm) to recover from the stretching of childbirth; a small egg (24mm) for postmenopausal women who have lost vaginal moisture and are dry, can't enjoy sex because penetration is painful; and the medium size jade is for women who are healthy and want to stay healthy. 

The egg is made from jade because in Chinese medicine, jade health tools, including jade roller, jade gua sha tools, jade pillows, jade teapots because jade has qi energy compatible with humans.  The theory behind Chinese medicine is that body qi energy flows through the acupuncture points, and when a point is blocked, the qi doesn't flow smoothly, and that causes illness, depending on the location of the blocked acupressure point.  And jade is often used as a healing tool because jade helps keep the body qi flowing smoothly.

Jade eggs that are too large can cause health problems.  Ying Yu Jade was the first seller of jade eggs in the USA, and they were made according to Chinese medicine standards.  The jade eggs because very popular, and other people wanted to buy and sell them, too.  But they didn't understand the Chinese medicine theory behind them, and were impressed by Chinese jade sellers who offered very large jade eggs, dark green that they claim are "nephrite", but unfortunately they are not true jade.  The kind of jade that is healthy for women is the "yin" light green color, with possibly a darker green jade egg if the body needs more "yang".  Women are "yin", and need the "yin" light green for health.  Too much yang can upset your qi flow.  And a too large egg can cause damage to your vagina, stretch it to make it bigger.  A jade egg larger than 40mm length can cause permanent damage.  And it can cause your sex life to deteriorate if your vagina is so expanded it loses its sensitivity to your partner when he enters your vagina.  A jade egg inside your vagina for more than the 15-20 minutes daily will also make your "pleasure points" less sensitive to penis skin.  Sex will not be as pleasurable. 

Jade yone eggs can be a very helpful tool for vaginal health.  But if you are using too large eggs, not using them correctly, it will accomplish the opposite of what  you are hoping for.

Jade Eggs made to Chinese Medicine Standard Sizes

Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven offer the Chinese medicine standard sizes of jade eggs, made from genuine jade, and are "yin" light green compatible with women's yin body qi energy.  And we include the most recent guidelines for doing kegel exercise with them.

And if you appreciate the Chakras, the yoni and spiritual health, Jade Heaven offers Chakra sets with a wire wrapped chakra gem stone included with your set so you can have it with you, or wear it, or just hold it for your spirituality while you are using your jade eggs.

Jade Yoni Eggs Set with "Root Chakra" Red Jasper Wire Wrapped Stone

So yes, jade yoni eggs can be very helpful to women.  But if you don't use them properly, the Chinese medicine way, it's better to not use them at all.

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