Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Transition to October - What Kind of Jade Should I Have and Wear in October

I haven't posted to the Blog for too long because I've been busy with customer service.  Customer service, helping people find their best jade, is my favorite part of having a jade business.  The first jade I bought was for myself, and made such a change in my life that I wanted to share with others.  I'm still amazed that it turned into a 16 year business.

The customer service correspondences were mostly about incidents and happenings in people's lives.  Some of my customers are friends, and we have kept in touch for years, and have helped them choose jade for what's going on in life, even if it's a treat for themselves. But it seems like the transition to October, the change from summer to autumn is a big change for many people, especially those who are sensitive to energy.  This includes animals, pets who intuitively live with their instincts.  I looked back to last year, when I posted about Chinese medicine and the change from August to October, and here is a link:

Chinese Medicine for October, and What Kind of Jade Should I Have and Wear in October

Jade for October

Jade for October can be bangle bracelet, pendants or necklaces jewelry.  Or sometimes it's nice to have a small piece to carry in your pocket, put on a key chain.  When I worked as a counselor in a middle school,  children I was working with who came to see me first thing in the morning because of having a difficult day and thinking they should go home often benefited from borrowing a piece of jade I kept in my "loaner box".  They often chose something little to keep in their pocket and touch during the day for the comfort energy. And of course they most often chose the kind of jade that had energy they needed.  And not because we discussed it, they chose intuitively without thinking too much. 

That's my advice to customers looking for the right kind of jade for themselves.  What appeals to you, and you keep coming back to look at, is the kind of jade that will be beneficial to you.

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