Friday, October 7, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Passing Through - Jade Protects the Person Who Wears It

Thanks to all of you who sent good wishes and energies for getting through hurricane Matthew storm.  We're in the middle of the storm effects now.  So far there's been more than 8" of rain because neighbors who have rain gauges reported their 8" ones had overflowed.  The streets are slightly flooded, our lawn is flooded, the power flickers but comes back on so we're preparing for a power outage if the 40+ mph winds increase.

It was forecast that our area would be at the edge of the high winds, but overnight Matthew shifted slightly to the east so we avoided being in the strong bands of wind gusts and rain.  Maybe all that good energy from the jade pushed the negative energy of the hurricane away.  There's a Chinese belief that jade protects the wearer, and when your jade breaks while you are wearing it, the jade has taken the damage to keep it from hurting you.  The best story I heard about this was a woman who was in the hospital ICU and she kept getting worse and the family came to her because it was expected she would die.  Suddenly, for no reason that could be seen, her jade bangle bracelet cracked and split.  And suddenly her vital signs started returning to normal.  She said that her jade bangle was one of the Chinese jade "blood red" ones that are color treated with vegetable dye.

I wore the jade bangle I've been wearing for weeks and put a carved deep green almost black two dragons protecting pearl Chinese jade bangle on my other wrist.

Guan Yin Buddha of Compassion Jadeite Pendant

Today I'm wearing a Guan Yin jadeite pendant.  Guan Yin is Buddha of Compassion.  I know people in our community are going to need compassion over the next few days, cleaning up and repairing damage.  I'll wear it mindfully and project the good energies of it to those who need it.

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