Sunday, October 23, 2016

Changing Your Jade for Your Body Balancing: What Kind of Jade Should I Wear?

The "snowbirds" are back in Florida, and they brought much cooler weather.  Last week the temperatures were in the 90's during they day and 70's at night. Yesterday our temperatures were mid 70's during the day, and 50 last night.  I woke up feeling achy, tired, and generally out of sorts.  Maybe it was time to change my jade bangle bracelet.  I have been wearing a carved, soft neutral color, the "Pamela Favorite".

I took out one of the three boxes that holds my personal jade bangle bracelets. I took the lid off, and without looking, felt through the box.  Since it was cool in our home, they all felt deliciously cold.  I got a "tingle" and good feeling inside from one, and took it out of the box.
I usually don't wear "good green" and was surprised that was the "one for me" today.

Green color jade is related to the liver meridian, for overall health and wellness of the body, mind and spirit.  The element is Wood.  It will help my feelings of anxiety and frustration (probably due to the past 6 months of losing one home and have another built). I also have some other symptoms of Liver meridian imbalance including dry and brittle nails, headaches, sinus congestion and abdominal distress.  I'm going to continue to wear it while we are taking a few days for vacation next week.  (Online stores Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven will be closed October 25-27).

While I was "searching" for the right kind of qi energy in the jade bangle box, my fingers kept touching an unusual color jadeite bangle bracelet that has a "mysterious" feel about it.

 Indoors it looks like soft lavender with some "clouds" of lighter coloring.

Outdoors in daylight it doesn't show as much variation in the color.

I bought it in 2003 while shopping in China near the Burma border.  I kept coming back to it, and when I was done shopping and bargaining for jade (no prices on jade, it's all about bargaining) I had money left over to splurge on myself.  When I got back to Beijing, my Chinese doctor friend told me that this color of jadeite is almost like the rare blue jade, and although I didn't understand all his Chinese language description, I understood this coloring is related to the "extraordinary" meridian, sometimes called "Big Heaven" that is circular in the center of the body, from bottom of spine to head, then back to bottom of spine.  It relates to spirituality, intuitiveness and the nervous system.  I'm going to put it on Ying Yu Jade web site in the "Ying Yu's Jewelry Box" collection, put a sale price on it, and if it doesn't sell by mid November, take the listing off and keep it for myself for the holiday season.  I promised in a previous blog to list some of my personal jade bangle bracelets, but I have to say it's difficult to think about parting with jade I bought because it felt like harmony with me.  The item number is BB2869 and will get listed when the YYJ site goes back online next Thursday.  You can see it fits my wrist well, and my size is 53-55mm.

Back in the year 1999 when I bought my first jadeite bangle bracelet, I intended to have only one very good jade bangle, wear it all the time, and have only one.  I didn't know at the time I would be starting a jade business. And learning Chinese medicine, the meridian healing system, I appreciate that the colors of jade are as healing as the jade itself.  Sometimes when I go through my personal collection, I truly do not know which one I would choose if I had to have only one.  I change every day, my body changes, health changes, and my jade is "medicine" for body, mind and spirit.

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